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Azurite and the Indigo Ray


These crystals are linked to the Indigo Ray. According to the Ra Confederacy (in the books "The Law of One"), this ray is the portal of intelligent energy, a ray connected to the Indigo body, or portal body, or KA. This is the producer of forms and can be shaped as you wish.

Note: In September 2022, during a planetary Guardian work, it was revealed to me that the Azurite crystals contain galactic DNA from the Azurite lineage of Jeshua Sananda Melchizedek (from Sirius B) and that they have been recoded for new programming, according to the Law of One, and will become Awakening crystals, helping to completely unblock the 6th chakra.

Psyche: Helps with mental healing, as it has the ability to move subconscious thoughts into the conscious, dissolving any blockages that may be preventing the connection with the 3rd eye, intuition. It works on the belief system and frees you from negative thought patterns. Good for telepathy, fears, phobias, grief, for those who talk too much, cleansing the emotional body of toxic debris, helping with healing crises. Excellent stone for students to use in exams, thesis writing, projects, etc. Put it on your forehead for 15 minutes! :)

Physical: This stone can induce deep multidimensional reprogramming of cells, as it has a high healing power and high energy conductivity (due to the presence of copper). It channels energy to the central nervous system, helping the mind to have more control of the body. Good for throat, eyes, ears, arthritis, joints, spinal alignment, brain structure, kidneys, gall bladder, spleen, liver, thyroid, bones, teeth, skin, labyrinthitis, amnesia and memory loss, concentration.

Curiosity: It was the favorite stone of ancient Egypt, as it raises consciousness, develops metaphysical abilities and facilitates the meditative state.

Chakras: 6th (3rd Eye), 7th (Crown), Causal Chakra (or Higher Crown).

Important: Before first use, I recommend cleaning and energizing with Selenite. It should not be placed in water, as this crystal is soluble and contains copper!


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