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Declaration of Intention to Ascend

« As we prepare for our ascenscion, the declaration of intent is an invocation to invite the maximum spiritual support in recognizing and ackowledging your invocation and declaration to ascend. This invites masters and guides to assist and support you making your ascension transition and process as easily and effortlessly as possible. I highly suggest you work with de declaration of intent as long as you feel guided to and as long as it feels right for you. [...] » - Lisa Renee

Dear friends, today I share the transcription of this declaration, in case you want to record it with your own voice. The original recording (by Lisa Renee) can be download from the Krystal Aegis website and also here. Blessings, Anabela Silva

Declaration of Intention to Ascend

[Get comfortable, take a deep breath, and let's begin...]

« Beloved Guardians, evolution support team, our greater God Self aligned to the Law of One Mission. Beloveds, we ask to work together for the highest cappacity of exchange of God's infinite light, infinite love and infinite power. We call upon this in divine right order and harmony, to prepare our bodies for ascension.

[Spend a moment, fill your body with the 12th dimension liquid silver light. Allow this light to fill, surround and protect you. Fill every cell and every pore of your being with this divine light.]

Beloveds, we call forth the ascension flame, and fully anchoring the pillar of that ascension flame within our personal energy field, we request the platinum net to sweep through our individual field, removing and clearing all inbalanced matrices or improper energies. Beloveds, please remove any improper etheric or other entanglements. Beloveds, remove all improper etheric cording and other karmic entanglements. We ask to send God's infinite loving healing presence and light to all that and those being released and uncorded from me. My ascension team, and master evolution guides, please monitor my ascension process in perfect integration and harmony throughout my 12th bodies' system and all its layers. I call upon those serving the violet flame. Fill every cell and pore of my energy matrix with the transmutation flame. Clear and remove all draws as we align to purity, God truth and Oneness.

[Now declare out loud the following intentions:]

I am willing to move beyond all fear to furfill God's plan on Earth and beyond.

I personally pledge to align to my self sovereign god power now.

I allow the lifting process to begin.


I activate the thymus chakra. I AM THAT I AM!

I activate my unified chakra. I AM THAT I AM!

I am rebuilding my twelve strand DNA now. I AM THAT I AM!

I am rebuilding my entire glandular system. I AM THAT I AM!

I am anchoring the cosmic tree of life to regenerate my entire endocrine and organ system. I AM THAT I AM!

I am filling my entire brain and ductless glands with light. I AM THAT I AM!

The amrita, fire letters, sacred geometries, and key codes, are fully activated, re-establishing divine memory within my light body. I AM THAT I AM!

I allow my original blueprint grids to be re-instated through axiatonial alignment. I AM THAT I AM!

I am a divine manifestor, I am a divine alchemist. I AM THAT I AM!

I stop and reverse the aging process now. I AM THAT I AM!

I reprogram my pituitary gland to give forth life giving hormones. I AM THAT I AM!

I breathe in sustenance for my body from the sunlight. I AM THAT I AM!

I am on good terms and peacefully co-creating with all of my brothers and sisters. I AM THAT I AM!

I allow the quickening of my vibratory frequencies. I AM THAT I AM!

I am resonating at my divine blueprint frequency. I AM THAT I AM!

I place under myself a matchstick flame of the cosmic fire. I AM THAT I AM!

I am becoming transparent. I AM THAT I AM!

I step up and step down my energies with divine grace and ease. I AM THAT I AM!

I am ascending now in divine love, divine peace and divine grace. I AM THAT I AM!

I am the truth, the way and the light. I AM THAT I AM!

I am the light, I am the resurrection. I AM THAT I AM!

Be still and know, I am God! I AM THAT I AM!

I experience completion now. I AM THAT I AM!

Beloveds, in deep love and gratitude... Our infinite stream of love is with you and always. And so it is. »

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