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Learning to question yourself through your Higher Self

Hello, today I'm sharing some meditative exercises of questioning, through the Higher Self, taken from the book "Telos 3 - Protocols of the Fifth Dimension" by Aurelia Louise Jones. Blessings, Anabela.

Note: First, each exercise should be practiced on different days. Then, they should be practiced simultaneously.


a) Ask yourself who you are from a higher perspective. Let go of everything you "think" you know about yourself.

b) Ask the questions that spring from the bottom of your heart.

c) Be willing to listen with the part that is awake in you.

Until you are able to have sufficient compassion for yourself and live from the awareness that you hold both spirit and its physical manifestation within, you will not allow the energy, which is vital to create your mastery, to permeate the depth of your soul. Ascension, is nothing more than awakening to the truth of your Divine Self, in this dimension or any other, in this body or any other.


a) Be willing to remove the accumulated layers of illusion that separate who "you think you are" from the real Self. Disidentify yourself from the persona here on Earth.

b) With compassion, allow all the possibilities of creation that your human mind has not yet awakened to.

c) Develop faith in yourself and that you are a master capable of co-creating with the universe everything that is possible.


a) Make a list of the belief systems that limit you and reclaim your energy deposited in them. These may be beliefs that others have about you, or uncomfortable beliefs you have about yourself. They may be your beliefs about the world around you or about your spiritual journey. Make a list of the "good" or "bad" beliefs, without judgment, and dive deep into the subtle belief systems, revealing layer by layer. Before you permanently disconnect from the belief, you must recover your energy deposited in it, or a part of you will remain in the separation.

b) Make another list of what you know, deep in your heart, to be true about yourself, without judgment. Explore the difference between what you think you already know in your mind and the true knowledge that comes from oneness with your divine essence. Dive once again into the layers of limitation and let go of old teachings and paradigms of Being. Listen with a simple and pure motivation. This list will come not as the first one, in words of the mind, but as a vibration of the heart. That vibration will become stronger and clearer until you experience a tone of truth so unmistakable that you feel the totality of your Being expanding. Only then can you add the item to the list. Your egoic experiences of negativity will surface with this practice. Then, with compassion, ask yourself, "Is that the real truth about who I am?"

c) Make a list of the judgments you still hold about yourself. Be patient with yourself and with all that is unresolved in your heart. You will come to love this healing process and will perceive these feelings about yourself as mirrors of the judgments you apply to your outer world.


a) Every morning when you wake up, take some time in solitude to contemplate, your state of Being, honestly and without judgment. Ask your Guides, Higher Self, to release old beliefs and limitations that no longer serve you. Ask for a new perspective, allow yourself to stay in a state of not knowing with your mind and knowing with your heart. Ask the universe to provide you, with ease and grace, mirrors for the full awakening of your consciousness. And ask that throughout the day, your physical energy grows in equal proportion to the conscious work you are doing in relation to your healing.

b) During the day, work regularly with the energies of love, trust, faith, compassion, grace, and gratitude. Invoke, into your physical body, in your cells and DNA, the purest vibrations of these [six] energies.

c) Each evening, recognize and integrate, in deep honor, all that you have offered yourself during the day. Recognize that by offering to yourself, you have in fact done so for all of creation. Set the intention that as you sleep, you will continue to integrate through your heart, all the wisdom you have gained that day. Ask that the physical heart cells and the physical DNA strands expand into your new vibration and that this evolution occurs in all times, spaces and dimensions. In this way, you will replace old patterns and impressions that no longer represent the truth of who you are. »

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