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Laura Marie - "Preparation for the Final Battle"

Hello my friends, today I'm bringing you news from Ascension, with the September newsletter from Laura Marie, from the project Harmonic Universe Academy. PS: I've added some personal notes in violet. Blessings, Anabela.

« Dear Ascending Community,

We hope that everyone can face the personal challenges that involve a personal Ascension at an ever-increasing Bifurcation, which means that those around us or even those close to us may not experience what we are experiencing, taking a different path and embarking on paths that will potentially lead them to suffering. We must understand that the search for Wisdom and the Search for God must be a personal choice, and represents the level of Devotion that a Being has towards the spiritual path, the Search for the Realization of the Self as an Eternal Soul. Not all human Beings are at the same level of development, and may experience different life circumstances from us, depending on their own karma to be resolved in this life, and the spiritual lessons to be deepened. It can be useful to remember these facts when others don't understand what we ourselves understand through personal gnostic experience and sometimes even through episodes of suffering or difficulty, whether in this life or others.

Ascension is a highly personal process that requires the being to take the steps, one by one, on the ladder that leads to God, which makes him/her inclined to discover the Mysteries that make up this Universe of Consciousness, and in this cycle, the Ascension of his/her own Divine and Cosmic Consciousness. (1)

(1) Note Anabela: In reality, it's not the consciousness that ascends, but the matter, i.e. the physical body and the soul (yes, the soul is also made of matter, but of a different kind). Consciousness collects its experiences as we ascend.

The Guardians support all those whose Search is sincere, and prepare Civilization for Cosmic Citizenship, the true destiny of the Human Race beyond the Agendas of negative Alien Groups.

Calming the Neuronal Load

During the Ascension process, for ascending souls, it is necessary to calm down the neuronal load, taking careful care of the Nervous System, at this stage when we have to synthesize enormous amounts of Light within our etheric and physical biologies. This requires times of calm and pause for the Nervous System, to allow it to regenerate completely. This doesn't mean that we can't continue with our projects at the same time, or our activities, but rather find ways to do it in a way that is less stressful for our bodies and the general navigation system of the body and brain.

The sea, water in general and Theta and Delta waves are extremely calming for the Nervous System and allow the brain to regenerate and function fully without being damaged by too much stress or too much information to process at the same time. The negative forces know that stress is poisonous to the human body and constantly try to trigger panic fears in human beings in order to damage their nervous system and thus cause illnesses which are then amplified by the many signals constantly sent to human bodies down here and by the chemical and AI substances that constantly pollute us. Don't underestimate the need to protect your nervous system, because anyone who doesn't will soon reach limits that, in some cases, they will no longer be able to correct. These will be the tragedies of those who have not prepared for the coming events of Disclosure and who will be severely affected in their nervous system when their awakening occurs.

Calming our central nervous system implies a greater knowledge of how the human body works and enough self-love to decide to make it a priority in our lives, for ourselves and for others, i.e. if we want to support the people around us and our animals, we have to think about being as calm and reassuring as possible for their own nervous systems as well, and prioritize activities that are restful and nourishing, rather than stressful.

This is the learning of a Being who is moving towards Wisdom and leaving the worlds of mind control where everything is done to siphon the Human Race in its smallest physical or cerebral activities. We have to leave this matrix of mind control to rediscover a Sovereign and Free way of life, and above all reconnect with the higher aspects of ourselves that seek Peace and Harmony, not excitement to the detriment of everything else.

The neuronal regions of our Nervous System are tested during the biological Ascension process, as our system progressively moves from a linear, three-dimensional system to a complete multidimensional system, capable of traveling between dimensions and different identity stations existing simultaneously on other planes or even Universes. It is the Krystal Consciousness that is activated in us and that allows us to carry out important tasks for the Divine and for our own higher Consciousness and Self.

Infiltrated Prototypes of Secret Space Programs

Soldiers from the Secret Space Programs are currently being prepared to serve as "Commanders" for the redirection of souls in the False Ascension Matrix. Negative Alien Groups have the technology to download advanced consciousnesses from Starseeds, possibly even fleet captains, and transplant them into other bodies of hybrid cyborgs or augmented humans (2). This agenda is currently underway in the USA and we warn the public that supersonic technologies are being installed in the bodies of these super-soldiers in order to detect Oraphins, particularly females, for hybridization agendas post-incarnation or during this incarnation. Do not give your consent to these Beings who do not themselves embody the Spirits of Christ, for that is how you can recognize and discern them. Be on your guard when it comes to Ascension technologies dangled in front of you, to the detriment of serious inner work sincerely dedicated to direct connection with God. There are no shortcuts to Ascension. Either the being evolves organically, or takes shortcuts that will make it consent, one way or another, to AI or Luciferian consciousness. Remember that there are many Agendas in this final battle and that many Groups want their share of the cake, i.e. a share of the final "harvest", a term we don't like to use but which represents their entropic thought system.

(2) Note Anabela: An augmented human is a human who has been genetically altered, or altered through nanites (nano-robots with AI) injected into it.

False Flag Agendas and Guardian Alerts

A large amount of information on the Guardians' current warnings about potential false flags can be found -> here on the website of our American correspondent (3). Know that preserving your inner stability will be the most important thing in the potential Agendas to come, as these Forces are constantly seeking, through their multiple technologies, ways to access the human population to create maximum chaos, damage and disruption. This is the descending Timeline and aspirant of the Luciferian Rebellion that we are facing, and which we must understand and know how to decode in order to prepare for it.

(3) Note Anabela: We're talking about Lisa Renee from the Energetic Synthesis project. The link is to an article from 04-09-2023 and is as long as her newsletter, but it's worth a read. ;)

Keep in mind that the Tactic of Diversion is and will always be the No. 1 Strategy that these Forces and Groups will follow. Divert Civilization into a Drama created to carry out, in parallel, Intrusion Actions in this density, by the energy generated and the effective detour of Attention from everything else. Be aware that massive panic movements generate gigantic amounts of energy, which, together with Aluminum and chemical substances in the atmosphere (chemtrails, heavy metals, AI etc...) allow these Anti-Christ Forces to open Accesses and Portals. The Guardians warn that their next major window of Action will possibly be from October 4th, and suggest that you limit your movements throughout the month of October and protect yourself, in particular for all our Christos Families and Oraphim Starseeds who are particularly targeted. This is an Anti-Christ War and the aim of these Forces is to bring down their Armies at times that are favorable to them for all kinds of esoteric, calendrical or occult reasons. Stay vigilant and protect yourself. Protect what is dearest to you and stay alert, especially if you live in densely populated areas. Large cities are particularly targeted.

Theft of Relics

The Negative Alien and Anti-Christ Groups are particularly looking for Relics that belonged to the Saints of our Christos Families, so that they can use them as Objects of Power, as represented by the famous Ring from The Lord of the Rings. These occult practices are very old and, when attention is diverted, they can penetrate certain Spaces that hold these relics in order to insert 3D replicas. Today, these technologies make it possible to reproduce exact replicas of any object, indistinguishable to the naked eye of non-specialists, especially at a distance, in museums. The Pope's (4) recent visit to France shows a desire to get closer to these Relics and the Guardians are specifically in a position of Defense to prevent these Acts and to preserve or even recover, through our incarnate Christos families, these vestiges of our ancient Saints.

(4) Note Anabela: In 2019, during a therapy I did to a client, the Guardians revealed that the real Pope Francis (who was a Christic being) had been captured and tortured by the DC - Dark Cabal - and that he would probably die from the traumas he had suffered. At the time, it was said that the current Pope Francis was a clone created by the DC. The information that the original Pope Francis did indeed die and was replaced by a clone in the service of the DC has already been confirmed by the sources of the journalist Benjamin Fulford.

Keep in mind that everything to do with the true identity of the Christ (as Guardian Christos of Sirius B) (5) is highly attacked, and everything to do with Mary Magdalene, his wife, and Mary, his mother, as well as Mary, his sister, is highly controversial and manipulated by the satanic church.

(5) Note Anabela: We're talking about Jeshua Sananda Melchizedek, better known as J-12 for having incarnated with 12 active DNA strands. This controversy can be found in the following article (in English) and will stir up a lot of beliefs and programming around what is considered the life of Jesus by the Catholic Church.

Numerous revelations on this subject will come to light on Earth in times to come, as the true motivations behind satanic religious worship are exposed. Sacrifice is not Christic.

The true Keys to Ascension lie in Service to Others and in letting go of the illusion of separation, which harms every Human Being on this planet, until the day it reconnects with its own Divine and Christic spark, solar and not lunar, because the Anti-Christ Forces have colonized the Moon to serve very dark Agendas for controlling the female population on this planet. Do not worship the Moon in its current state, at the risk of unconsciously and covertly consenting to these agendas of female hybridization. The Moon was once a magnificent celestial body that was later devitalized and colonized by the Reptilian and Draco races. Today, it is nothing more than a repository for Military and Alien Technologies. (6)

(6) Note Anabela: For more information about the Moon, read the article: Ashtar - "Intensified DNA Upgrade - Phase 2: The Sun, the Moon and the 'falling stars'"

Aurora Krystallah Reencryptions

Krystallah Reencryptions continue to take place around the Earth and on the Earth. When we travel certain distances on foot or by car and are strongly connected to the Earth's Architectures or Landscapes, in reality, we may be working consciously or unconsciously in this dimension, to free these Lands from black magic spells and numbing of certain geomantic features or entities/figures that need to be infused with the Christos-Sophia breath of the Benevolent Kings and Queens, in order to be awakened and released.

For example, you may see Beings petrified in rocky or granite structures, and set the intention to free them, visualizing a stream of Aurora rainbows flowing through you from top to bottom, and flooding the Earth with these liberating crystalline frequencies that have the power to break the spells that these Beings of Nature or belonging to the Earth, such as the Guardians, have been subjected to. Have a lot of Compassion in your Heart for what these Beings have suffered, to defend the Earth and the Gates of the Kingdoms of Agartha or the Emerald Kingdoms, while awaiting the Return of the Guardians. They have endured despite the desecration, humiliation and torture inflicted upon them, and today is our chance to free them. The Krystal Star will assist you in these Reencryptions if you are sincerely dedicated to serving God and the Ascension of this planet, as well as its Liberation. (7)

(7) Note Anabela: Before you start this kind of work, I suggest you always ask your Higher Self if it is your mission to do it and, if yes, always reinforce your 12D Avatar Shield and Violet Flame. :)

The Return of the Christos Masters

The Return of the Christos Masters who preceded us in the global Mission to uplift the Human Race through the transmission of God's Knowledge and Wisdom, means that they continue to work on the other side of the veil and sometimes even in Collaboration with those of us who are currently incarnated. Masters like Paramahansa Yogananda or Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov were part of our Christ Families who paved the way for the awakening of this Civilization. Today, in 2023, the needs are different and the Teaching is focused on Preparing for Cosmic Citizenship, but we are all one and the same Great Christ Family.

The Buddhic Consciousness is, in a way, similar to the Christ Consciousness, it simply took different ways to bring this Knowledge to Earth, according to different Beliefs and Cultures. For centuries, India was the Heart of these Transmissions, the seat of Spirituality and Wisdom, and then it spread to the West thanks to the Masters and Sages whose Mission was to make this Knowledge accessible to other sections of the population and also to the territories. The Christos Mission continues and all the Starseeds linked to this Mission should rejoice that our loved ones are still here with us, in their Eternal Love and Supreme Devotion to Serving God.

We hope this information has been useful. As always, retain only what benefits your path and discard the rest, with respect and humility.

With Love and in the Christos-Sophia Unity of the Heart of God, and I will speak to you again very soon. »

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