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Dealing with the sea of emotions and illusions

The crossing of the sea of emotions and illusions is very intense. People (both personally and collectively) are being invited to look at the illusions of the egoic mind and the subconscious emotions of the soul that are still unresolved (whether from this life or others). The tendency is to react negatively to such a discovery, denying it and even running away from it. But how to cross this illusory sea? Only with connection to our sacred heart. The idea is to accept all experiences and make peace with the past (whether of this life or others), forgive yourself and all the souls involved, and move on. We have all had experiences on the shadow side and the light side and this is being resolved (more consciously or less consciously). Remember that to know something, we need to know its opposite, otherwise how would we know how to distinguish one from the other? It simply wouldn't be possible...

Below is a Buddhist text on how to deal with anger, but this text could apply to so many other emotions such as guilt, victimization, jealousy, fear, etc. Look for peace in your heart, it is your beacon of light. And so it is! Love and light, Anabela Silva

« When someone says or does something that makes us angry, we suffer and we fight back in the hope that we will suffer less. We think, "I want to punish you, I want to make you suffer because you made me suffer. And when I realize that you are suffering enough, I will feel better." There are many who believe in this childish practice. The thing is, this creates a progressive process of suffering for both parties. In fact, both people need compassion and help. Neither one needs to be punished.

When you feel anger, turn inward, take care of your suffering and your anger. Don't say or do anything. Anything you say when you are angry can cause even more damage to the relationship. However, most of us don't do this. Instead of turning inward and taking care of the anger, we want to go after the other person to punish them. If your house is on fire (caused by someone else), the most urgent thing for you to do is to try to put out the fire and not run after the person who caused it. This would not be a wise attitude. In the same way, when you feel anger, if you continue to argue with the other person, if you try to punish him, you will be acting exactly like the one who runs after the criminal while the flames are devouring his house.

One of the extremely effective tools for putting out the fire that burns within us is the method of conscious breathing, the method of conscious walking. To consciously breathe in is to know that air is entering the body, and to consciously breathe out is to know that the body is transmuting air (do this at least 3x). So you stay in touch with the air and with your body, and since your mind is aware of all this, you stay in touch with it too.

Whenever anger arises, pick up a mirror and look at your reflection. When you feel anger, hundreds of muscles in your face become very tense, and you are no longer a beautiful person. This is the signal meant to alert the mind, because when you see yourself that way, you feel like doing something to change. No cosmetics are needed, just breathe deeply and calmly, relax and smile consciously. If you can do this once or twice, your appearance will become more beautiful. Just look at yourself in the mirror, breathe in calmly, let the air out smiling, and you will feel a great well-being.

Anger is like a flower. At first, you may not understand the nature of your anger or why it has manifested. To generate the energy of full awareness and embrace the anger, practice conscious breathing (either sitting or walking). After 10 or 20 minutes, the anger will have opened up, and suddenly you will see its true nature. It may have arisen simply because of a misperception on your part, or because of someone else's lack of sensitivity. You are capable of transforming the garbage of anger into the flower of compassion. Embrace anger very tenderly. It is like an organ in your body. When you have a problem with an organ, you don't think about throwing it away. It is the same with anger. Accept it because you know that you can take care of it, you are able to transform it into positive energy.

Both anger and love have an organic nature, which means that both can change. Love can turn into hate, but also anger can be transmuted into love. The moment you feel anger, you tend to believe that your feeling was created by someone else. You blame this person for all your suffering. But upon deep examination you might realize that many other people, when faced with the same situation, would not be as angry as you are. They hear the same words, they witness the same situation, but they are able to remain calmer, not so affected by the circumstances. So why do you get angry so easily? Perhaps it is because the seed of YOUR anger is very strong, and because you have not practiced the methods designed to nurture it well, its seed may have been watered in the past too often. »

adapted from the book "Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames" - Thich Nhat Than


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