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Avatar, if there is no wind, paddle!

Another pearl of wisdom from the book « AVATAR - The Pure Energy of Love » by author Carlos Campos [CC] and his conversations with God/Energy/Friends [GEF]. Blessings, Anabela.

« The proverb says: "If there is no wind, paddle."

[CC] - Friends, what does this proverb teach?

[GEF] - If there is no wind, all you have to do is paddle to find your path.

[CC] - That is what the proverb says, and what do you say?

[GEF] - I say that it is necessary for man to use all his resources to find the path, even if he doesn't have the wind in his favor. There are many times when man only learns to paddle when he has no wind. Only then he will discover energy, an energy that comes from deep within his soul.

[CC] - Even if he doesn't know how to paddle?

[GEF] - It is no excuse to say that he doesn't know how to paddle, because man, when he reaches for all his hidden strengths, knows how to paddle. What he often waits for, is for someone to paddle for him. He may even do this for a while - the beginner's time - but when life pulls the "rug" out from under the illusion he lives in, he either paddles or he destroys himself.

[CC] - Always your Wisdom.

[GEF] - No... the one of the proverb!

The Gardens of Wisdom reveal: "Paddles often have to be improvised, the important thing is to paddle." »


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