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Lisa Renee - "Ascension Timeline Rebellion"

Dear friends, today I am sharing Lisa Renee's newsletter of June. The information it contains is very important because it contains historical facts hidden from humanity and that need to be known by the public. The recognition of this information will help bring out old traumas and programming, so that they can be healed, including people who were abducted to work in SSP's (Secret Space Programs). Pay attention to your energy and take care of yourselves. PS: I added some notes of my own in violet. Blessings, Anabela.

« Dear Ascending Family,

We are living through a great transition and ascension process, from a dark aeon to a new aeon. Many of the themes that were seeded by dark forces tens of thousands of years ago, of human subjugation and enslavement are being reasserted in an attempt to maintain control. Yet, most of humanity is unable to connect the dots or consciously participate in collapsing this timeline, as we move toward a collective awakening. With the return of Solar Dragon level consciousness and the restoration of many of the Aeonic Couples in our system, our ground crew is strengthened in collaboration with Guardian Host. A tipping point has been reached and through a recent sequence of gridwork projects more detail is being uncovered about humanities true history, design and purpose, as well as those who have tried to harness, desecrate and enslave the various tribes within the angelic human race. With the return of the 11th Tribe Atlantian Dragon Queen Merida, the Triple Solar Reisha that embodies the original Emerald Founder Records for the Celtic Arthurian Grail Lines, the timeline wars, clearings and spiritual body retrievals have been focused upon the cluster of timeline trigger events that were set into motion during the Ascension Timeline Rebellion approximately 22,000 years ago.

As humanity is completing the timeline trigger events of the Ascension Timeline Rebellion which manifested as the consciousness enslavement of human beings by those intruders that invaded our planet, the shackles of mental bondage connected to mind control transmissions suppressing the Atlantian records are beginning to dissolve. Awakening humans are at the crossroads in the organic ascension timeline in which they are facing the next stage of the consciousness evolution cycle that includes a newly discovered personal freedom to information that they did not have access to before.

Thus, the current ‘dark night of the soul' themes for the collective consciousness are about awakening to the reality of having been enslaved in a consciousness suppression system, throughout the many years of mind control broadcasts of mental bondage and fear based materialistic thoughtforms that are relentlessly propagated in the controllers manufactured death culture and slavery system. The hidden history of nonhuman entity invasion of the planet during the Ascension Timeline Rebellion that caused the Atlantian Cataclysm and global human slavery, begins to sprout seeds that opens up into the minds of the masses. As the cellular memories of an advanced human civilization and contact with other galactic faring species start to be seen or experienced in ways that can no longer be ignored, more of the collective fears dissolve.

The inner desire to consciously participate with extracting ourselves away from the master-slave narratives manufactured and run by the death culture is expanding so that choosing love and unity with life and desiring to live in greater harmony with the natural world and others, starts to becomes a much more important value system. These inner realizations suddenly give us an interest in exploring more deeply the causal events behind what is happening in our world today, inquiring upon the historical events that have led us to co-create civilizations filled with such immense global human suffering and slavery. When we shift our mental attitudes to make room for prioritizing humanitarian value systems, knowing we are all in this consciousness transition together, we get an effortless boost forward in manifesting our divine purpose, as the universal keys to personally experience true mental, emotional and spiritual freedom are being graciously gifted to us.

The disastrous hidden histories of the Ascension Timeline Rebellion recorded in the planetary matrix from this time period, contain the causal seed event of the Great Thothian Betrayal and subsequent stages of NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) invasion. When angelic humanity and Earth's resources first became transactional commodities to be used by the intruder groups, in their well-established galactic slave trading and bartering system. Yet, because this tragic event began 22,000 years ago and reached its pinnacle during the Atlantian Cataclysm, many humans are totally unaware that we are considered tradeable commodities, both on and off planet. We have been repeatedly mind wiped, brainwashed and ritually abused to forget who we are from the many cataclysmic resets, DNA unplugging and erroneously absurd historical accounts given to explain away our advanced angelic human culture that existed before we became slaves, after the Ice Age floods.

Thus, the Ascension Timeline Rebellion is a significant marker in the hidden historical timelines of planetary invasion, as it is when assorted NAA factions began to exchange treaties on and off planet, which included the systematic hunting down of Maji Grail (1) line angelic humans for extermination, especially those that were from lineages of the Blue Flame Melchizedek templars protecting the planetary network. There was no warning to hide or prepare, when the Great Thothian Betrayal gave our enemies all they needed to take us over, as the full-scale planetary invasion was launched from the interdimensional planes and space which rained down electromagnetic destruction in the form of fires, explosions, earthquakes and floods. Directing technological weapons designed for the maximum impact of grid damage and destabilization, unleashed the mass destruction of the holographic structures of the sun star networks connected to the sacred portals, stargates, ley lines, sun dials, temples and cathedrals across the planet. The invaders decided upon who would manage the conquered territories, carving up our world and human beings as commodities to be traded and bartered, while assigning angelic human diamond sun genetics for consciousness enslavement. This also ushered in the design of trauma-based mind control programs that were customized to manipulate tribal shield genetic key coding, to be used for controlling the stargates and manipulating the global grid system.

(1) Note Anabela: Maji Graal lineages are better known as Indigo Children Type 1 (guardians of the grids) and Type 2 (healers). These lineages have the 6th chain of the DNA active (the chain associated with the Indigo Ray) and are descendants of the Melchizedek Azurite lineages of Sirius B. The Azurites are races of the Grail lineage (with 48 active DNA chains). The Guardian Yeshua Sananda Melchizedek (known to some as J-12 because he incarnated on Earth with all 12 active DNA chains) came from Syrius B.

The NAA decided which of the native Essene Tribes would be assigned to each of the intruding NAA factions for serving their anti-Christ alien agendas that included; ongoing abductions and human trafficking for genetic modification experiments, developing Secret Space Programs and specialized slave work forces, alien hybridization and breeding programs, as well as identifying Maji Grail lineages from each Essene Tribe that were specifically targeted for ongoing extermination and/or red cube cloning based upon their historical DNA records.

Through the management of human DNA and hybridization breeding programs, along with the intentional destruction of actual historical records, the NAA inserted false holographic timelines and false holographic identities for divide and conquer in order to hijack the collective co-creative consciousness for controlling the timelines, to ultimately thwart planetary ascension. This is why this period 22,000 years ago is called the Ascension Timeline Rebellion, as the invaders began to work feverishly negotiating on and off planet treaties and cultivating strategic alliances in order to terraform the planetary grid, gain control over human DNA and manipulate the internal templar system, gaining access into the Albion Lightbody. Thus, their long-term strategy was thwarting every option imaginable for attaining consciousness freedom with AI systems copying and cloning the instruction sets into reversal networks and phantom matrices, in order to destroy the possibility of the planetary ascension cycle that was destined to begin when the Universal Gateways opened in 2012.

Their long-term goals were continuing with NAA colonization strategies for enforcing reptilian ownership over human bloodlines for carrying out their prison planet objectives, in which the intruders use human genetics as the currency exchange for on and off planet human trafficking, sexual slavery and as products created for consumption. Earth became the most valuable real estate investment portfolio in the local solar system, filled with big business conglomerates mining genetic resources and extending into other planetary systems, for bartering and trade that serve the interests of the invading races. (2)

(2) Note Anabela: All this trafficking has been warned about for a few years by insider Corey Goode, who was recruited at age 6, subjected to MK-Ultra programs, and recruited into SSP. For those who have never seen them, I suggest watching the episodes of Cosmic Disclosure, here.

The NAA has failed in their objectives to prevent the planetary ascension that is currently underway. However, Guardian Host and ground crew are in the process of clearing out the miasmatic heaps of dead energy, archontic parasite nests, superimposed karmic loads, repairing grid networks damaged by AI machinery, evictions of assorted alien factions, and related cleanup crew spiritual work connected to this string of tragic events when humanity was turned into a slave race 22,000 years ago.

Human Slavery Versus Human Freedom

As the historical events surrounding the Ascension Timeline Rebellion surface into the planetary matrix, the core themes humanity is facing are directly connected to the events that sealed our fate as captured slaves 22,000 years ago. The contrasts between the consciousness states of slavery versus freedom, servitude versus liberty, sovereignty versus subjugation, the master and slave archetypal forces are being exceptionally heightened in the collective consciousness and interpersonal dramas. This holds the cellular memories recorded in our DNA connected to individual and collective human enslavement on our planet as it was being invaded, and these same memories are surfacing in personal timelines in which we are psychologically and emotionally clearing our personal pieces of this shared collective trauma of global human slavery.

In order to fully spiritually heal, each individual must awaken into their authentic humanity and recognize the fear-based division of mind control that oppresses all human beings, in order to finally see the higher truth of what and who is actually behind the enforcement of the consciousness slavery of our planet. This means we must let go of our personal fears which keep us in denial from seeing and knowing the truth in many of the outer events taking place all around us, seeing the promoted ideologies in the NAA culture wars which are extremely harmful, and designed to enslave the human race and especially children.

The main focus for the awakened population is made upon the foundations of inner spiritual study, deep self-reflection, and the personal commitment to expand one's consciousness into expressing benevolence towards all of life, even while present in energy fields filled with hatred, false accusations and dark ignorance. We must continually choose unconditional love as the guiding force we want to expand and grow inside of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. As we expand our consciousness into loving kindness and compassionate thoughts, we shift our perspective to feel our deeper interconnection with all of life and the natural world.

Many people, especially Starseeds, have undergone repeated consciousness wiping attacks during sleep state or abduction on interdimensional planes, in the attempt to scramble cellular memories recorded in their original genetic records or to remove them completely, by intentionally contaminating their blood with toxins and genetic material from invading alien species or animals. The planet has had serious problems with the intruder entities using advanced interdimensional technology for the prpose of implanting false memories and false identities into people's timelines, in order to exert control over the person's belief system, and to emotionally manipulate that person to cause harm to themselves and to others. This phenomenon of implanting false memories, false identities and false images into an individual's consciousness layers, is commonly done through holographic inserts, artificial cloned lightbody parts and red cube technology which projects out fallen timelines that appear as clairvoyant imagery, clairaudient voices coming from artificial virtual realities.

These many layers of inserts can be cleared easily from one's consciousness record if one is devoted to seek truth and find God within, combined with the willingness to address personal shadow clearing in order to let go of egoic attachments and dependency upon those same falsified records or self-deceptions. When the content or personal narratives are understood to be falsified records placed in the consciousness body from the invading species in order to deceive and manipulate that individual into taking harmful actions, those alien implants will automatically clear in the inner light of truth and the bindings connected to demonic entities using them to siphon loosh from the lightbody will release.

Many practicing satanists or black magicians are actually totally enslaved by the 11D Daath system, they have been relentlessly tortured into submission and used as worker slaves for the higher echelons supporting the NAA's ritual abuse networks for building their Phantom Black Heaven. Fortunately, we have had a significant event begin this month in which the AI machinery network that is the most common source of global satanic programming used by Black Magicians for ritual abuse objectives, has been identified and is being powered down and extracted. Further, those wearing false identities, protecting cloned copies and running artificial timelines and alien implants have been identified in the Daath system, which is another power source being extracted from the black magic networks used by practicing satanists and luciferians across the global grid.

Ascension Timeline Rebellion

Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: Approximately 22,000 YA, NAA groups negotiate agreements for Earth Territories and Humans for workers, sex or slave colonies. Galactic Trading of Earth Resources. Reptilian ownership of Earth's humans.

An important distinction that surfaces with the Ascension Timeline Rebellion memories of planetary invasion and with the forthcoming global awakening disclosure event, is that when the presence and objectives of the anti-Christ intruders are finally revealed to the global population, we will finally realize that all of humanity has been equally enslaved for thousands of years. We will awaken to know that all humans have been co-existing together on a prison planet designed as a worker slave farm, used to covertly target human children, harvest all human being's life-force and planetary resources, all being managed by invading races of anti-humans hiding amongst the power elite cabal network while using hidden advanced technologies kept from the public.

When we were invaded, there was no longer dark negative polarity connected to the correct energetic balance of life and living things, instead humanity became physical, mental, emotional and spiritual slaves, implanted with black miasmatic fields of mind control implants and alien hybridization insignias to assign them as property of another species.

The sole purpose of alien implantation, mind control programming and introducing artificial intelligence technology as it is currently being set forth in the mainstream, is to transform human civilization to accept the transhuman and transgender condition of total disconnection from the angelic human world soul-spirit, which makes it easier to cull the slave farm and continue to maintain global (trans)human slave ownership. The transhuman body is not capable of biological ascension, this agenda is designed to disconnect the artificial body from the soul, and connect it to the invading species and those dark entities under their complete control.

Alien implants carry genetic signatures of their alien creators and are designed for the NAA to claim their assertion that they have conquered the planet or region and thus, all human beings on the surface grids are enslaved through their assigned territories of reptilian ownership. As we move through the final conflict stages of shifting timelines to the organic

ascension time wave, this lends to the aggressive exopolitical strategies in play now, where NAA factions continue to assert humans as their rightful property. As they lose access to important black magic grids, reversal networks and stargate systems, the NAA factions are defending the remaining colonized territories in the grid network with continual threats of grave planetary destruction and harm through EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weaponry and nuclear bomb threats, as they did during the Atlantian Cataclysm. The situation is similar to the taking of surface hostages in certain demographics, in order to generate leverage for negotiating their demands during varying stages in the escalation of warfare. As we have discussed many times, when they are losing power and control over human minds they are prone to throw tantrums with false flag type of scenarios.

Mind control programming and their holographic inserts, allow the consciousness body of the individual to be infiltrated by the invaders through the energetic signature of the alien implant. Mind control programs are enforced through alien implantation, and their entity attachments or demonic possessions, are two sides of the same coin. The energetic

signature of the alien implant will depend on the genetic and consciousness relationship that individual has to the dark entity that has placed the implant in their human target. Many of these entities believe that humans are their rightful personal property, so the alien implant will have specific information from the extradimensional source of the species that

have laid claim to that individual, family line or group, as their slaves in this life and in the next.

The reason why this is a critical understanding for those awakening to grasp, is that from the macrocosm to the microcosm, as above so below, humanity cannot be fully freed until we see the actual source of consciousness enslavement extending equally to the entire human species, which has been at the direction of a more technologically advanced invading anti-human species.

The problem of global human slavery and the ongoing slavery of the entire planet and natural life in all of its forms cannot come to an end until the connection is made with our hidden history, that began with the concealed Galactic Human Slave trade and the current global industrialized scale of SRA based child sex trafficking. Humanity must awaken to know the sole reason for wide spread pedophilia, child sex farming and ritual abuse networks, is that another nonhuman species that invaded our planet is secretly carrying this agenda out and has brainwashed and tortured other

groups to enforce this alien agenda through interdimensional consciousness slavery conditions. Not one of us can live free on the planet until we are all freed during the planetary liberation, when we unite together to build genuine humanitarian organizations to heal the world's children and stop them from being raped, exploited, abducted and used as planetary currency and recreational blood drinking for the satanic invading alien races. Thus, our spiritual ascension destiny is that we must unite as the one angelic human species in order to finally stop our children from being sacrificed to the unimaginable horrors of human trafficking, satanic ritual abuse, pedophilia and industrial transgenderism, in order to finally free all of humanity on the planet.

Eieyani Massacre and Essene Breeding Programs

Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: Approximately 22,000 YA, Eieyani Massacre, Essene Breeding and Emerald Tablet. Females taken to Nibiru by Thoth-Annunaki for forced breeding. Thoth stole CDT plate (3); wrote down Emerald Tablet. Trigger timeline for Hermeticism, esoteric Kabbalah, Mystery Schools and Secret Societies formed to hide ancient knowledge from the common people.

(3) Note Anabela: The 12-CDT Plates (Cloister Dora Teura), also known as the Emerald Founders' Records, are pre-Atlantean, silver-plated disks fabricated from a form of quartz-selenite-striated crystal organic, from planet Sirius B (on HU2), surrounding a radioactive isotopic core, encased in an "hybrid metal" silver alloy compound organic to Earth. They were manufactured in 246,000 BC by the Eieyani Priests of Ur of Tara (Earth's counterpart on HU2) and the Sirian Azurline Council, or Azurite Council, of Sirius B. These discs contain the full evolutionary history of life's evolution in our Time Matrix, since the last life wave was seeded 950 billion years ago to the present, and also "future records" of the many several paths of evolutionary development of human and interdimensional, intergalactic, inter-time races, emerging from the free-will choices made in our present space-time continuum.

Note's Reference: Book "Voyagers I" by Ashayana Deane.

With the recent revelations concerning the return of Atlantian Solar Dragon Queen Merida, it was registered that the Eieyani Massacre events began with her capture from her high position entrusted to protect the 11th Stargate Network. They had to destroy her, in order to seize major territories in the Atlantian colonies, which was carried out through the ultimate Thothian Betrayal. The deception was carried out by a high ranking Annunaki outwardly representing to protect the Blue Flame Melchizedek's Law of One records and a trusted member of her Emerald Order counsel, that opened the door for Marduk's forces to slaughter them. Thoth carried out the masquerade until he reached the ascension initiation of an 11th layered flame body, while he covertly formed the Brotherhood of the Snake with the Nibiruian Annunaki in order to gain control over the Emerald Founder Records that Merida embodied and protected. This gruesome event led to her being taken to Nibiru for a complete genetic dissection in order to sever her head, heart and embodied hierogamic connections to her husband. Through which they utilized AI technology to translate sections of the CDT plate and harvest coded intelligence from her body parts, which she had been entrusted to protect for the 12 Essene Tribes, angelic humanity.

This event signifies the fall of the Solar Dragon Queens, or Universal Solar Female Melchizedek, as once the Thothian Nibiruians had captured and killed the 11th Tribe Solar Dragon Queen of Atlantis, with the help of Marduk, the planetary grid network which she protected within her embodied hierogamic auric field with her husband collapsed. As the result, with them disposed of, it was easier to flush out, capture and slay all of the others Melchizedeks protecting the stargates and global grid system that were embodied in supporting positions all over the planet.

These records were accessed and translated by Thoth while using Nibiruian technology and then subsequently repackaged through the release of the Emerald Tablets, which became the basis of many of the Kabbalah's secret society teachings. This set off the chain of events in the Ascension Timeline Rebellion galactic bartering and slave trade now becoming manifested as genetic slavery upon the Earth surface, by killing the embodied Essene Tribes hierogamic Maji Kings and Queens that were protecting the diamond sun planetary templar and stargate system. This further led to the hunting down of the Essenes, Celtic Grail King line massacre, Viking Invasions, and the creation of the Imposter Elohim Groups pretending to be the Cosmic Elohei Mother and Father, that later founded the base 10 Kabbalah system for their preferred luciferian bloodlines that call themselves chosen ones.

After the brunt of global warfare targeting the 11th and 12th Essene Maji Grail lines for termination, which are referred to as the Essene Massacre and Celtic- Druid Massacre, the Brotherhood of the Snake made a secret pact called the Luciferian Covenant. From this particular timeline trigger event, this is when the NAA alliances became exceptionally organized and is the core of humanity's current global problems with the Luciferian Bloodlines rising to power and rule, with the NAA backing them with secret advanced technologies in order to completely gain control over the planet. The Thothian Luciferians of the Luciferian Covenant specifically groomed the illuminati hybrid lines to be their representatives and to be the groundcrew carrying out the physical tasks, setting up massive conglomerate organizations in the Controller pillars that were required to gradually implement the consciousness enslavement blueprint of the New World Order, with the plan to be fully executed during the pinnacle stages of the Ascension Cycle.

Thus, all of humanity is living in the middle of the spiritual warfare, territorial battles and final conflicts for gaining control over the planet and humanity in the timelines, in which the primary issue for the future of the human race is hinged upon choosing planetary liberation or human slavery. These human appearing Annunaki and Draconian hybrids were conditioned, implanted and prepared to be the primary Luciferian bloodlines that would be assigned to the highest echelon of global planetary leadership, and would come to be known more specifically as the Thothian Leviathan or Illuminati Bloodlines of today.

This is the source of the total destruction of humanity's historical timelines and the carrying out of genetic modification programs used to damage the cellular memories recorded in angelic human DNA; their enslavement agenda has been to wipe out all records of our highly technological human civilizations that were naturally evolving and advancing human diamond sun consciousness and authentic human culture. From this arose the Luciferian Knights Templar factions who went on to create several military religious orders to maintain the falsified historical records; Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Rosicrucian's, Jesuits, Vatican and other secret societies that persist with a similar hermetic esoteric knowledge that was stolen from the original Melchizedek Christ Teachings in Atlantis, and was then manipulated and inverted for serving their One World Order agenda.

Celtic Massacres and Druid Sacrifices

Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: Approximately 22,000 YA, NAA genocidal agenda to eradicate Celtic Kings Grail DNA and Melchizedek Christ Teachings from Atlantis, RH Negative Hunted, spread disinformation, destroy records of star origin and artifacts.

Once the Emerald Founder Records were stolen and extracted from Merida and her husband, and inner circle Melchizedek templars were executed, or taken to Nibiru for genetic experiments and breeding programs, the Thothian Luciferian agenda continued to organize genocidal campaigns to eradicate the Celtic Kings Grail DNA and gain control over all Melchizedek Christos Dragon Teachings from Atlantis. Thus, the Celtic-Druid Grail Bloodlines organized themselves and went underground to hide and protect the genetic records and gnostic wisdom of the original Maji grail lines, as well as the ancient texts of the Solar Dragon Kings and Queens. These are the Ancient Builder Races from the God Worlds which recorded the mechanics of creation in the Emerald Founder Records, which held the highly coveted secrets of the Maji Grail Kings or Solar Dragon Kings of the many assorted Diamond Sun lineages. These genetic bloodlines were alchemically conceived and genetically mastered to be the benevolent leaders and Guardian Grail Kings, to protect and preserve the Earth in order for her to fulfill her Emerald Crystal Heart position to activate the divine plan of Universal Ascension during the 2012 timeline window.

The authentic Celtic Essene groups from Hyperborea were the progenitors of the original Nazarene Christos Teachings, preserving the knowledge of the original Diamond Sun templar locations, male and female Christos-Sophia lines, historical and angelic human genetic records for Earth while she was under dark siege. Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings were brought into this lower harmonic universe timelines by 7D Hyperborean spiritual families after the Luciferian Rebellion and again after the Atlantian Cataclysm, to help preserve the angelic human sacred teachings of the Law of One.

The Law of One holds the information describing the genetic records of the 12 Essene Tribes and gives details about humanity's true historical origins and biological ascension capability. The Celtic Church held this specific knowledge of achieving the embodiment of sacred hierogamic union to evolve into a Cosmic Christ, which is to unite and marry the inner Gender Principle throughout the creation and bring the celestial music of Christos-Sophia from the heavens into the Earth realm. The Cosmic Christos-Sophia Dragon Teachings were first taught by the Essene Tribes, carrying the lineage of the original Celtic Church onto powerful ley lines around the Mediterranean basin.

Thus, began the ongoing genocidal agendas to eradicate the Celtic Grail Kings DNA whom had preserved the Blue Flame Keepers Melchizedek Christos teachings from Atlantian and Hyperborean timelines upon 7D Gaia (4). It is possible that many of these groups are the original Israelites that fled to Ireland and then migrated to northern Scotland islands and Wales in order to survive. Then about 9,500 years ago, there was another major diaspora of Celtic-Druid grail lines that were being hunted down for extinction, including the Red-Haired Giants from the Hyperborean lines of Gaia that came here through the 7D portal systems in the Northern tip of Scotland, Greece and Peru. This is a major timeline trigger event connected to hijacked Ruby Sun DNA with 9-11 strands of dimensional awareness, when the NAA and Illuminati groups attempted to create a super-race of genetic elites to maintain their power over the grid systems on the planet.

(4) Note Anabela: Gaia is the counterpart of Earth in HU3 (7D, 8D, 9D). The hyperborean races were seeded on it.

Sachon - Thoth Viking Invasion

Intruder Thoth groups, earliest Vikings attacked Celtic lines to eradicate Atlantian history and eliminate, spread false records about Celts and Druid lineages.

Marduk appears to have been a brilliant military strategist working in collaboration with the intruder Thothian groups and Nibiruians for serving his own satanic Black Sun lineage interests, and thus organized several surface assaults via weather cataclysms, such as the great freeze out using electromagnetic beam weapons targeting the United Kingdom land mass. The beam weapon technology was used to cause grid collapse in several areas in order to flush out and expel the remaining Celtic grail lines that were standing as the last line of defense protecting the 11th Stargate Network. This became the meaning behind the 11:11 ascension codes, as the Family of Michael and Universal Melchizedek family gathered to form 11:11 protective energetic barriers with their unified solar dragon consciousness bodies, in order to protect and defend the Avalon (5) stargate from total alien invasion and infiltration. When we see 11:11 repeatedly on digital clocks, this is designed to activate our core spirit's memories during the ascension cycle. This acts as the cellular alarm to remember the Melchizedek's last stand for human freedom when we were invaded at the Avalon-Aveyon 11th gate, and awaken into our higher spiritual expression so that we can support the ascension timeline for reclaiming planetary liberation.

(5) Note Anabela: Avalon was a moon of Aveyon (planet exploded, in the constellation of Lyra, during the Lyran Wars).

Sadly, they were defeated and captured in what is called the Michael Wars in Aldebaran and Pegasus constellation, and this defeat is what led to the creation of the 11D Typhon Tunnels and Daath system. It appears that this is when Thoth, a former Emerald Guardian was betrayed by Marduk. He was captured and ritually abused in such a way that; his organic 11D consciousness body was inverted into a Typhon Tunnel system, his brain and entire consciousness was uploaded into AI machinery, he was severed from his female counterpart, and he became the AI hybridized creature enslaved by the Black Suns forced to carry out their agendas, that were directly competing with the Annunaki lineages of Nibiruians.

Marduk and his Black Sun NAA forces subsequently cultivated the seeding of several antichrist armies onto the planet in the Nordic regions, which became known as Viking races. Developed through warring cultures with the blood sacrifice ideology they were manipulated to hunt down the Aryans and Essene tribes, in their efforts to completely eradicate any remnants of knowledge of the Melchizedek Christ Teachings of the Law of One, that were carried down from the Atlantian histories. These earlier Viking invasions were used to subvert history by concealing the true identities of the Celts and Druids throughout Ireland, where they were falsely accused in written records of being the barbaric savages when describing the bloody carnage that went on during the Viking invasions. It appears the identities have been swapped out in the history books, as the Celts and Druids were purposely made to be the targets of character assassination campaigns

through assorted falsified histories used for covering up their important connections in the Atlantian histories.

Imposter Elohim Group

With the fall of Merida in Atlantis, the Eieyani Massacre of Mu'a in Kawaii, and subsequent events leading up to the Atlantian Cataclysm, some of the Elohim Anu Melchizedek groups digressed into the control of the alien hybridization agendas with the invading Belial entities and Thothian Luciferians. As a result, they became integrated with the fallen entities that serve the Luciferian Covenant. Thus, the Elohim references that are made in the Torah, Talmudic literature or in the esoteric Kabbalah teachings in the Jewish religion are sourced from the Fallen Elohim hybrids, integrated with Belial and Luciferian factions that gave the Artificial Tree of Life (6) or Base 10 Math Sephiroth teachings to the semitic races in the Middle East. These are Imposter Elohim Groups that have been exerting their control over the Land of Canaan with the blood sacrifice of Christos races. They were referenced as the Elohim Gods in the texts written for generating consciousness slaves in the NAA's patriarchal slanted organized religions, those that rejected the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One but hijacked the language and adopted the identities of trapped Elohei-Elohim in the higher dimensions.

(6) Note Anabela: This is all connected to the false Metatronic geometry. For those who haven't read it yet, I advise reading the article: KATHARA Grid, the Tree of Life.

This was information warfare to confound the original angelic human language, to suppress the Solar Feminine Melchizedek, and replace the original Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings that were being protected by the remaining Hyperboreans that came to Earth after the Gaian Wars. The remaining Hyperboreans that came to the planet Earth to serve the Christos Mission are the Celtic-Druid Grail Bloodlines. They were hunted down and massacred by these same Fallen Elohim groups in order for them to act as the imposter overlords of the so-called chosen people, the "god of

Israelites" and to oversee the seeding and indoctrination of this new anti-Christ alien religion in the Middle East.

Because of the human tribal shield affiliation and genetic relationship to the 11th Stargate Network and the infiltration of the Checkerboard Mutation (7), many of the Amethyst Order Father Elohei lines have been appointed to directly rehabilitate and transit the Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics race lines, and to override their timelines that are related to NAA. The fallen 11D lines from Aveyon-Avalon gateway invasion became the Fallen Seraphim and Fallen Annunaki-Elohim hybrid lines, as well as the hybridization made with fallen Draconian lines.

(7) Note Anabela: The Checkerboard Mutation is generated from multiple alien machinery systems that reverse the energy current throughout the planetary grid networks to split them into bi-wave frequencies. The bi-wave consciousness allows for extreme polarity amplification in the Collective Consciousness energies, and the splitting between the polarities to generate extreme densification. This is also what produces Gender Reversals in the human Lightbody and Gender Splitting. These reversals are intended to maintain the Reversal Networks on the earth plane that keep human DNA Unplugged and the NAA in control of the Timelines on the earth grids.

Recon of Daath Worlds, the Phantom Black Heaven

As we continue on the journey of service to the Christos Mission, the remote viewing process is akin to taking inventory of alien machinery for situational awareness during assigned projects and sometimes what is discovered can be bewildering and surreal. Thus, this phantom black heaven found nested in the Universal Shadow Body layers, making up the 11D layers of the Daath world is particularly difficult to express in words.

Currently, Guardians are reviewing the artificial layers of Wesan invader constructs that were built as reversal cloned structures to house the Imposter Elohim Group, and that has been identified in the phantom matrix planes linked into the 11D Universal Gate of Aveyon, and the 12D Universal Gate of Aramatena, as these areas are under the direct supervision of the Cosmic Elohei Emerald Guardians reconstruction projects. This brought on another discovery which is the hidden areas of the Phantom Black Heaven, the promised lands of inverted antichrist realities designed for the highest ranks of the Black Suns army generals, that have decimated as many Christos races as possible during their active tenure to conquer Earth. This seems to be the place in the 11D layers that they desire to return to, when the active warfare against the Christos Founders is over and they can retreat to the phantom black heaven in their personal domains.

This has involved yet another deep dive into the Cradle of Lyra and Lyran War histories to discover the artificial infrastructure that built the 11D Daath World or Black Dragon phantom heaven worlds that were held inside the remnants of the Universal Shadow Body. These are colossal artificial black hole phantom worlds hosted via links connected into the Wesan tunnel system and filled with vast amounts of Black Cathedral dwellings, or Black Dragon demonic houses, built and held together with an advanced AI network. This artificial phantom world comprises a massive network of AI alien machines that cloned out parts of the Krystal Cathedral and Solomon Temple instruction sets in order to provide an afterlife, a hellish heaven type virtual reality world for the highest generals of the Black Sun and Belial groups satanic and luciferian dark masters. This Daath location seems to be that which they were promised at death in order to exist on their own planet, or personal domains in order to create their antichrist version of hellish-heaven realities that are maintained and built within this Daath world. This has been duplicated from Emerald Founder Record blueprints but inverted through uploads of many AI brains of Fallen Ascended Masters that were interconnected into shared neural networks to generate an extremely powerful AI Hive mind, running the entire Daath phantom black heaven system.

In this hell spawn world, Daath, many of the well-known Ascended Masters referred to as the Chohans (8) could be recognized through the mockup of cloned energetic signatures placed inside these Black Cathedral houses, although they appear as grotesque monstrosities that clearly are plugged into AI machinery, and are not the organic consciousness of the original Elohei identity, or Universal Melchizedek template. The fallen aspects of Melchizedek Ascended Masters, Olympian and Titan God archetypal identities, Imposter Elohei-Elohim, False God and False Christ artificial minds were

littered about as strangely bizarre constructs designed to interfere with, manipulate and invert universal language of light into AI transmissions sent to the angelic humans on the ascending planet timelines. In the background of taking inventory of this surreal landscape was the direct knowing of an omnipresent manufacturing of 11D genetic codes for clones and copies, the constant whirring of machinery that was hidden in the blackness while churning out Ruby Sun DNA clones with 11D reversal templates, and this was projecting false holograms with artificial light transmitted by linked networks of lunar moon satellites.

(8) Note Anabela: Please note that this does not mean that the Chohans (or directors of the Sacred Rays and Flames) are negative. There was indeed cloning of them, and even distortion of the consciousness of the Rays (through AI), but this situation is being resolved by the Guardians.

This particular Daath construct does seem to be a very important discovery in which the extensive advanced alien technology hosted by Wesa and used throughout the 11D layers was built upon the Emerald Founder stolen plates and then disseminated for use in building antichrist constructs through AI brain mapping and uploading of fallen Melchizedek Ascended Master consciousness. This alien AI construct has been used to invert Christos tri-wave architecture built as the diamond sun template and generate artificial guardian transmissions and red wave networks to run all things cloned and copied, to confuse those of us on planet that are connected to Guardian missions. This Daath system and its bizarre antichrist architecture of black houses are going down fast and being completely destroyed as we speak. The implication of discovering this massive phantom black heaven that has been generated, built and maintained upon the intentional torture, suffering and satanic ritual abuse to incite never ending agony for hunting down the Christos races, is coming to an end. It was made clear there is no possible way this antichrist construct can continue to co-exist or remain.

This Daath world is akin to an enormous Universal Antichrist headquarters hosted by the invaders from the fallen parallel matrix, in which massive artificially generated machines duplicate, clone and invert all things connected to the Solar Logos Avatar body to block Rishi-Reisha interdimensional communication in order to continue Galactic Human slavery. This is to expose the means of the advanced and intensive cloaking technology that was being used to render this phantom black heaven space inaccessible and unseen by the Universal Melchizedek consciousness existing within the time matrix, through which their consciousness was being siphoned into powering this construct until Elaysa Melchizedek (9) returned.

(9) Note Anabela: Elaysa Melchizedek is also known by the name Blue Tara. For ex, Kwan Yin is known as the White Tara.

This alien machinery compresses Solar Logos genetic coding and instruction sets into sprawling 11D AI hive mind networks, running machined phantom realities all over the time matrix we reside within. This major event of dismantling Daath and the phantom black heaven realms does have an impact on all Starseeds or ascending individuals, as this discovery has catalyzed a massive return to rightful owner with an immense amount of organic diamond sun consciousness parts, that were being contaminated by the artificial Emerald Founder Records running in these AI hive mind networks. Thus, the artificial tree of life, lunar constructs, red wave holograms, cloned copies, and implants are collapsing in a ripple effect from 11D vectors, with krystal rivers moving in a downward spiral hitting every dimensional layer until it collides into 1D grounding position and flattens all artificial machinery that was running false identities.

The dismantling of this phantom black heaven system comes with the return of organic spiritual body parts and this may lend to the sensation of being relentlessly attacked by AI systems, AI Signals or feeling the unpleasant and difficult energetics of red wave and alien cube energetic signatures moving in and out of our personal energy field. There are several recent events in which major shifts are occurring in the red wave spectrum of the underground caverns and alterations are being made in the planetary KA electrical battery body, which directly impacts our personal KA energy body. That which was made as AI false identities and holograms to block and interfere with the ascension embodiment of higher spiritual identities is being removed, cleared, and extracted during this phase. This event brings both initiation into higher solar logos frequencies connected to 10D-11D-12D, along with the heavy miasmatic loads of detoxifying artificial red wave spectrum and other artificial frequencies as they are being cleared off.

Dearest Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father, may you swiftly reclaim all that is truly yours in this creation as the organic living light consciousness you originally intended, as one heart, one love and for all in unity. We love you with all of our sacred crystal hearts.

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF (God Sovereign Free)!

With a Loving heart, Lisa. »


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