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2024 - Year of vibration 8, materialization, movement of matter!

Dear friends, happy new year 2024! This is a year of vibration 8! :)

This is a number of the Earth element, materialization, concretization, movement of matter. And what does this mean? This number calls for concrete actions in physicality: whether it's learning a spiritual tool, or even putting into practice the ones you already have; whether it's starting a business, or even transforming it (in fact, 8 is the number of business, of finance); whether it's joining a solidarity movement; etc.

As it is a number of Earth and accelerated energy, this is a year in which we can see things happening in a concrete way: whether they are disclosures of what has been hidden from humanity, or even very strong tectonic movements. Although many changes in the climate are caused by technology, or even earthquakes caused by the destruction of underground bases, there are also changes in the Earth's morphology that are natural and associated with the ascension of planet Earth. Earth's morphic fields are merging with its counterpart called Tara, in Harmonic Universe 2 (which encompasses 4D, 5D and 6D). Tara is better known as Alcyone in the Pleiades. What will happen is that masses of land will begin to appear, others disappear, others transform. Fauna and flora will also change, certain species will appear (or reappear), others will disappear, others will transform. And the climate itself will change. From the moment the Elemental Kingdom (1D) is transfigured, elevated, everything on the planet changes. Whatever is not in line with this transfiguration simply disappears.

In the following video, of July 3, 2022, in Arizona (USA), one of these fusions between Earth and Tara was detected, where it was possible to see a kind of division in the sky and 2 suns on opposite sides:

Curiously, on July 10, 2022, I was vacuuming my bedroom when suddenly something bright appeared over my bed and then disappeared. I immediately felt it was the continuity of this fusion because, as the dimensions of HU1 mix with those of HU2, strange phenomena will occur. Objects (or parts of them) can appear and disappear, as was the case with me. And this situation can even be mistaken for UFO sightings, when this is not the case. Ashayana Deane, in her book "Voyagers I", describes this in detail. ;)

In numerological terms, here are the characteristics of No. 8:


When in excess: Prepotent, materialistic, self-interested, scheming, vain, liars

When missing: Fears failure, lives by scheming, disrespects authority, can be dishonest, envious

When balanced: Good executive, good judge of character, good manager

How to calculate the life number?

Add the digits of the birth date and keep reducing until you have only one digit (except for master numbers, such as: 11, 22, 33 and 44)

E.g.: 14-07-1975 = 1+4+7+1+9+7+5 = 34 = 3+4 = 7     and 17-11-1972 = 1+7+1+1+9+7+2 = 29 = 2+9 = 11

Unfoldings of the life number 8:

  • 8 Materializer - Here we have the pure energy of the Earth of 8, whose characteristics were described above.

  • 17 Everything inside - They have everything inside them and that's why they can be brilliant at work and in business in general, as they are very entrepreneurial, since they like to do everything themselves and work better that way. They can be tyrannical, selfish and prepotent if they negativize their energy, as they are very perfectionist and demanding. They are closed and individualistic and tend to be skeptical and cold, as well as vindictive. When they are positive, they have enormous spiritual maturity. They can be very refined and appreciate good environments. Their third eye is usually well developed.

  • 26 Consensus and Sensibility - They are much softer, because they seek consensus and enjoy working with other people. They are sensible and the least competitive of the 8. With 2 and 6 being Water numbers, this means that their energy for material achievement is based on the search for harmony, consensus and willingness to help. This can create anxiety because they want everything to be all right and despair when situations don't turn out as they think they should. They are very protective people who sometimes exceed this by getting into patterns of control. Although they don't show it, they need to feel loved and like their efforts to be recognized. When they feel this isn't happening, they put on a mask of coldness and keep their sorrows to themselves, which is not recommended as they can somatize and become ill. They should try to be more aware of this attitude and try not to create anxiety.

  • 35 Fire and Communication - Since they are both numbers of Fire, these people are very fiery, impulsive, creative and usually very open-minded about novelty and progress. They are the least hard-working of the 8, as they disperse a lot and talk more than they work, although they are capable of dedicating themselves wholeheartedly to a cause or project. They wear out quickly and need to learn how to replenish their energy. The chakras that can have problems are the solar plexus, the heart and the throat. These people have a tendency to be scattered, which will require a lot of self-discipline to center themselves; however, the positive side of this characteristic is their versatility, as there is no rigidity or resistance to change. Sometimes they tend to talk more than work effectively, but they are absolutely capable of devoting themselves wholeheartedly to a cause or project and working exhaustively and enthusiastically, at the risk of burning out. They often lack middle ground and have to pay attention to their body's signals when they are committing excesses, as they live with a lot of sensory intensity. They can be unstable in terms of performance and productivity at work, needing incentives to motivate themselves, but they are excellent communicators and can enjoy seduction games.

  • 44 Genius - Geniuses or psychopaths! There is no middle ground and if they don't have other more moderate energies in their map, they can become workaholics or psychologically unbalanced people.

Happy New Year and Profound Peace,



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