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Rafael/Neva – "Synchronizing our Three Brains"

Dear, today I share the message of Rafael/Neva of Sementes das Estrelas in Brazil, of 05-01-2022. This message was extracted of the following live (only in portuguese): Love and light, Anabela Silva.

« We don’t have only the physical brain. We have three brains. The physical, the astral, and the spiritual. When these three brains are harmoniously aligned, we are able to anchor more luminous energies on the Earth’s surface, and we are able to decode more easily the messages that are sent to us from the higher planes.

Our physical brain is responsible for the dynamism of our physical body. It is the body’s coordinating supercomputer. Our astral brain is responsible for keeping us aligned with our Soul Purpose in each incarnation, also connecting us in a harmonic way with everything we need to experience in the incarnation. And our spiritual brain is responsible for keeping us connected to the other realms (or, in other words, to the Supreme Divine Source).

These three fully aligned brains are what we are on the path to achieve now. To do this, above all, we need to take care of our physical brain, because it is the main decoder in physicality. It is responsible for being receptive to the codes coming from the other two brains. When our physical brain is overloaded, it cannot pick up what is needed from the other two, thus causing a desynchronization.

In many cases, this desynchronization causes a “loss of incarnation”, madness, headache attacks, stress, anxiety, panic. It can cause depression among other mind/brain issues.

In recent times, we have been receiving a very high amount of spiritual codes coming from the spiritual brain, which in turn sends to the astral brain, and which the astral brain sends to the physical brain. Many people in recent times have been feeling overly tired or with extreme dizziness and headaches, often caused by this desynchronization and lack of care for the physical brain.

Here are some tips I received recently from my mentors about a better way to take care of our physical brain so that it can harmonize and be an excellent receiver and decoder of the sacred codes, without overload.

1- Beware of hot baths! Water that is too hot on the head during baths causes a cerebral overload, a “swelling” of the brain, difficulting the absorption of energies and sacred codes, also causing dehydration in the region. Cold water is recommended if possible, at least in the last shower, on the head, soak with cold water, or at least as little hot water as possible. Sunbathe in the morning and late afternoon, avoid solar peaks. As for the use of the hair dryer, the last jet is ideally cold air on the head.

2- Take care of your nutrition! Nourish yourself well. Seek a professional for good nutrition, and if you can’t, eat vegetables, greens, grains, legumes, and everything you know and feel is healthy. Avoid excessive consumption of sugars, gluten, canned products, and everything that we know is not good for your health.

3- Drink plenty of water! This is very important too. Hydrating the body is also hydrating the brain! The more hydrated, the less or no headaches.

Recently, as many of you know, I had an overload of work, triggering a crisis of many headaches. During a shower (with hot water), my eyes reddened and my head started to hurt a lot and when I got out of the shower, I clearly heard a mentor speaking in my ear: “Your body, due to stress and work overload, is recovering from inflammation, especially in your brain. Don’t shower with hot water anymore and drink plenty of water in the day.” Immediately, I turned off the hot water in the shower and doused my head with cold water, drank plenty of water, and in less than 10 minutes my headache was gone.

So I leave this tip with all my heart to help as many as possible. [...]

Obviously, be sure to see a health professional to check for symptoms, especially in the head. It doesn't hurt to check it out. Anyway, I hope these tips help make your day-to-day life a little better!

Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL) »



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