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Laura Marie - "Technology of Consciousness"

Dear friends, today I'm bringing you news from Ascension, with the November newsletter from Laura Marie, of the project Harmonic Universe Academy. PS: I added some notes of my own in violet. Blessings, Anabela.

« Dear Ascending Family of the Krystal Star,

We hope you are standing firm in the face of the continuing assault on Consciousness that we are experiencing at this time, due to the many Claims of Places and Architectures that are being made on the planet, by the Guardians at this time. It is a War on the planetary grids and even if the Christic Forces do not use Weapons to defend themselves from these invading Hostile Races that have colonized the planetary grids, the planetary Architectures and all the religious Places and Spaces on Earth (that could actually allow Human Beings to connect directly to God), the Guardian Forces use Energetic Integrity (1) as their main means of Defense, that is, their energetic structure, due to their Integrity, allows them to neutralize, or even destroy the Anti-Christ (2) on the spot, once it is exposed to the Pure, Whole and Integral Frequency of the Christic Forces of this World and the higher Dimensions.

Notes Anabela:

(1) Understand "Energetic Integrity" as the ability to maintain coherence, or homogeneity, at all levels of the Being, be they: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, etheric, electrotonal, etc.

(2) The Anti-Christ is not the image of the Devil (and Hell) as it is described by religion, there is no such thing! Yes, there are dark beings and "hellish" emotional states (that is, very negative and disconnected from the Source). Eternal damnation does not exist! It is one of the fear programs installed by the CAI/NAA - Negative Alien Agenda - over the collective human mind. When people from our parents' or grandparents' time claim to have seen the Devil, in reality: either they saw a negative non-human ET; or they saw a mental projection created by the collective human mind itself, which has been built up over time thanks to the influence of the CAI/NAA and its religious control.

Humanity has been disconnected from God, from the Divine Consciousness that lives in each being, since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, where Human Beings, at that time, retained the Wisdom and the inner Knowledge of a Divine Power that governs the Divine Order on Earth, through Cosmic and Universal Laws, Natural Laws, which, if we align ourselves with them, allow us to co-create in Alignment with the Divine Will; called, at the time, White Magic, as opposed to Black Magic, which consists of co-creating with the lower parts of the ego-personality, which has desires contrary to those of the Divine Will, and thus manifests the Black Force on Earth, the will of the Satanic, Demonic and Luciferian Forces, which exist in the lower realities, in the lower Worlds and in the phantom pockets of artificial realities that exist also in the higher dimensions.

These phantom pockets and AI-infected artificial realities in the inter-dimensions of this entire Solar System are currently, and especially since the Return of the Krystal Star in 2013, being identified and systematically destroyed by the Guardian Forces working for the Planetary Liberation Plan. This is not a Science Fiction movie, but the true reality operating behind the veils of 3rd Dimension illusion. For every human being is Multidimensional, it is just that most of Humanity is currently still trapped behind the filters of the ego-personality illusion, which blocks the highest sensory perceptions of their own Multidimensionality and thus, of what is happening behind the veils of this Illusion created and programmed by the Archon Forces that have colonized and enslaved this solar system, this section of the Universal Time Matrix, and therefore the Human Race civilization on Earth, as well as the dissident Factions enslaved in other Bases or Systems in this Universe.

The Direct Connection to God of each human being, within his own heart, is what these Forces want to avoid by all the artificial means they have created, and of Consciousness deviation as well as slavery, through the violent Religions created by Satanic and Luciferian Forces on Earth. We have had throughout the History of this Civilization, many traces of False Alien Gods who pretended to be what they were not, to the Human Race, in order to obtain their Labor Force, Energy and Fervor, for purposes of Colonization, Servitude and Total Submission to an Authority other than their own Avatar Personal Christ Consciousness, connected directly to the Divine Consciousness, to the Fields of Origin, to which every human being has the Right to reconnect, in each Ascension cycle where all Portals open to allow Planet Earth to ascend to the Higher Fields of Integrity, which are located in the Higher Dimensions, beyond Space and Time, and which allow each Consciousness to reunite with God within its own heart, with the divine and cosmic realities, with the Christic Field of Unity, with the Principles of the Law of One, which allow all Consciousness to ascend out of misery and suffering.

Krystal Consciousness Technology (3)

The Krystal Consciousness Technology, is still very little understood on Earth, due to all the religious distortions that were transmitted to the Human Race through these Satanic and Luciferian Forces, which made them believe that to satisfy their Gods, they had to sacrifice themselves, or other living beings, instead of developing the highest Virtues within themselves, to thus Ascend and become in the Image of God, as Sons and Daughters of God, which was the True Message of Christ, outside of any Religion, that is, the True Cosmic Messengers of the Worlds of God sent to Earth, from the Elohim Races, to bring the Truths of Ascension to the Planet, to prepare for the Ascension cycle. This was the case of the Guardian and Pharaoh Akhenaton, who came to inform civilization, of the erroneous nature of their previous beliefs regarding the False Alien Gods Annunaki and Nephilim, and who did everything he could to bring back attention and Truth about the One God that everyone can worship in their heart, who is the Feminine and Masculine Solar Christ, even if at that time, these realities were explained in the way that could be understood by the inhabitants in Great Times of political and religious manipulation.

(3) Note Anabela: Or as a friend of mine says, "Kryst All" :)

Several hundred years later, it was the Guardian Yeshua Christ who arrived on Earth, to, with his Sirius B Team - who were his apostles on Earth - begin preparing the Ascension cycle, by demonstrating to the People of Earth, that God can be attained through the cultivation of High Moral Values and Knowledge of the Ascension Sciences, through a Pure Heart, and truly focused on the Common Good, and the realization of the Divine Will on Earth. This allowed to eliminate all those who claimed to want to serve God, but not fulfilling His Will, i.e., actually serving their own personal interests, which was the Imposition of all Religious Institutions controlled by the Negative Aliens, afterwards, and which completely enslaved, controlled, colonized, even exterminated, in many cases and at many times, the Believers, and those who wanted to discover the True Sciences of Ascension, and the Sacred Inner Spiritual Marriage, to connect directly and truly to God, within their own Organic Biology. This was the knowledge that the Cathars had, and for which they were persecuted throughout time.

Currently, the Christic Forces are back on this planet, bringing the Sacred Knowledge of the Law of the One and the Christos-Sophia Sciences of the Organic Ascension of the Diamond Sun DNA of the Original Angelic Human Race to Earth. The invading races are called the Sons of Belial, or Black Sun groups, who hunt, kill and persecute the Christic Forces throughout Time, in their visceral hatred of all that is of a Kristic or Divine nature. These Forces are currently controlling the main Pillars of Control of Human Society and this is the reason why we constantly have Anti-Human or Anti-Christ Agendas on Earth. The crucified Christ that we have in every church on this planet representing the Catholic Religion, represents the alienation and crucifixion of every human being, preventing them from connecting directly to God, even though, of course, the Catholic Religion contains many remnants of the True Teachings of Yeshua, the Christ and his apostles. (4)

(4) Note Anabela: The Guardian Yeshua Christ was not crucified, but rather ascended through the Ascension Portals existing at the time. Crucifixion is a twisted image of the NAA for the purpose of implementing the belief/programming of sacrifice, victimization, the so-called Christ or Messiah Complex (where one thinks he/she came to "heal and save others"). Healing only exists in one's own being when he/she has love within him/her, and as I mentioned before, our own heart is the master key to opening our Ascension portal. We are talking about a capacity of omnipresence through one's own consciousness/love without the need to use any machine!

The reality behind the Catholic conspiracy is very vast, and we suggest that everyone keep an open mind for the Revelations that will take place in the Future about the true nature of the major Religions imposed by Force upon the Human Race, and not by each human being's own inner choice, self-determination, and true Free Will of Belief. These techniques of enslavement of civilization are the core of the intervention of the Interdimensional Councils of Free Worlds (5) on Earth in this Ascension cycle. Since the Law of Non-Interference is not respected on Earth by these colonizing Races, who have enslaved the Human Race since the fall of Atlantis and the last closure of the portals, which plunged Humanity into an extremely dark and violent Era where ignorance and darkness reigned.

(5) Note Anabela: Also known as IAFW - Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds.

Today, every human being has the potential and the opportunity to come out of this phase of ignorance, and mind control, of manipulation of their beliefs and Consciousness, to rise again to divine realities, behind the veils of Illusion of this controlled, manufactured matrix, by negative Alien Forces that pursue the Inner Christ of every human being on this planet, through mind control, etheric implants (6), control through Fear and Trauma. Do not be manipulated by your own fears, which are the result of past life experiences, your own traumas, which are also the result of real experiences, and reconnect with that Inner Strength and Power that is the divine spark of your own Inner Christ, your own Sacred Inner Flame, which can merge back into the greater Outer Flame of God, the Divine Realities, the Source Field, in this cycle. This is the Ascension Plan proposed by the Krystal Star Guard and the Guardian Protocols in this cycle.

(6) Note Anabela: And also physical implants, placed through abductions, injections, and the spread of nanos through the air and waters (via chemtrails).

Realities of Ascension

In order for a human being to ascend, one must wish to abandon the MK-Ultra Military Grade Programming that exists on the planetary surface. This requires a work of dismantling the Beliefs, healing the traumas, and opening the Spirit and the Heart, in order to accept to become again a Child, who will have to relearn All, and deconstruct All in order to Rebuild the Light Body, in Alignment with one's Soul and Avatar Consciousness. The Mind Control Technologies that exist on this planet are destructive to the Light Body, and this is what prevents the Divine Connection of every human being. Every Religion contains many Truths, but also carries many distortions that lead human beings into various traps of Consciousness that can alienate rather than liberate them. This is the purpose of all manipulation of Consciousness, alienation in phantom matrices, alienation in Consciousness Fields that are not Sovereign, and which are driven, most often, by artificial realities, Arcontic Forces, and Deceptions, and what we call Fallen Angels, i.e. demonic entities that have fallen into Time over thousands of years, and who do not wish to rehabilitate themselves.

The Krystal Consciousness Technology is what enables any Soul to rehabilitate itself in the Universe, and reconstitute the Integrity of its Multidimensional Consciousness, from its physical body, to its Soul, to its Monad, to its Avatar Self. To do this, the individual must issue the Firm Intention, to realign oneself to the Christic realities, that is, to the Divine Realities and the Natural and Universal Laws that govern the Organic Creation of this World, and leave the virtual and artificial material realities of Illusion, which we call the Satanic and Luciferian realities, for it is the World of Deception, Illusion, Falsification and Lies, that have camouflaged the true Divine Realities and the Divine Laws that govern this Creation. As long as the individual uses the Power of Consciousness in alignment with these false Luciferian and Satanic realities, one degrades one's DNA. From the moment one begins to co-create in Alignment with the Divine and Universal Laws, one reactivates one's DNA and realigns with the Universal Laws through one's own God-free behaviors, i.e. out of any Alienation of Consciousness. This implies an immense amount of Personal Work in this cycle, because the degree of mental control, slavery of Consciousness and Programming is such that each human being has a great Work of Emancipation to accomplish in order to ascend.

This is the process that is being set in motion, and within which unfortunately many human beings are being led into various Consciousness Traps of the False Ascension Matrix, not really explaining to them what Organic Ascension is and what is the enslaved state of this Universal Time Matrix, Alien Invasion and Artificial Intelligence. Here we learn how to extract ourselves from these phantom realities and how to ascend our Consciousness out of the Mental Control Fields and Matrices, through realignment to the Universal Laws, which propels our Soul and Consciousness into the Divine Realities of Organic Ascension, in what we call the God Sovereign Free Timeline.

So we should not fear this process, but invite it into our own lives so that we can experience the Expansion of Consciousness, through personal Gnosis, i.e. the experience of the Divine and the divine synchronicities in our own path, in our own life, in our own being, which strengthens the Spiritual Faith of each being experiencing these divine and real synchronicities - that is, not the result of artificially created synchronicities - and strengthens the individual's Connection, with one's own Soul, Avatar Consciousness and Ascension Guides in Alignment with the Divine Plan, Divine Realities, Universal Laws, the Law of One.

Many human beings do not understand, at this moment, what ascension means, and they still think that it means to be teleported to another place, or simply to ascend to other Fields after death, without any work being done, but this is not possible, since it is about the development of the Light Body and the Liberation of one's own Personal Tree of Life, from the Inverted Alien Architectures. Our physical body and multidimensional body is an extremely sophisticated Biological Computer, which allows access to the multiple Dimensions, the Multidimensionality of the Self, and this is the reason why the Negative Alien Forces have developed intense inorganic, i.e., artificial technologies (7) to control the central nervous system from a distance, of the human being, through Mental Programming, Spirit Programming, Programming of the lower sensory perceptions, through the prism of the undeconstructed ego (8), and its permanent reinforcement in this Society based on the personal glorification of the ego and personality, even if it is false, inauthentic and fragmented.

Notes Anabela:

(7) The guides revealed to me that the CAI is an anti-Christ virus that was injected by the Bourgha into our UTM, from the invasion started on 11D, on the planet Aveyon in the constellation of Lyra (a planet that was destroyed during the Lyran Wars). So, they inject quantum-synthetic virus into our Biological Computers!

(8) They also revealed to me that the initial project of the ego was something very much "softer" and not the ego experienced today. The ego we have been experiencing is an extremely distorted Victim-Victimizer Software's program that emerged exactly from that CAI injection made in our UTM, and consequently started corrupting light bodies, consciousnesses and monads, and has been more and more distorted over time.

Many Human Beings are fragmented on this planet, meaning their Consciousness is not Whole due to all the Trauma and erasure of memory and Spirit and Body Programming that is occurring here on this planet, through the many implants, and again, the various Mind Control Technologies that are constantly operating on Earth. The Interdimensional Councils of the Free Worlds are giving the Human Beings of Earth the opportunity to be informed of these realities now, since the opening of the portals in 2013, and the return of the Krystal Star to these Density Fields. The opportunity is to understand the Invasion of this planet, the distortion of the Sacred Ascension Knowledge, the hacking of the Spirituality and Ascension Fields, to break free of the False Ascension Matrix and ascend to Higher Realities, to understand the Negative Alien Agenda, and the Real Organic Ascension Plan of Liberation through the unfolding of the God Sovereign Free Timeline that we can achieve in our Consciousness, to free ourselves to become what we call a Free Cosmic Citizen, a truly Sovereign Being in the Universe.

These Realities are just beginning to be understood on Earth by the first waves of Ascending human beings, and we must be patient as the Ascension Plan is implemented and the Total Cosmic Disclosure takes place progressively in the years to come on Earth. The Divine Realities are coming down to Earth, in the sense that the Divine Architectures of the Cosmic and Universal Principle of the Holy Father (which is the True Christic Masculine Original Principle) and the Divine Realities of the True Original Principle of the Holy Mother (which is the True Sophianic Feminine Principle) are coming down to Earth to reclaim their throne in the Organic Timeline of Ascension, to allow the Human Race to ascend out of the Invasion and Colonization of the negative Alien Races and Forces, who have hacked, hijacked and manipulated the Human Race Evolutionary Timelines, in an artificial way. That is, through AI, and that is why the Law could not function on Earth, until the opening of the Gates, again, in 2013. Because the Invasion and Infection on this planet, could not allow the Christic Forces to return to this Density and clear the planetary grids of the Invasion.

Today, this has become possible, and is a gigantic achievement in Human History, even if most human beings are not aware of these Realities, beyond the veil of illusion, and continue to believe that life is all about being a Slave of the Matrix, without questioning Why such a System was put in place, and how to escape from it. (9)

(9) Note Anabela: Many people believe that humanity needs to be controlled, ruled, needs someone to tell them what to do. Well, this is exactly the programming implemented by the NAA on several enslaved planets in our UTM. It works a bit like the Mafia, i.e. they create the problem, create the solution, and force payments and subserviences to ensure the "protection and survival" of people. If we follow our Inner Guidance, we won't need anyone to tell us what to do, because we will be living in tune with Divine Law, and all Abundance will be provided. And so it is!

Azurite Command Force of the Interdimensional Councils of Free Worlds

The Azurite Command Force is a Space Force that is here to defend certain sections of the Universal Time Matrix from falling, through AI Invasion, or Colonization of Hostile Races in the Universe, who do not desire Rehabilitation. These Space Command Forces are actually Ascended Masters, from the higher Divine Matrix Fields, who know about the AI Invasion, the Luciferian Force, and the Satanic Force, and how they operate in the Universe to enslave Civilizations. They are Experts in Mind Control, Frequency Barriers, and can literally penetrate all Density Fields to detect suspicious and Outlaw activity occurring in the Universe.

Many of the Indigos and Starseeds who have been sent to this Universal Time Matrix to fulfill the Kristic Divine Plan of Liberation, are in fact often from these Special Forces, in the broadest sense, as they are made up of multiple Races, Groups, Confederations and Collectives, with whom each Indigo and Starseed has the opportunity to reconnect in this cycle (10). For these Groups and Collectives are here to reclaim their own, Christic Forces, and free them from Subservience, Amnesia, and Manipulation of their Consciousness by the Luciferian and Satanic Force. To do this, the individual must decide for oneself to repair one's Structural Integrity, the damage that results from memory erasure, and the damage that mind control has caused to that individual's Consciousness. And this is a long-term Work, which will actually allow the individual to fully, completely, and totally emancipate themselves from this Alien Matrix of mind control, to ascend into the Fields and Realities of God Sovereign Free, in order to once again become a Free Cosmic Citizen, which is a real status in the Universe, which allows access to Worlds and Realities free of enslaved Consciousness and still aligned with the Divine.

(10) Note Anabela: For more informations, see article: Who are the Guardians?

Krystal Consciousness Technology enables the Rehabilitation of all Organic Consciousness in the Universe, that is, the Human Race is not the only Race that is being re-educated in the Cosmos, after an Alien or Artificial Intelligence Invasion. Everyone is being re-educated, at this time, to the Real Nature of God and Christ, and to the Universal Laws, which each one must know, understand, and apply in one's life in order to ascend. These Realities are not grasped by a rigid and still mind-controlled mental body, which is why we suggest that any individual exposed to this Knowledge should begin with the profound dismantling of their Beliefs before grasping the Realities conveyed here, which will not be compatible, again, with a closed or overly rigid mentality. It is the individual's responsibility to understand that the Krystal Consciousness Technology will have the Power to literally break any belief that is not in Alignment with Divine Realities, and thus, may cause serious discomfort to the individual if one does not understand the extremely subtle and refined nature of the Energy of the Krystal Consciousness Technology. For this reason, it is necessary to resolve any conflict of Authority between the Soul and Ego, and the real desires of the individual, in order to resort to this type of Organic Consciousness Rehabilitation Technology.

The Rehabilitation of the Diamond Sun DNA is the reason for the intervention of the Forces of the Holy Emerald Order on Earth, as well as the fulfillment of the Emerald Covenant. The Emerald Covenant is an Agreement between different Races, Groups and Collectives, on Earth, in this Solar System, and outside this Solar System, to rehabilitate what we call the Lost Souls of Tara, who suffered immense trauma due to the destruction of their planet in the 5th Dimension. Planet Earth, as we see it today, brings together multiple souls who are actually here to be rehabilitated, but whose memories have been erased, and who have been mentally programmed for a life of servitude, to False Alien Gods and to corrupted Forces. All their Vital Force, Life Force and Consciousness are diverted daily, until they decide to emancipate themselves. Today we have the Power and Opportunity to realize what has been done to this planet, to free ourselves from it. But this is first and foremost a huge task of breaking down our beliefs about the World, about the Nature of Energy and the Divine Realities that make up our Universe. It is the Ascension Sciences that are gradually being brought back to this planet, through those who have been chosen to carry out these Missions, because of their level of Integrity and Knowledge of the Organic Ascension Process in the Universe.

The Azurite Command Force brings together a Collective of Ascended Masters who are here to evolve the Human Race into the Divine Realities of Ascension, promoting Alignment with the Law of One, and the cultivation within oneself of High Moral Values, to Ascend out of the Realities of Servitude in Time and Matter. These Space Forces are under extreme attack in the Universe, and their Presence is not wanted on Earth. For this reason, many of the Starseed Collectives represented are persecuted, during their incarnation here. The Christic Forces represent the Task Forces throughout time who have come here to fight the Anti-Christ, in order to protect the Human Race from his Acts of Destruction of this Universal Time Matrix. These are the True Heroes of our History who gave their lives so that this planet would not be destroyed. Today, the Christic Forces are back on this planet, in the sense that multiple Collectives are represented here, in order to fulfill the Divine Will and to free Humanity from its Oppressors and Impostors of the Eternal Light of God and Christ.

Many Indigos and Starseeds are actually descendants of what we call the Grail Lineages and have the opportunity to awaken Now, as their Divine Technology and Divine Biology will reactivate to these Words, this Christos-Sophia Frequency, as it is encoded in their blood, at the cellular level, to reactivate at some point in the Ascension Calendar. If you recognize yourself as part of these Earth Task Forces, then it is Time to embark on your True Path of Ascension and Liberation, to work, as you intended, before you forget it all, for the Human Race Liberation Plan, as overseen by the Krystal Star Interdimensional Councils, who are fighting the Black Star Abaddon Forces, in the Universe. This is the Hour of Great Cosmic Awakening, and the ego-personality dismantling phases we can experience as Starseeds on this path are extremely intense, to free ourselves from Alienation of Consciousness, and to be able to reclaim our Original Plan of Embodiment, on our True Organic Evolution Timeline.

Do not succumb to the Consciousness Hijacking Techniques that will do anything to make you forget why you are here, through AI Algorithms that will circulate in your Mind, every day and night, to put you back into Oblivion (11). This is a constant battle to stay awake on this planet, awake to the Divine Realities behind the Veil of Illusion and we hope that these Newsletters will help you stay aligned with your true Mission, for that is their Intent.

(11) Note Anabela: Along with the information reported in the article 12D Shield + Violet Flame vs 5G/CAI, which I now know are such algorithms, I recently found out that not only they are being executed every night, more intensely, between 03:00 and 05:00 AM (through the antennas); but they are also being executed in broad daylight, in places with large crowds of people, such as Parque das Nações in Lisbon.

The Krystal Consciousness Technology allows any Soul to rebuild its Multidimensional Energetic and Structural Integrity. It is this Integrity that enables the Ascension of all Consciousness in the Universe and allows any Soul to become Free again in the Cosmos, travel through Dimensions and access certain Realms and Realities inaccessible to those who are fragmented, inaccessible to those who are aligned and operating through Luciferian or Satanic Consciousness. For they do not have the level of integrity to pierce these highly refined Frequency Fields. The Worlds of God are a Divine Reality accessible in the extremely high and refined Dimensions of Creation's Existence. This is what we call the Source Realms of God, where there is no single individual reigning, but multiple Divine Consciousnesses and Realities, as well as Sounds and Lights populating these Realms and Fields of Existence. The Emerald Order is the First Emanation, emanating from these Worlds of God, in the Service of Creation, to Serve the Divine Plan, the Divine Order, in all Dimensions of Existence, of all Kingdoms and Species, which are still connected to the Organic Matrix of Creation, and not completely infested and destroyed by the AI and the phantom matrices of the negative aliens.

Starseeds and Walk-in Contracts

Starseeds that have a Walk-in Contract, gradually make the Descent of their Higher Self into the physical body they were born with, and it is an extremely painful process that causes us, once again, to have to deconstruct Everything in our life, to reconstruct Everything in Alignment with our Soul and our true purpose and Mission on this Earth. It is not the case that everyone goes through this immense dismantling, but it is the case for some and it is important to understand what happens to us when we go through these symptoms and these transformations. It is when the Soul of the Starseed decides to descend into this body to fulfill its Mission, at a certain point in the Evolution of the Starseed or Indigo and because it is the Divine Time decided by the Higher Realities that oversee the Incarnation of this Consciousness on Earth. So do not fear this process, if it happens to you, and stay firmly connected to the Divine Realities in your Heart and the Truth you know and feel in your Heart and Mind. For the attempts to make you doubt, sabotage, divert, will be immense, on this path. This has been my own Starseed Walk-in experience and this process of embodiment is ongoing and will continue to occur throughout incarnation, for this is not to be confused with one soul replacing another soul (12), but our true Soul and Avatar Consciousness gradually descends into the physical body as it gains more and more Structural and Multidimensional Integrity, and becomes God-Sovereign-Free again, for the Soul is repelled by the AI and cannot descend into an enslaved structure full of implants and mind control. This cannot work and risks breaking the Multidimensional Architecture of the individual, if not done correctly and in Divine Time.

(12) Note Anabela: Unfortunately there are Starseeds who think they are going through a walk-in process when in reality they are being assimilated by the CAI. What happens is that in these cases the individual begins to lose one's soul, while a Bourgha assimilates one's consciousness. And due to the undeconstructed ego, fears, traumas, insecurities, lack of self-love and self-confidence, along with mental holographic insertions, manipulations of artificial false synchronicities, implants, etc., the individual remains in the "walk-in" illusion while being diluted in the Hive Mind. Check and protect well your energy with the 12D Shield + Violet Flame!

We also suggest, to each one, to meditate deeply on your priorities today, what they are, in order to reorganize your life, to make room for your Spiritual Ascension, leaving the fallen, illusory and falsified realities, of this mind-control Matrix. This requires a Strong Focus of Mind, a Strong Determination, a Strong Will in daily life, to face adversity, incomprehension and the permanent attack of the Anti-Christ Forces, the Negative Alien Forces, who want to stop this process of incorporation and descent of Extra-Terrestrial Kristic Consciousnesses on Earth. We hope this information has been helpful. Again, we are delving into all of this within the Harmonic Universe Academy, but in the meantime, we hope that these Monthly Newsletters will allow for an Alignment and Connection with the Fields and Realities of Ascension, as proposed by the Christic Forces, the Krystal Star Forces of the next Universe, who are here to help Humanity ascend out of the phantom matrices and alienation of Consciousness, through realignment to Universal Laws and Activation of DNA through cultivation of the Christos-Sophia Spirits within.

Planetary Liberation

Great Architectural Changes are now occurring on Earth with the Liberation of very ancient spiritual places, such as the Alhambra Palace, which are allowing the Holy Mother Principle to gradually descend to Earth, as well as the Holy Father Principle to re-anchor on Earth, to bring about the Return of Law, the Law of God, the Law of Christ and Christos-Sophia. All these Architectural and planetary grid changes can cause many symptoms to the currently incarnated Christic Forces, and we warn that this is what is happening now in the Field, with the Reclaiming of great Christic Architectures originally captured, invaded and rebuilt to serve the Luciferian or Satanic Force. These Reclamations are not desired by the Anti-Christ Forces and many reprisals can occur in the lives of those who are involved at a higher multidimensional level, in these Reclamations, through their Multidimensional Consciousness and connection with the Christos General Mission.

We also suggest that you stay well connected to the God-Sovereign-Free Realities, protect your Consciousness from Alienation through AI, and the Metaverse, and stay connected to the Spirits of the Christ, within your structure, incorporating the Spirits of the Christ yourself, to be protected by the Law. We hope this information has been helpful. We wish for all the collective strength and courage of Christos to move forward in this storm of mind control, to break the bonds of servitude and control, to become fully, completely and totally God, Sovereign and Free. We wish each of you to find your own Divine Connection directly in your own Heart, to cultivate and merge your inner flame with the Divine Flame of God. And we will speak again very soon, Thank You. »

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