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Who are the Guardians?

By definition, a Guardian is a Being who guards, who protects!

There is a myriad of Guardians for various purposes: whether guarding the sacred feminine/masculine planetary, or even cosmic, codes; whether guarding the Ley lines and planetary grid; whether guarding interdimensional and/or multiversal portals; whether guarding morphic fields or planetary cores, etc.

As some examples of Guardians (that I am aware of) we have: KRYSTAL Guardians of Andromeda and Aquamarine Crystalline Universe of the Mother-Goddess (e.g. the Aquaferians); Aurora Omniversal consciousnesses; Blue Avians of the Seraphic Gold Order; Guardians of the: Emerald, Amethyst, Golden, Ruby-Gold Orders; Angels; Archangels; Fairies and Elves (e.g., these are, respectively, the guardians of the codes of the sacred feminine and masculine here on Earth); PVSE Centaur Force (of the legions of Mary); Ashtar Command (of the legions of Christ-Michael); among many others...

There are people incarnated on Earth who are Guardians!

This information must be felt in the heart. Divine truth will manifest for the one who is in love and genuinely open to the Guardian Consciousness, to what the role of a Guardian is. Each person will feel an affinity with a specific Guardian Consciousness, according to one' s stellar origin and function. And so it is!

This information was transmitted to me today, 24-09-2021, through the Surface Command of the Mother-Goddess Priestesses, by Kwan Yin of the Amethyst Order. Thank Goddess!

In deep reverence, gratitude and love, I AM!



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