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2023 - Year of vibration 7, discernment, wisdom!

Hello my friends, happy new year 2023! This is a year of vibration 7! :)

In karmic numerology, it is considered the most spiritual of all numbers and the one that demands the most seriousness. It is a number that calls for evolution at all levels, commitment, ethics, study, discernment, and wisdom (which must involve Mind and Heart). I advise you to read the following article: Discernment by the Heart

Here are the characteristics of nº 7:

THINKER - Element AIR - Color VIOLET

When in excess: Critical, judgmental, analytical, vain, arrogant, too perfectionist, intolerant to flaws (both of oneself and of others)

When lacking: Skeptical, cold, distant, calculating, introverted, shy (false humility), isolation, without emotions

When balanced: Stoic, good mental ability, mystic, mediumship, intuitive, studious, intelligence with wisdom

How to calculate the life number?

Add the digits of the birth date and keep reducing until you have only one digit (except for master numbers, such as: 11, 22, 33 and 44)

E.g.: 14-07-1975 = 1+4+7+1+9+7+5 = 34 = 3+4 = 7 and 17-11-1972 = 1+7+1+1+9+7+2 = 29 = 2+9 = 11

Unfoldings of the life number 7:

  • 7 Thinker - Here we have the pure energy of the Air of 7, whose characteristics were described above.

  • 16 Openness and sensitivity - You like to share what you know with others, possesses openness, authenticity, and acceptance. You must learn to trust your sensitive and creative spirit, see the beauty in the eyes of others, and share ideals. However, you are susceptible to self-centered and arrogant attitudes, if the energy is not well channeled. You are a sensitive and intuitive person, that needs to work yourself internally in order to grow.

  • 25 Tough relationships - You show some internal conflicts, as one part of you longs for freedom, and another part desires to love and be loved. Thus, you may romantically enter into an intimate relationship and yield your personal sovereignty, or submit to the other, in order to preserve it; however, when one day your free person side awakens, nothing stops you from regaining your freedom. Because of all this, there is a lot of insecurity in your interpersonal relationships, especially in those where affection is the main link. It is convenient to work on your emotional intelligence, because only maturity at this level can make you a balanced person in relationships with others. You should work on the three lower chakras, because their blockages can prevent the heart from opening. These people can sometimes be bipolar, and usually have a high psychism.

  • 34/43 Creativity and practical sense - You have a certain internal contradiction within you, for while 3 is restless, imaginative, and impulsive; 4 is conservative, likes stability and routine. Thus, there may be a part of you that calls for duty (4) and another that calls for fun (3), creating an internal disharmony that you will have to learn to manage: while you are having fun, or don't feel like working, there is a part of you that reproaches you; and when you are devoting yourself to duty, and trying to create an organization in life, there is a part of you that calls for freedom. This same disharmony can arise under an aspect perhaps even more difficult to manage, because it is deeper: it is the dichotomy between what you think, or take as your duty, and what your heart actually asks of you; so you may believe that there can be no joy in duty or work, which is deeply wrong. It is therefore very important that you accept this inner contradiction and manage your time in a balanced way. You have a practical spirit and can be patient, for your energy is very pragmatic, although sometimes you are indecisive about what is the best decision to make. When you are indecisive, let your intuition guide you and be attentive to the signs that life is sending you. The best way to reconcile this inner contradiction of yours, is to work on something that you really enjoy, because this leads you not to feel the weight of duty and to feel pleasure in what you do. You are a creative person who hates working like a machine, and you usually have good teaching skills, because you are structured and patient. You are persistent and don't like to give up on what you undertake.

In deep gratitude, love and light,



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