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Ashtar - "Intensified DNA Upgrade - Phase 2: The Sun, the Moon and the 'falling stars'"

Dear friends, today I am sharing an adapted excerpt of Ashtar Sheran's message, channeled (on 18-8-22) by Neva from Sementes das Estrelas in Brazil. I also added some of my own notes in violet. Love and light, Anabela Silva.

« Greetings, Family!

It's good to be here once again. The Earth continues its journey toward meeting its original luminosity, and you are in this carriage of learning, carrying the energy of renewal in your hearts, for that is what has been happening, powerfully, in recent times. I told you to "Watch the Dust" [...] And now I come to give you a little more of that process: how your bodies are being assisted by the lunar and solar forces. Dear ones, I have recently informed our transmission source – Neva – about these energies: how they have intensified lately, how the solar projections have increased considerably and how the explosions in the solar core have reverberated and sent transforming waves to Earth, as well as about the intensity of the lunar force and how these forces have stirred all your cells. For eons of time, all your bodies have been out of alignment because of the many traumas you have suffered, and at this time, the Solar Angel and the Lunar Angel (*) have begun their most direct collaborations with these alignments.

(*) NOTE: The Moon is not a natural satellite but an observation station built billions of years ago by what are called the Ancient Builder Races of the Worlds of God (or Solar Dragon Kings). The Solar Dragons (Christic consciousnesses) have returned and are here in force to restore divine order throughout our Solar System and Galaxy, and I believe they are the Solar and Lunar Angels referred to by Ashtar.

You will notice that with each full moon, solar or lunar eclipses, or even of the Earth, as well as solar explosions will increase their energetic effects on the surface of the Earth and every living being, regardless if in the body or outside of it. When these waves arrive and meet your energy fields, they start a real cleansing by turning your cells over and "picking up" in them everything that is impregnated and can no longer be part of it. It is a real "shaking up the rug" and cleaning the dust from your energy fields. (**)

(**) NOTE: The Moon was taken over millions of years ago by negative beings, influenced by the CAI, who have been negatively affecting our emotions and sexual energy ever since (see Lisa Renee's article here). Currently, according to information given, on 22-9-22, by Corey Goode (vídeo here), a real battle is taking place on the Moon, because the Solar Flash is near and the negatives are distressed, because not only will the Flash disintegrate everything artificial, but they have also broken a non-interference pact over the Moon. As this divine order is restored by the Solar Dragons, this so-called "shaking up the rug" that Ashtar talks about is getting more and more intense. And it has been noticed a lot! ;)

You will obviously notice a greater need for rest, as your bodies will need to recalibrate with each new wave received from the sun or moon, and you need to respect that call to rest. All this influence on your bodies will open up more of your clairvoyance and abilities to access multidimensional fields, as the denser layers that prevent this are being removed. It is natural that many of you are now beginning to have more dreams, much more lucid dreams and extraphysical experiences, as the veil continues to thin and the layers being removed make these reopenings to the more subtle environments of existence possible.

You will also notice a greater capacity to understand our messages at a multidimensional level. In the near linear future, a quantum device will make possible "connections" to the other realms of existence where, just as you call a friend in another city, you will be able to maintain similar contact with the other dimensions. Obviously, the ways of communication with us will be vast, and as you advance towards the encounter with your own multidimensionality, little by little, you will no longer need any external information, when everything will already be very clear within you. (*)

(*) NOTE: Through the innate technology of cosmic Christic organic consciousness (which it is possible to reactivate through spiritual evolution and ascension), these connections will be restored. I alert that there are beings and/or holographic projections that are impersonating the Ashtar Command and that will try to bring the idea that there is a positive multi-polar CAI that protects humans and that the use of chips will help in the ascension. Nothing could be further from the truth! Don't accept anything being inserted into your body and watch out for the vaccins!!! In doubt, when one of these beings and/or holographic projections appears, always do the test with the 12D Avatar Shield and Violet Flame and decree 3x "I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM Free!" If they are negative/impostor/artificial, they will not stand the frequency; if they are positive/original/organic they will remain in your presence. Adonai!

Certainly, there are also many souls on Earth who still need help. They will be given every chance to reunite and realign their bodies, so that they can enjoy their soul freedoms without pain and suffering. Unfortunately, there are still souls who choose the more difficult paths, and we must respect them in their journeys. Even with all the infusions of the highest vibrations coming from the sun and moon and all the angelic realms assisting you, as well as the billions of ships at my command, we will be ready to help in whatever is necessary for you to rise again and reunite.

Behind the scenes of your world governments, the influences of solar and lunar projections are also causing tremendous movement. Those who still hold some dominion over this planet are about to be completely evacuated, not in the way they imagine, but as the Universal Laws will provide, in a more just and ethical manner. Certainly you, more sensitive Lightworkers, perceive, in some way, all the turmoil on the surface and in the three near orbits. Many of you may find your skies stirring, as there is much clearing work being done and the solar and lunar infusions make it possible to advance our work in these layers. Such energies melt the layers of protection of the non-confederate ships that orbit and try to threaten life on Earth. We ask our transmitter here to provide you with an example (*) of what has been happening in Earth's lower orbit, when our ships enter and neutralize the dark forces still at work:

(*) Note: The video is an example of a battle in the skies filmed in Henderson, Nevada, USA on 19 Feb 2018

Recently, a non-confederate ship from the lower fourth dimension materialized and, due to an intense solar wave present, lost its support, and before it hit the ground, we disintegrated it. We relocated all the members of this ship to our regeneration laboratories [...]. Some residents of São Paulo State could perceive a "bang" (vide [in portuguese]: when we disintegrated it, thus avoiding further disruption in physicality. This is to let you know dear ones, that we are very active, much more than you realize.

More situations like this will continue to happen, like "stars falling from the sky". The non-confederate fleets are tremendously influenced by the crystalline projections that bathe the seven realms that make up Earth and its sub-layers. In the midst of all of this, dear Lightworkers, we reinforce our continued support and protection in all that we can, through your openings and conduits. We cannot go beyond what you yourselves allow us to do. Enjoy every day of your lives on Earth, for you will never forget all the experiences that have made you the masters you are today.

Ah! And since I know you will ask: "- Ashtar, what about the Virus?...What about the rumors of war?" I say to you already: "- Watch the dust!..." And be ready to see more than you imagined, when it subsides, completely. Even if you are very warned about what has been happening, you will still be surprised about everything that is happening. Watch the dust... Watch... And I guarantee: THERE WILL NOT BE ANOTHER GLOBAL WAR ON EARTH, NOR A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION THAT WILL AFFECT THE HUMAN MASS. - That is a promise, my promise to you all.

I am Ashtar Sheran, and I command billions of ships. And all of us are ready to intervene, directly, should any - who do not speak for us - act with such evil intent. And so it is. Adonai! »

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