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The simplicity of living in Love

Today I decided to share an article from Sementes das Estrelas, because I am of the same opinion as what is written in it. All of us, in some way, are going through this process. The solution lies in living in the simplicity of Love, of the Heart, which heals everything. The Eternal Zero Point of Now is in the inner, infinite dimensions. That's why Jesus said to search in our sacred temple (sacred heart) and it's not outside, but inside. And as we understand this, we understand that the only way to help THE ALL is to help ourselves, to heal our soul and ego; and that each person is responsible for the choices they make (even if it is not to ascend in this lifetime). To love is to accept the path of others (especially those we love) whatever it may be, without judging or criticizing. And now to the article! Love and light, Anabela Silva

« How many times have you thought you were not good enough?

Sometimes you ask yourself if you are doing your best, if you are giving your best, if you are important in any way, and the answer comes. And I ask:

How many times have you refused to speak badly of someone, even when that person has betrayed you?

How many times have you been silent in the midst of criticism?

How many times have you helped people who, in another moment, were not loyal to you?

How many times have you stopped doing something for yourself and gone on to do it for someone else, with the same joy as if it were something done for you?

How many times have you smiled when someone needed a smile, and inside you were sad about something?

How many times have you had faith, even when everything was really complicated and without prospects of improvement?

How many times you had nothing, and the little you had, you shared?

And how many times did you have a lot, but your heart didn't change, it continued with the same simplicity?

Yes, dear ones, I am sure you have already lost count of how many times you have done all of the above. How many things you have overcome and lived through! And you are still here and you still think you are not useful? Each one of these movements that I mentioned above that you have practiced makes all the difference in the world.

When you wake up in the morning and breathe, your light is helping the world. When you go about your business, you are helping the world. When you pray, you help the world, and when you just go with the natural flow of life, you help the world.

Your existence here is more useful than you can imagine. I know that sometimes you wish you could do more, you wish you could be more "efficient," but... who says you're not being efficient simply by being alive? Efficiency comes when in the simplicity of accepting life as it is, doing your best, WITH LIGHTNESS!

There is no need for spotlights... to draw attention in the crowds. In the simplicity of your home, in the silence of your private environment, you make the difference. Jesus already said... "Go pray in your environment, in secret, and there, in secret, Our Lord also hears you, in secret".

I don't even know why I am writing this. Again I am at my computer and "out of the blue" I opened it to write and I am just doing it. And right now, behind me, through the eyes that I swore to Jesus for truth, I see smiling Angels, I see Galactic Beings, Ascended Masters, Ancestors... I see these beings smiling, in incredible simplicity. It is our heritage, it is who we are, it is our family!

As much as at times you may feel alone, abandoned, useless or something, remember that being on Earth also brings this challenge of having to self-accept and self-absorb ourselves as if we were "alone..." But we know we are not. Often, these feelings come so that we can look at ourselves more and value our own company.

I also know that the weights of other existences, the unconscious and conscious guilt hurt the soul. But there is another opportunity to be on your own side, after all, we are all here to learn and expand. No being who has passed here has ceased to feel everything that we as humans on Earth feel. Everyone has experienced the same! Exactly those who, at this moment, are here behind me putting their hand on my shoulder as I write. They shake their heads, affirmatively.

You are important here! You who are reading and hearing this, you are important here, just as you are. You make a difference in your family, in your home, among your friends, in your work environment, on EARTH! You make a difference! Your energy field makes a difference! You are like a piece of a puzzle, of a game, and without you, the game cannot be, cannot continue, cannot happen.

You are important just the way you are, the very way you are. With your mistakes and successes, and when you begin to accept this more deeply within yourself, the mistakes, in a harmonic way, diminish. And not because you have "stopped doing wrong", but simply because you have lovingly accepted the energies that prevented you from seeing the best. And the best is you... It is you being you. Walk towards self-acceptance, receiving the embrace of all those beings here present who are smiling at you at this moment. And just as they are placing their hands on my shoulders, they are placing their hands on your shoulders now as you read or listen to this message.

You came into this world to make a difference, right where you are. Now smile ... at yourself. That smile is for yourself. For all you have achieved, for all you have done, for all you have given of yourself. Yes... you have done a lot and you will do even more, at your limit, in your harmonious way. And all of them here and there, this family of ours, will be helping us as much as they can... And we will do as much as we can!

Don't give up now. The door is right in front of you. The door to the great crossing and expansion of your consciousness. Does it hurt? Hold on a little longer. Are you sad? Just a little more! Do you think you won't make it? I know you will! We will! It couldn't be anyone else, it's us!

Close your eyes as it ends... and feel the welcome of the family. The welcome of Home.

I am Neva, missionary, representative in Love of the Alpha Centauri forces in South America, honoring all beings who read or hear this message, your greatness and strength! You are also the representative of a force on the surface of this planet, and you have come here to reverberate this force wherever you go, in whatever situation you are. It has to be you!

Gratitude for your existence, dear missionary! Thankful for your breath, because even your breath serves as a force field to disintegrate the negative currents that have suffocated Gaia for eons of time... And you have come to help heal the Earth.

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude that you are here, at this time!

This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit. For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL) »


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