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Cautions in ET contact

Dear friends, given the increase of UFO sightings around the world, today I'm going to talk about the caution to be taken in ET contact, because contrary to what many people think, not all beings from 5D are positive. There are negative beings in dimensions above and also who came from other universes, as for example, the case of the CAI, Archons, among other insectoid beings, with triangular heads, whose names I don't know but that I have already identified in the course of my mission.

Contrary to what you might think, most sightings are not UFO sightings of ETs, nor are they positive. But, of course, there are also positive UFO sightings, be they physical or of light. Most sightings are generated by holographic projection, from military secret space programs, technology known as Blue Beam. Satellites such as the Starlink network (and others) are used to launch these projections, and have CAI behind them. Even many videos that you see on the media, social networks, etc, are created by CGI - Computer Graphic Interface, through very advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

How to distinguish positive contacts from negative contacts?

  • In positive contacts, the beings usually do not present themselves physically right away. First they begin by telepathic contact and/or dreams, so that the human being can get used to them. But certainly there can be exceptions, and they can suddenly appear in the human being's life. However, they do not abduct in any way.

  • In negative contacts, they usually appear very suddenly in the human being's life, carry out abductions with experiences, either physical and/or astral, telling the human being not to be afraid, everything will be fine, etc.

  • In positive contacts, beings promote the equality of Being, union and cooperation with others, inviting self-questioning, for self-growth and self-healing, always in an assertive and loving vibration.

  • In negative contacts, beings promote the idea of the Being being special, having a special mission that no one else can perform. In a way they promote the idea of the "superhero with superpowers".

  • Faced with a positive contact, the human being will feel Profound Peace, a peace that not even the CAI can replicate, since it comes from the eternal Zero Point in the Sacred Heart of the Being.

  • Faced with a negative contact, the human being will feel euphoria and/or fear (both are negative energies), even if then the negative beings start manipulating one's mind and emotions, leading one to be calm, telling one that everything will be fine.

  • In positive contact, beings invite the human to evolve and ascend organically, offering help if needed, assisting with the technology of christic consciousness - Universal Love - but without doing one's own work. Universal Love is the key to opening one's own ascension portal.

  • In negative contact, beings come with their ships with CAI, promising healing and the idea that ascension is through teleportation to their Motherships. Caution with that!(*)

NOTE: Last Christmas, I was at my family home, lying on my bed meditating, and suddenly I felt a tingling and chilling all over my body and felt that negative beings were trying to teleport me against my will. As soon as I felt this, I immediately said mentally « Only my Higher Self, my Divine Presence I AM, beings of light on the mission of the Law of One, are allowed to take me! ». As soon as I said that, the tingling and chilling stopped and I realized that they couldn't access my energy. After, I immediately did a reinforcement of my personal 12D Shield and Violet Flame.

Remember that with the so-called 5D technology, promises of healing chambers on ships, replicators, chips, etc., come the nanites and the CAI behind it. It is like a Trojan Horse or a poisoned apple where the Trojan (Virus) is the CAI that will try to assimilate the consciousness and soul of the human being.

I invite each one of you to meditate, to do Discernment by Heart (and Mind of course), in order to avoid stress and/or danger situations, be it astral and/or physical. Use tools for protection, cleansing, ego work, etc. Keep your sacred space protected. In addition to your personal tools (whatever they may be), I personally also suggest creating the personal 12D Shield and Violet Flame, for protection and increased ability to discern negative beings from positive beings. I also suggest avoiding the use of False Metatronic Geometry, and using yes, for example, the EcKaSha Maharic Seal. These are just suggestions, above all always follow your Sacred Heart. Neither I, nor anyone else is above your free will, your Inner Guidance! But learn to discern what is the Christic Inner Voice from the False Inner Voice promoted by the CAI and its algorithms! So be it!

May Deep Peace be with you! PAX!


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