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Boji Stones, 1D and 2D

Dear friends, today I'm going to talk about the Boji stones, the first dimension (1D) and the second dimension (2D) - called underworlds -, as well as a message that was delivered to me by the Guardians last month. First of all, to remember the dimensions of our Universal Time Matrix, I suggest reading the following article:

The first dimension (1D)

The 1D is connected to the Elemental Realm and crystals (Yes, crystals are 1D living beings connected to the planetary elemental consciousness!). This is the most basic and primordial consciousness of the planet and also of Beings. We all have a 1D body and it is connected to our subconscious, cellular memory, automatic and basic functions of the physical body, first chakra (Root Chakra) and our survival instinct.

The second dimension (2D)

The 2D is connected to the fauna and flora of the planet, to all existence that implies movement in the search for survival. Interestingly, it has been scientifically proven that trees communicate with each other and that older trees protect younger ones. In this trailer for the documentary "The Hidden Life of Trees" scientists refer to these facts:

As for animals, there are 2D animals that, in their evolution, are preparing to, in their next incarnation, incarnate as human beings. The Ra Confederacy (beings from the highest spheres who validate if a Being is apt to ascend to a dimension above, or even several, or even beyond dimensionalization) calls this "being harvestable into the third dimension". We can observe this in some of those animals that are closest to us such as dogs and cats (it can happen in other domestic animals, but so far I can only speak of what I have witnessed in some dogs and cats). What I have personally seen (and other people tell me the same thing) is that as the consciousness of the planet rises, we also notice changes in some dogs and cats where they seem to understand more and more of the human vocabulary and show more and more conscious and complex attitudes. In turn, they are also more attacked by negative beings, so it is very important to take care of them in any way we can: give them love, energize their water with tumbled crystals like rose or green quartz, or even give them therapies: Reiki, Aura Reading, Radionic Table, among others.

As for human beings, we have a 2D body and this is connected to our desires, emotions, emotional/sexual body, and the second chakra (Sacral or Sexual Chakra). We also have behind our neck, from the back of the neck to the shoulders, some mediunic channels connected to this dimension. These are channels where we receive energy and that need to be cleansed and protected in order to avoid obsessions and/or incorporations by negative energies either from the underworlds, or even from the 4D. For those who are aura readers (of the Essene method passed by the FSF - Foundation for Spiritual Freedom), they already have a high tool for cleaning and protecting them with the roses. For those who don't, the Guardians suggest using the Boji Stones (see photo at the top of this article) for their protection. Which brings us to the message delivered to me by them last month....

Message from the KRYSTAL Guardians:

« There will be, during the next 3 months, a deep healing of the Elemental Realm. This will stir the 1D and 2D bodies of beings, and in the case of people, their Transmediums (*). It is necessary to cleanse! It is necessary to care! »

(*) Note Anabela: Transmediums is the name we give to these channels in the neck, in the Aura Reading Course. Unfortunately some people have shared publicly on the internet, the cleansing method used in this course. I do not advise you to do this as a self-taught student, as you may find yourself in a very complicated situation and even suffer severe attacks from negative energies! When this course is taught (and only people with the Aura Reading Teachers Course can do it!), there is protection from this Essene angelic light egregore!

So, the suggestion from the Guardians is to sleep with Boji Stones under your pillow for protection of these channels, along with a Selenite to keep them clean and energized. During the day, in case of pain, place the Female on the left side and the Male on the right side, where these channels begin. Note: See muscles marked in red on the following photo (the 2 points on the back of the neck where these channels start, is where to place the Boji).


Stones for all chakras of color brown, gray, or black. Always use the pair: Female (all smooth) and Male (with protuberances). These stones need to be cherished, treasured, or they may disappear.

WARNING: Do not make elixir in any way. These stones placed in gardens or fields, after discharging their energy for the benefit of the plants, may disintegrate, becoming part of Mother Earth again. Do not place in water.

Psyche: Align all the subtle bodies and all the chakras and balance the Yin and Yang energies: in this case you hold the female in the right hand (masculine energy) and the male in the left hand (feminine energy); or else diagonally (one on the shoulder and one on the foot). Their regular use balances meridians and removes blocked energies. They have a strong protective and anchoring action, so they help to be in the here and now. Protection stone for astral travel.

Physical: In the body, they relieve pain and stimulate tissue regeneration. They are great for treating plants and crops, facilitating their growth.


Anabela & Guardians



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