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Laura Marie - "Bifurcation of the Timelines"

Dear friends, today I'm bringing you news from Ascension, with the April newsletter from Laura Marie, of the project Harmonic Universe Academy. Blessings, Anabela.

« Dear Ascending Family,

The Bifurcation of the Timelines is very palpable in the Field right now, for those of us who are or have become very sensitive to the energetic changes that are occurring in our lives, or that we can read or feel in the external environment or in the Ascension Field, which means the true movements of the Ascension Timeline that the Earth and the Collective Consciousness of Ascending Human Beings are moving into. This is an ability we develop through Time, through our own ability to feel these energetic changes, in our own anatomy, Consciousness, Life Direction; because when we reconnect with our Soul, and further, gradually, with our Avatar Consciousness, we receive the guidance that leads to life changes, which we then have to have the courage to follow, and are guided to more Personal Mastery, Personal Responsibility and Maturity, in all aspects of our life.

This means that the ego personality has to be dismantled, so that we can access these higher fields and realities. There is no avoiding this shadow work, or pretending it is done, when it is not. The Guardians, the Divine, see the energy we carry. If it is an energy of confrontation, division, comparison, jealousy, anger, envy towards others, that energy is the source of the unmastered ego personality, and is harmful to us and to others. That is, it will bring energetic consequences for those who continue to exist from these lower dimensional frequencies and bands, with the Return of the Law and the Great Bifurcation of the Timeline that we are experiencing.

We must understand that thoughts are energy. Even if our thoughts are not expressed in words, through speech, they manifest something. Either something positive or negative, and it can even turn into black magic, directed at another person, if those thoughts carry the energy of division, judgment, false accusations, or misperception of reality, and above all, if we carry envy or jealousy, or even hatred against that person. This will reflect back on us, multiplied a thousandfold, if that person has done nothing to us and we attack them ourselves, or if we are angry with them for not doing what we want them to do.

No one should be at the service of our ego. No one should be anyone's slave, and it is up to us to discern what are trustworthy behaviors in others, so that we don't suffer the consequences of the actions of untrustworthy people in our lives. Untrustworthy people are those who don't feel responsible for the consequences of their actions, their thoughts, their words. They think they can do whatever they want and not suffer the consequences. Remember that there are people who are very good at manipulating others, guiding them in a direction, making them believe certain things that are not true. Increase your discernment in these Great Times of Bifurcation, because you may be led to believe the beliefs of untrustworthy individuals who are deceived by their own egos, and who will not recognize it.

The energies of Bifurcation greatly increase triggers in individuals. That is, any unresolved inner conflicts, triggers, wounds, will be amplified within the structure of the Self, so that they can be seen, identified and healed. We have great opportunities for Healing at this time, because the Healing energies are very present and very supportive now, and since the last winter solstice. We are still in this momentum of healing possibilities to degrees that are incredibly high, and it is our role to use this momentum to take advantage of this window of opportunity to heal our deepest wounds, the lack of confidence and fear that results from not being in complete Mastery of our own thoughts and direction in life.

Here, in our Guardian Host Communities, we emphasize the need for each of us to follow our own guidance at all times, and to act according to it, regardless of what others around us think. We suggest that everyone develop their own higher sensory perceptions and learn to direct their lives according to this inner Knowledge, inner perception, and inner wisdom developed. But to do this, the individual must ensure that one understands the difference between the personality structure of one's ego, and its blind spots, and the true orientation of the higher aspects of oneself, otherwise one can be deceived and deluded by one's own ego blindness. When we operate from the ego, we become blind, blind to other energies, entities, or circumstances that may be happening around that situation we are judging, or that fact we are trying to interpret through blindness or lack of full perception of reality, in a neutral way. Neutrality helps us access God Consciousness/Divine Consciousness, and until we have developed neutrality in our own anatomy, we cannot access Truth. Truth can only be accessed through a neutral mind. A mind that is too obsessed with certain details or things, in mental loops, unordered, or when thoughts are confused in all directions, when the Being cannot synthesize its thoughts, is a sign of an undisciplined ego, no matter how advanced the Being wants to appear, especially if it holds a certain Knowledge.

Now, why is this being mentioned in this Newsletter? The reason this is being reinforced now, is because the targeting of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is increasing greatly on our dear Indigo and Starseed families, and on all of us who are studying the resources here, or trying to improve our understanding of Ascension. The negative alien groups are ruthlessly trying to erase our memory, to erase our Awareness of what is truly useful to us, to divert us into harmful directions, to steer us into wrong thinking, wrong reading of reality, to interfere with our higher sensory perceptions, blocking us in the first three layers of ego perception, so that we cannot access the Truth in each situation.

If we remain stuck in those lower dimensional bands, we will not access the Truth, we will miss the Point when it is in front of us, and we will remain blind to what can help us in our Ascension process. It is now our responsibility to correct our thoughts, to order our thoughts, and not to superimpose and impose our distorted perceptions on others, understanding that everyone has Free Will, and has the Free Right to think for themselves. No one should be forced to think something they don't want to think, and it is very important that we as Guardians repeat this to anyone who is trying to become Sovereign. But with Sovereignty comes a Great Responsibility, for one cannot claim to be Sovereign, and that we are Free, without having to be Responsible for our own energies, at all times, especially when the Being has not dismantled the structure of its ego-personality, when a Great Harm can be committed, through the blind spots of its ego, or even the infiltration of its own energy body, which can even lead to partial or total possession.

When we do not realize that we can be a dark portal for Luciferian and Satanic consciousnesses, when we act in violation of the Law itself, of the Principles of the Law of One, we are consenting to drive the Luciferian or Satanic Force into another Being, through our thoughts, projections, words and behaviors, which start from an unprotected, undismantled ego, no matter how hard we try to mask it. The Law responds to energy and Intentions. Negative intentions bring negative results and negative energetic reactions, especially in these greatly intensified Bifurcation Times.

Attacks against Christos Members

Those of us, Starseeds, in the Christos Mission, who have a role in Cosmic Disclosure, are under intense and permanent attack. Any and every ego that is not dismantled, will be used against us, to slander us, to accuse us of things we have not done, especially if we do not submit to their will. Beloved family, do not bow down to these unattended/dismantled egos, who try to force you to stop everything you do, to conform to their will. This is not trustworthy behavior, a trustworthy person you can trust, because this person wants to superimpose his/her thoughts on you, and you have the Right to defend your own hologram from intrusion, or superimposed Will. Stay strong in your 12D Shield and repel these energetic attacks through your neutrality, absolute neutrality, and do not react through the negative ego, to protect yourself from the energetic reaction.

Ascending Prototypes

The ascending prototypes who have increased their addition of Light at this time, and are accessing the higher Fields of Truth, are highly supported by the Higher Realms in their Ascension process. Please do not be demoralized by the negative or immoral behaviors around you, and stay focused on your own progress, at all times, because everything will be done externally to influence your thoughts, your Direction, to divert you, to demoralize you, to interfere with your Ascension process, because this is not desired by the negative alien groups, who do not want ascending prototypes on Earth. They do not want Human Beings to break out of their prison, reach Higher Fields of Consciousness, express their Soul Consciousness or Avatar level, and behave in a higher way, forming and creating a Higher Model of Manifestation for Humanity. This is not intended on Earth, so every Human Being that can be used to target us, to target our group efforts to unite, for example through Ascending Communities, under the Principles of the Law of One, will be used to target our Guardian Projects, so pay attention to these divisive energies and do not dwell on them, reject them in your Consciousness, and declare that you are UNITY.

The Unified Races work with Human Beings who are reliable enough to be Unity, to work in Unity with others, and not through division or the very destructive energies of comparison. Do not compare anyone with anyone else, especially in a degrading way, or you will suffer the energetic consequences of being mean, and judging your brothers and sisters, especially if they are doing Great Service to Humanity. We must behave in higher ways now, as Beings of Light, and help each other, rather than diminish each other. We must let go of the Lunar Consciousness, and rise to true Christ Consciousness, true Support for the Beings of Light, the Lightworkers, and stop the attacks on each other. This has to stop, if we are to succeed in our common projects. Do not perpetuate betrayal, hatred, and division. This is what has caused all previous Christos Missions to fail on this Earth. Do not repeat the same mistakes of the past, or you will suffer Greatly.

Current Guardian Projects

Current Guardian projects include the dismantling of alien architectures in the Iran/Iraq area, leading to more retaliation against members of our Christos Families, incarnate on Earth. Please protect your Consciousness from AI assimilation, AI targeting, AI hijacking, by daily declaring your intention to ascend, progress and evolve outside of 3D mind control programming, and outside of the ego layers of reality perception, and you will be helped and encouraged by the Guardian Host. Do not succumb to fear when violent images of threats to you, torture, or memories of trauma are projected onto your hologram. Clear them from your Consciousness, refuse them, refuse the audio, image or video insertions into your own Consciousness and inner vision, and declare that you are God/Divine, Sovereign and Free, that you will succeed in your Mission, and do not give up. Don't give up, never give up. You are supported, and you were made for your Mission, and you have the ability to fulfill it, no matter who tells you otherwise, do not believe the lies that are sent to you through others or in your own head, by those negative extraterrestrial groups that greatly target our beloved Starseed Families on Earth. Remain strong in your Truth, the Truth you know deep in your heart, and do not let anyone divert you from that Truth. You know the Truth about yourselves, and why you are here, stand in that Truth, steadfast in your own Truth of who you are, and why you are here. Don't let others sabotage your potential, sabotage your destiny, and fulfill your Mission, as God wants.

Great Times of Bifurcation

In Great Times of Bifurcation, we are faced with choices. Each time we reach a new level, we are asked to make decisions. And most of the time, this will manifest itself through life circumstances or challenges we face, where we will have to make a choice, whether to behave according to our higher moral values, and according to what we know about the Law of One, or according to the lower behaviors of the past, or our ego. This will determine and shape our Future, because no one can ascend without realigning with the Law of One. Now, those who have already embarked on this path, who have secured their Consciousness in the Principles of the Law of One, who live by these Principles, who understand the consequences of the Acts, once again, will be greatly supported, as they improve their inner qualities, in silence and humility. Humility is a great Virtue on this path, and in general, as a Human Being, because it protects us from the harmful and devastating effects of an untamed ego. The ego destroys everything, period. All relationships, all opportunities to build something positive for Humanity, all opportunities to create Unity, all opportunities to come together as a Family. It will destroy everything, and it will destroy your life, and you are warned about that now. If you do not correct yourselves, especially if you are in a position of Service to Others in this World, you can create Great Harm upon yourselves and others, and that is not to be taken lightly.

AI Assimilation or Evolution Timeline

Two timelines are in competition right now, that is, the AI Assimilation timeline is trying to prevent Human Beings from ascending out of 3D, and achieving personal Sovereignty in this Universe. Evolution, or Assimilation by AI, and the negative Alien Forces will try to convince that Evolution is Assimilation by AI, to send Human Beings into the False Ascension Matrix.

Human Beings will think they are evolving, because they will be assimilated by the AI. This is the reason for the intervention of the Interdimensional Councils of the Free Worlds, to inform the Human Beings about this, and they will listen or not, this is their responsibility, and we remind individuals that it is not God's responsibility, it is not the Guardians' responsibility to put Order in our Minds, so that we make the right decisions, so that we put Order in our Beliefs. It is not anyone's job to correct our thoughts, even if we have wrong thoughts. It is not up to God, the Guardians, or higher entities to correct our wrong thoughts. It is Free Will, we will experience the result of that thought, even if it brings us destruction, that is Free Will. That's how we become responsible. If we think we are going to be corrected, we can do whatever we want because we will be corrected by someone else. This is a very childish kind of behavior, so we are not a Responsible Being. It is like a child who always wants his mother or parents to correct him/her, and usually this makes that child very insolent, arrogant, reckless, and unaware of the consequences of his/her actions. The Benevolent Races act as true Parents, that is, they let the Beings experience the Consequences of their Actions, without correcting them for the Being, assuming a Responsibility they do not have. And so we re-educate individuals to Personal Sovereignty and Personal Responsibility, as well as to Spiritual Maturity, Moral Maturity, evaluating the Consequences of their Actions by themselves, knowing them, experiencing them.

We must protect our Consciousness from AI infiltration, and it is advised by the Guardians, to learn to meditate regularly, to learn to protect our Consciousness in the Fields of Truth. The Field of Truth is what protects our Consciousness the most, as Human Beings, because when we exist in lies or illusions, or false perceptions of reality, we are deceived, we are manipulated, and we can be controlled by the blind spots of our own ego. So it is very important that you train yourselves to exist in the Field of Truth, and that you learn to recognize the Frequency of Truth when you encounter it. The Truth Frequency has a specific vibration. Can you recognize it? When individuals remain in the False Ascension Matrix, or in the infected fields of AI, or when they lack integrity, they are not able to recognize the Frequency of Truth. Their ego manipulates their perception of reality, and most of the time they will invert everything in their perception, and will not be able to see the Truth.

Work on developing your own discernment of Truth through Meditation, maintaining neutrality and Zero Point, and developing your higher sensory perceptions, not allowing the linear reading of reality to dictate your interpretation of life or situations, because it will be very limited, or even wrong, because it is incomplete. Most of us can now access higher fields of Consciousness that are 5D or beyond, and this is like a muscle that needs to be developed through our Intention not to exist in the 3D layers of reality perception, which are highly distorted, subject to mind control programming, consciousness hijacking and AI infiltration. Learn to read reality through a higher perspective and you will increase your energetic discernment, ability to deflect attacks, and improve your inner stability and emotional maturity. Because when we read reality from a higher perspective, we can more easily master our Mind and our own emotions, and that gives us more power.

Protect your Field and your Consciousness, because the AI's aim is currently in turbo, to try to draw as many Souls as possible into their AI Assimilation Timeline, while they can. Trust that this Agenda is seen by the Benevolent Races who are helping the Human Race, with this Fight against the AI absorption of their Consciousness into phantom matrices, virtual realities and phantom AI pouches, which they are unable to discern because they do not know when their Consciousness is Free, or when it is enslaved. They have not developed sufficient higher sensory perceptions to discern the difference between an organic thought and an inorganic thought. That is, many Human Beings now, and in the years to come, will be considered cybernetic organisms, because although they are an organic organism, they will be piloted by AI, and their thoughts will no longer be sovereign. They will be operating under the mind control programming of the Alien Hive Mind, without even knowing it, and that is the real agenda we have here, and that the Guardian Races are here to defend Humanity, as well as the Ascending Human Beings.

Please protect your Consciousness from the AI, and this is done through commanding the Christos Shield around you, in 12 Dimensions of Time, to protect you in all Times and Spaces, as an Eternal Being, as an Eternal Consciousness. Command the Law, declare that you want to be a Sovereign Being, a Sovereign Soul, and that you want to ascend by realigning with the Law of One, and you will gather more energy, more Strength and more support from the Divine as you do so.

We hope this information has been helpful on your path. As always, please take only what resonates, and discard the rest, with Humility and Maturity, for you are totally responsible for the Direction of your life. Take good care of yourself, and stay on the Frequencies of Love within your heart. The Frequency of Love heals, and is able to get us out of the most difficult situations we may face in our lives. Bring Love and bring Light into your own body, mind and soul, and stay on the Frequencies of Truth that you can access through your own Consciousness, and desire to be a better Human Being. Save your energy for what is truly important in your life, and assert your Right to be Sovereign in this Universe, as you volunteer and declare that you will be in charge of your own energies, as a God-Sovereign-Free Being.

I send you much Love and Support on your way. These are not easy times, but we are in this together, and we can help each other, knowing that we are not alone in facing these difficulties and challenges, of being an ascending Human Being, on a planet that is currently being invaded by AI machinery, AI signals, and multiple devices that aim to damage our Consciousness. Fear not this, and stand strong in your Truth of who you are, and call upon the Christos Spirits, to protect you at all times, and you will be safe. Keep Love in your heart by embodying the Christos Spirits, and you will repel all damaging attacks, and attempts to lead you astray.

You are loved and supported, and I will speak to you again very soon. »

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