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Ego Attitude vs Spirit Attitude

The spirit warrior of light is the one who has the courage to look at one's inner dragons (also called fearful parts of the personality, or attitudes of the Ego), identify them, recognize them, and transform them. This inner transformation can only be done by the heart, and requires a commitment to oneself, to observe oneself carefully on a daily basis, in order to identify the various aspects of the Ego that still need to be transformed through love, forgiveness, and compassion for oneself. Here lies Authentic Power, Personal Power, or Spiritual Sovereignty. And so it is! :)

In a spiritual retreat in 2011, we were given a list of examples of Ego attitudes and Spirit attitudes. I made an adaptation of that list and I am sharing it with you, because looking at these attitudes, in written form, helps a lot to our awareness. We are all still working on the inner dragons, but each of us will have our own way of transforming them. All you have to do is listen to your heart! :) Blessings, Anabela

Ego Attitude (Personalities)

Spirit Attitude (Christ/Holy Spirit)

Attack, Defensive, Fear

Neutrality, Love, Compassion



Resentment, guilt, punishment

Forgiveness, acceptance, self-love, compassion

Superiority or Inferiority (disguised arrogance)

Equality, humility

Competition, egocentrism

Cooperation, teamwork

Judgment and criticism

Spiritual discernment (mind-heart alignment)

Aggressiveness or Submission

Assertiveness (balance in interacting with others)

Only sees problems and obstacles

Sees opportunities for growth and evolution

Pessimism, negative

Optimism, positive



Weakness, lack of control

Personal power, self-control

Anger, depression, suffering, anxiety

Peace, joy, happiness, serenity

Dependency, attachment, addiction

Independence, detachment, emotional balance

Believes to be a victim of circumstances

Recognizes oneself as the master of one's life

Self-pity or martyrdom

Takes responsibility for one' s choices and attitudes

Reactivity (reacts impulsively)

Responsiveness (acts with wisdom)

Sees the world as a battlefield

Sees the world as a learning school

Lives in Karma (unconscious and/or in revolt)

Lives in Dharma (conscious and in state of grace)

Unconscious soul control

Conscious control of the mind aligned with the heart

Impatience, intolerance, inflexibility

Patience, tolerance, flexibility

Sin, error

Experience, lesson

Laziness, escape, procrastination

Discipline, commitment, courage, action

Jealous of others' success, criticizes

Inspired by others' success, seeks to improve

Believes in "what goes around comes around" or revenge

Recognizes that one reaps what one sows



Loneliness (longing for someone to be filled)

Feels whole with oneself

Seeks external validation and appreciation

Validates oneself by heart (has nothing to prove)

Believes one wins when the other loses and vice versa

Knows that when one wins, all win and vice versa

Divide to conquer

Unite to win

Blames others for losses and rejections

Recognizes that it was not meant to be or happen

Keeps others clinging to oneself (manipulates, controls)

Helps others to empower themselves (liberates)

Lives in an automatic and unconscious way

Is present and lives consciously



Lives in the past and fears the future

Lives in the present moment

Denies one's shadow side, runs away from oneself

Recognizes one's shadow side and transforms it

Dominated by emotions

Master one's emotions, transforming them

Sees others as strangers, or even enemies

Sees others as brothers and sisters, as parts of oneself


Remains silent

Can only give or only receive

Knows how to give and receive in a balanced way

Always puts others before self and forgets about oneself

Takes care of oneself first to be able to help others

Thinks that is always right, owner of the truth

Recognizes that there are other perspectives of the truth

Doesn't consider being wrong

Questions oneself, meditating deeply

Stucks to old ideas (Stagnation)

Seeks to learn and know more (Progress)

Skepticism or Obtuseness (arrogance)

Open mind (humility)

Elitism, segregation, clubism, partisanship

Unification, union, equality

Believes in scarcity, law of survival

Knows that the universe is abundant

Idolatry or fanaticism (external power)

Devotion to the All (internal divine power)

Does not accept the negative experiences of others

Accepts the negative experiences of others (compassion)

Focused on the fear of death and forgets to live

Lives life, knows that one's spirit is immortal


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