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Avatar, feel which path is yours!

Another pearl of wisdom from the book « AVATAR - The Pure Energy of Love » by author Carlos Campos [CC] and his conversations with God/Energy/Friends [GEF]. Blessings, Anabela.

« "You will make me see the paths of life."

[CC] - Friends, throughout man's stay in this temporary space, he travels along paths, choosing his own path, he has that freedom. However, there are paths that are much easier to travel than those that by choice he travels, if he were not deaf to the movement of life.

[GEF] - The choice is always man's. But if he is not happy with the path he is exploring, it is time to stop and reflect in freedom and ask himself if this is the best path for him!

[CC] - And if not, can he choose another?

[GEF] - He can, until he finds one that makes him happy.

[CC] - How many can he choose?

[GEF] - As many as his conscience will allow him.

[CC] - In what ways can he see the different paths of life?

[GEF] - In every way.

[CC] - How so?

[GEF] - Each one shows the path in his own way, because there are as many paths as there are men. But they are all paths of life, they all teach what man most needs to learn.

[CC] - Many are the paths, why don't we just connect on one path?

[GEF] - This is the real truth of the Universe, the unsatisfaction that drives man in his constant search for more and more paths, when just beside and almost disappearing is the true path.

[CC] - Why almost disappearing?

[GEF] - So that he exercises the sense of observation, the attention required of a young walker. The true path that leads you to perceived knowledge kisses your wounded feet - a wound that the wandering paths of life have caused you - supports your suffering initiate's gaze, and wipes your long-travel weary face.

The Gardens of Wisdom reveal: "Life has many paths, but there is a day when you feel which is yours." »


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