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What means to be at Service?

Today I will talk about the meaning of "Being at Service". This is my personal opinion based on my own experience and what I have observed around me. Each person may have different perspectives on this subject. It's up to each one to discover what is in their soul. Blessings, Anabela.

I would say that Service is often confused with Mission. The main difference I've noticed between the two is that Service implies being acting with the Heart and Mind aligned; Mission is often carried out in the Mental forgetting the heart. And of course, above all, it depends on the intention that is being put into the words and actions.

For example, a lightworker, starseed, who is still in judgment, criticism, who foments division and rebellion, or has intentions to seek recognition from others, control information, etc., is still in ego. He is reacting based on fear. In this case, he is not at Service, although he may be developing his Mission.

On the other hand, if he is acting on the basis of love, of understanding, of having compassion for those who live in fear and cannot in the present moment live otherwise, respect differences, and act genuinely from the heart, without having a specific interest behind it, then he is at Service. And you don't need to be doing spiritual work, you just need to be radiating Unconditional Love, Profound Peace and reverence for Life and the Whole. And so it is! :)

The Portuguese author Pedro Elias says, very well, in his book « Spiritual Reflections for a New World », page 33:

« Contrary to what the collective mind of today's civilization may define as Service, serving is not about doing things, it is not about blindly helping, driven by human will and instituted ideas about how that will should be directed or applied. And we only need to look at the world we live in to see the sad scenario of the result of that same will.

To serve is simply to radiate to this dimensional plane the inner Light of the Soul, and that flow of energy is the real expression of true service. A shepherd on the top of a hill guarding his sheep may be much closer to that energy of service than someone at the foot of the same hill building a spiritual center.

We must, therefore, eliminate from our mind any preconceived idea of what it is to serve, how one should serve, because none of this, without this internal flow of pure radiation, is service, but only the result, so often, of the action of the ego that seeks protagonism and recognition, even if disguised as other things. »


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