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Laura Marie - "Ascension Towards the Future"

Dear friends, today I'm bringing you news from Ascension and important warnings, from Laura Marie's March newsletter, from the project Harmonic Universe Academy. PS: I've added some personal notes in violet. Blessings, Anabela.

« Dear Ascending Family of the Christ,

We hope you're standing firm in the cosmic battle that has been operating on our consciousnesses for some time now, on multiple levels, i.e. keeping our focus on our Ascension coordinates is becoming a daily workout, in the influx of directed ray technologies (1) targeting our consciousnesses, directed at the consciousnesses of those around us, to divert us, to interfere with our own process of spiritual Ascension, i.e. of complete liberation from this universal time matrix (2), out of all negative alien technologies, and out of the distorted and enslaved 3D morphogenetic field.

(1) Note Anabela: Includes Directed Energy Weapons, AI/5G, among other NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) technologies

(2) Note Anabela: For more informations, see article: Full Ascension vs Partial Ascension

This is the process of Ascension as taught by the Guardian Alliance, represented here. And we suggest you take these warnings very seriously, for the cosmic battle is intensifying as the Holy Father makes his full return to Earth and this Universe at unprecedented levels. This Return is not wanted, this Return of the Law is not wanted, this Return of the Cosmic, Galactic, Universal and Divine Architecture of the Divine Father is not wanted on this Earth, because it means the complete and total eviction of the Satanic and Luciferian forces from this Earth, one after the other, at a Timing, scale and speed appropriate to the Guardians' eviction plan and leading to the total liberation of this planet; all of this following a strategic plan of the highest order, of the highest definition, of the highest perspicacity and identification of what is at stake at each moment, of the consequences of actions, and of the consequences of the smallest gestures made.

This is the degree of Mastery that we have to develop in our lives, as well as in our Ascension process, if we want to protect ourselves as much as possible and ensure that we are truly ascending on the God-Sovereign-Free Ascension Timeline. This battle in our minds is now at its peak, or at least at a very high level, because major bifurcations are taking place. Understanding the concept of a bifurcation is vital for us, because if we don't understand it, we can underestimate the seriousness of being left behind at a crossroad, because that's what a bifurcation is.

We need to choose between one path or another, between one timeline or another. And some will not understand this, or will even go backwards (3). This is the madness of this end of cycle, where negative alien technologies surpass anything any human can conceive of, including the possibility of making beings look back instead of forward, while making them believe they are moving forward (4). It is the insanity of these forces, it is the insanity of the traps on this path of Ascension, and that is why we must train ourselves more than anything to protect our consciousness, to understand the consequences of our actions, the consequences of placing our consciousness in such and such a field, in such and such a structure and with such and such Consent. It is the learning of the being who ascends through wisdom or suffering. There is no other path than the inner path, the inner questioning, the inner discipline, the inner understanding of what is at stake in our own life, our own destiny, our own liberation and our own rehabilitation.

(3) Note Anabela: The regression can occur in a detour to another Timeline, another Reality. What happens is that the physical body may even be here in this reality but the consciousness has been imprisoned in another. I've seen this happen in spiritually developed people who, due to unconscious desires of the Ego and blindly following spiritual guides without questions, were deluded by guides in Service to Self and lost their way.

(4) Note Anabela: This illusory technique is called GOAT Mind. For more informations, please read the article G.O.A.T. Mind Algorithm

The rehabilitation of the Starseeds and the human race is at the center of the Guardians' concerns, it is at the center of the focus of the souls at this time, who are really ascending. Ascending is healing. Ascending is understanding the context in which we find ourselves. Ascending is understanding the World of Forces. It's all of this above all else, it's healing from our own traumas, it's going beyond our traumas, it's transcending our traumas, difficulties, dysfunctions to be reborn again in the Light of God and Christos-Sophia; that is, to be whole, healed, able to function in a non-parasitic system and completely God, Sovereign and Free in our own life, in our own body, in our own being. It's a long road to counteract the movement of perdition that has been operating on this planet for some time now, the downward movement that has been operating strongly since the genocide of recent years and which we have to constantly counteract in our structure in order to ascend. It's a struggle, in the sense that it's not effortless; even if once we're stationed at our Ascension coordinates, we can remain stationed in this Eden and move forward from this Eden, completely safe, which brings a certain ease to this process, once we've put all our efforts into the fact of ascending.

Keeping the faith that all this will be fruitful in our future is very important on this path, so that we don't get discouraged by the task that can be heavy, especially for us Starseeds at certain times, due to the immensity of the planetary miasma that we have to transmute at every moment through our identification of the dysfunctions of this World. We have come to bring the solution, the solution through the illumination of Consciousnesses. Illuminating Consciousnesses, bringing Light to Consciousnesses, bringing Truth to human Consciousness, gradually, over years, decades, centuries. This is an immense task. It will not end with our own incarnation, but we must not lose heart, because God, the Christ Forces, the ascended races, the benevolent and protective races of this Universe have sent us here, through our free will, with the will to help, to change this reality, to liberate this planet, through our pure altruistic Love; and we have the Power, in the first place, to change our own destiny Here and Now, and to operate at a higher level, for the Christic races, in assistance of the Ascension plan.

This is it, this is the final battle, and we have to give everything we have to ascend, to go home and to fulfill our Mission while we are here. This is the Plan for Ascension and genetic rehabilitation of the Starseeds, which we will talk more about in the time to come. Know that we have many resources within the Harmonic Universe structure for those who wish to go further along this path.

Ascension is the healing of trauma. When we understand how trauma works, we understand why freeing ourselves from it is essential, vital on our path to Ascension, as it literally keeps us in another space-time, in a time pocket that prevents us from evolving. We are stuck in time at the moment of that trauma, and it can even date from several lives. Once this trauma has been released, once it has been transcended, overcome, understood and healed, we can then continue our Ascension in Space and Time, our liberation, our cosmic journey of the soul - that is, in the Cosmos - which will not stop at the gates of the Earth.

Ascension is Galactic (5), Cosmic, in other words, we make a soul journey in the Cosmos, through different sections of the universal time matrix and beyond, to the God Worlds. This is our possibility, our capacity as ascending Human Beings, as ascending Starseeds. And for this we must dedicate ourselves to this path, focus on the direction of our consciousness, to keep it within the safe fields of Ascension, to confront all the negative alien technologies that are trying to prevent this Human Ascension, this genetic rehabilitation of the Starseeds and their Liberation.

(5) Note Anabela: In physical (energetic) terms, the entire morphogenetic field of Planet Earth, our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe is ascending. For example, the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies were once one and separated when the NAA attacked the Metagalactic Core. With the Ascension process, the Milky Way will also merge (collide) with Andromeda. Celestial bodies will disappear, others will change and others will be born.

Stay focused on your own soul's journey and don't let yourself get diverted. Heal your traumas, one by one, as they arise, because a trauma that resurfaces in this life is a trauma that needs to be healed. It's organic, so don't run away from it or bury it again. Accept it, face it, identify it and heal it, once and for all, so that you can move on. Don't be discouraged by the task and the difficulty. Arm yourself with your greatest Armor of Courage to be reborn on the other side of the trauma, to heal and revive again in the light of Christos and Sophia, which you deserve, which you are entitled to in this life and in all the lives to come. If that is your choice, if that is your direction.

Don't allow yourselves to be diverted onto other paths, because the war that is being waged in relation to the Information provided on this planet about Ascension is vast, it's advanced, it's very complex, it's very difficult to discern for neophytes who are just beginning their Ascension in a conscious way. Give yourself time to understand these realities at your own pace, while trusting that you have your own Ascension time to respect and follow, which is unique to each of you, according to your own soul path and soul mission.

Focus on Agartha

Harmonic Universe is a Guardian Project on Earth and has a specific mission with the lands of Agartha and their liberation. More about this will be revealed in the future, but for now the focus is on identifying the entrances to Agartha in order to consolidate its gates. Certain Starseeds will be specifically commissioned for this, configured for this and guided towards this in the coming weeks and months by their own inner compass. (6)

(6) Note Anabela: Agartha is a network of caves, tunnels and civilizations that live inside the Earth (Inner Earth). Because there are benevolent and non-benevolent intraterrestrial civilizations, it is very important to have internal discernment so as not to end up in dangerous places. I recommend reading the article: Cautions in ET contact

Consolidating the gates of Agartha is a task that some may have, because the gates of Agartha are closely linked to the Return and Awakening of the Solar Dragons and the protection of their cosmic eggs, which are high-level Guardian technologies, making it possible to obtain spiritual powers, protecting the places where the axes of the planetary grids cross, strengthening the axes and reinforcing the places, as well as the gates.

This information must be accessed by the individual from within their being, in meditation, in order to protect it. But more will be revealed in times to come on this subject. The consolidation of the gates of Agartha is an important function of the Guardian Consciousness manifested here, which means that individuals who carry this mission, this ability, this configuration, will be able to serve as an acupuncture point, an entry point and an access point for the Guardian Consciousnesses on the other side of the veil to penetrate this field of density and make the necessary adjustments to protect this Kingdom.

Here we are, we are at the center of the strategic positioning of the Guardians of Defense for the final battle. All our forces must be directed in this direction, at the service of the Divine Plan.

Ascension Towards the Future

Different portals will open in the coming days and months, which will lead us to our probable higher destiny and co-creation on this Earth. That is, we have the opportunity to grasp these new sections of the timeline that will open up during our Ascension, our own Ascension process and work. But it's up to us to grab them when they come, when we see them coming. Normally, the presages of this kind of Ascension portal and the opportunity to make a kind of leap into the future and our higher destiny, will be of the endings kind. The end of a relationship, the end of a place where we live, and a new beginning somewhere, either without that person, or with new people entering our lives, a new group of friends, new opportunities. It's usually a warning sign that something is coming for us, that things need to be reorganized so that we can take advantage of this new wave of opportunities.

Everyone has experienced this in their life, but very few interpret these life changes as new opportunities sent by the Divine, and complain about the losses, complain about the bad luck of being fired, complain about the injustice, instead of seeing the opportunities for growth, the opportunities for healing, the opportunities for expansion beyond what is known, beyond the past, beyond what no longer serves us.

When we start to shift our perception towards these new opportunities that open up for us during these Ascension portals and galactic alignments that make room for expansion, that let go of people who interfere with our growth, or situations, or places, or things, then we can align with our Future and our likely higher potential for co-creation and experimentation on this Earth.

We all have the free will to organize our lives as we wish, although we know here that our selfish personal desires must be put aside and replaced by Alignment with Divine Will at all times, to co-create in the best possible ways, and the best possible opportunities for growth, expansion and self-realization in the Service of the Christos Mission or any other mission we serve deeply and wholeheartedly, in the Service of God, and of our own Ascension as a soul, as a co-creating essence in this World.

If we are able to interpret the circumstances of our lives in this way, then we can Grow at a very high level, Heal at an even higher level and become the mature and sovereign spiritual beings that we are destined to become on this Earth, as Stellar Humans, prototypes of Stellar Humans that we have come to represent, create and bring to this humankind that is just breaking the egg of its servitude to extraterrestrial Gods, false Gods who have claimed to have created this humankind and who have enslaved it, through ignorance, misery, falsehood, lies and manipulation.

This is the moment of our greatest growth. And our greatest Growth happens when we leave the past behind. When we are ready to move beyond all illusions, including those deeply rooted in ourselves, in our own self. The lies we tell ourselves so that we don't see what we need to correct, where we need to grow and change. This is no one's responsibility. Neither human beings, nor God, nor extraterrestrial forces have the responsibility to tell us what we need to change in order to realize our highest probability.

It's up to us to ask every day. Reflect on it every day. Deepen it every day through our inner work and our personal practice. Ascension is a deep inner process and a practice that no one can do for us. It's a healing process, a process of self-reflection and self-analysis. Most of the time it's very uncomfortable. Because it forces us to shed light on what we would like to leave in the shadows, what is very uncomfortable to change, including our ways of seeing life, of seeing the things that happen to us in our lives or in this world. These are the opportunities for growth that we all have in this Ascension cycle. Increasing self-awareness, increasing awareness of ourselves and this world, as well as the World of Forces that surrounds us at every moment, in other words, the energetic side of existence, the multidimensionality of our own existences.

This is spiritual awakening in its true meaning. This is the growth opportunity we all have in this growth cycle, a life change on an unprecedented level, which means that most Starseeds will now have the opportunity to merge with their extraterrestrial selves again, to reunite with their Divine selves, and ultimately this will be the opportunity for all human beings, regardless of how long it takes to get there.

The rehabilitation of our genetics is really what will allow us to truly heal at the deepest levels, that is, at a multidimensional level, first of all, and at the level of multiple lives, which means that what we have the opportunity to heal in this life will, in fact, heal several life traumas at the same time and will prevent us from reliving those traumas in our future lives, in our incarnations, whatever, because our path doesn't stop on Earth.

Most of us will grow and evolve beyond Earth after this lifetime. And we are preparing for this journey together, gathering and sharing our resources, our Strength, our abilities, our co-creations, our Wisdom and our Knowledge to help this Civilization grow and liberate itself as the true servants of the divine plan that we are. We Starseeds signed up for this, but many of us have forgotten, we are stuck in the multiple traps of consciousness that exist here. But with work, the right information and the right effort, we can change our trajectory and return to our true organic timeline of Ascension, liberation and reclaimed Sovereignty. Remember, the ultimate goal for all of us is to achieve the state of Personal Sovereignty.

The Guardian Races promote the state of Personal Sovereignty. Anything that is not Personal Sovereignty is not Christ-like, it does not come from the Guardians, it's not in line with God's will, because we were created as Sovereign Beings with free will and therefore personal responsibility. To achieve the status of Cosmic Citizen, we must first understand, as a Race, that Personal Sovereignty cannot be achieved until the being is totally responsible for their life, for their own energy at all times. Are they parasites, stealing energy, manipulating it? This is not the state of a Sovereign Being. And that's what we have on this planet, in most human beings, because that's how they're educated.

This is how they are taught to behave. This is how their tyrants, their rulers and their leaders show them how to behave. It's time to collectively break with this model and remember how to live in harmony with the Laws and Nature. And this starts with ourselves, to free ourselves from the illusion we have created in our minds due to the conditioning that exists here, and to be reborn in a completely new timeline, free and devoid of any manipulation by anyone.

We shouldn't accept any kind of manipulation and we shouldn't accept the theft of our energy. But in order to do this, we need to identify and deeply understand the World of Forces and how each of them works, so that we can free ourselves, completely free ourselves from all these manipulations of our consciousness, our energy, our time, our life, our resources, our Chi.

Put all your energy back into your life, into co-creating your life, and you will see the difference. Stop giving it to everyone who wants it, because that will be to the detriment of your own health and well-being, and your ability to co-create, with your own limited resources, your divine life, at your highest level of possibility, of capacity.

The Co-creation of our Life in Alignment with the Divine

Most human beings don't know how to co-create their lives by aligning with what we call Divine Will, which is not an external will that overrides us, but rather the highest probability of our Expansion, Growth and Self-Realization that is shared with us by our Higher Self, which is in alignment with the Divine. Thus, being in Alignment with Divine Will is synonymous with being in Alignment with our greatest probability of Expansion and Self-Realization through the Self-Mastery that we can develop when we dismantle our ego. It is really important that we learn to discern how to differentiate between our personal will and our higher will, the will of our higher aspects which can sometimes be contrary and even opposed to personal will.

But when we go through the discomfort of these first stages, in which our ego is not satisfied with the changes we have to implement in order to Grow, we can then acquire a personal self-mastery that helps us to overcome all of life's difficult circumstances by listening to Divine Will, aligning ourselves with Divine Will, which will create the highest outcome in the situation, which we wouldn't have been able to produce or find as a solution strictly by the will of our ego.

So, becoming an ally of Divine guidance and Divine Will, with our higher possibilities of co-creation, is really an asset on this path and even for living our 3D lives, because bringing more Divine Will, Divine guidance and spiritual guidance into our daily lives can really save us from death, illness, manipulation and pitfalls here on the 3D plane and in this density.

So, when we realize this, we make every effort to align ourselves with that higher aspect of ourselves that has more Wisdom, more Knowledge of the World of Forces and has more understanding of what is at stake in every situation we face here. But it takes practice, devotion, dedication and really doing this work consciously, consciously making these breakthroughs and consciously growing at this level. But that's the opportunity we all have.

Expansion beyond personal will is what will save us all from the fall of this density, from the collapse of 3D and its consequences in the lives of individuals. The collapse and end of life as we know it is near, my friends, and we have to start rethinking our lives in a multidimensional way in order to survive this collapse, this fall, this crumbling of life as we know it.

This can be felt as mourning, loss and a deep dark night of the soul, or even a phantom death, which means that we die etherically, we die allegorically, to be reborn new, completely new. In reality, that's what goes on inside us all the time. We die and are reborn all the time during our life here and, if we take advantage of it, we can recreate ourselves at all levels, at all stages of significant growth, that is, after great losses, great changes, departures, endings, displacements. It is these changes that will require our attention in order to understand their true meaning, which is Divine.

May we all be resurrected in the true Light of Christos-Sophia, at this portal of Ascension into the Future, our highest probable future, which is also called by the Guardians, our heroic probability. The highest probability of our co-creation on this Earth, where we can leave our legacy as Stellar Human Beings. Thank God for this opportunity.

Experiencing Divine Grace

When a being is sufficiently dedicated to this path, one can experience what we call the descent of Divine Grace over one's entire being, which allows one to escape deceptive or even fatal attacks upon it, having demonstrated a supreme degree of devotion to God over the years, or even incarnations. The being then receives Divine Grace in the most difficult periods of one's life, to help face the difficulties inherent to one's Mission.

Experiencing Divine Grace is a personal, inner and sacred process, which can in no way be provoked or desired by the will of the ego, but lived naturally and organically on our own path. It's an intimate process that confirms and strengthens our direct relationship with God, which is the most important relationship we must develop in our lives, as well as with ourselves. Maintaining faith on this path is essential to overcoming all obstacles and, in this sense, the Divine does not hesitate to give us proof of its existence, its support, the positive results of our actions and its benefits.

If we stay aligned with this Truth at all times, we will be able to challenge and overcome whatever the dark side throws at us at any given moment, which can sometimes be beyond any imagination, so advanced are today's technologies. But the Power of the Christ is superior to these technologies, because the consciousness of the Cosmic Christ allows us not only to be one step ahead of these strategies, but also to find ways around them by stationing our consciousness in Eden, so as to become literally invisible to these forces.

Practice stationing your consciousness in the highest spheres you can access, and you will be and remain safe at all times, even during the greatest threats and assaults on your consciousness. Don't get caught up in the various energetic hooks that can be thrown at you through individuals, life circumstances and traps, and remain aligned and stable in your own connection with God, in the Edenic Timeline, that is, in the Eden that you have accessed in your consciousness, that space where you feel good, aligned with your own organic Timeline and your own Mission.

We hope this information has been useful to you. Please take the time to implement it in your life, through progressive implementation, direct gnosis and understanding what has been shared. We send you much love and gratitude for being servants of God, Christ and Truth, and we will speak to you very soon. »

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