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Avatar, you can only seek happiness within yourself

Hi! A few years ago, I was walking in the bookshop area of a hypermarket, when I felt inside me « There is something here for me ». I looked to the right, and there was a book standing out, right in front of me: "AVATAR - The Pure Energy of Love" by the author Carlos Campos [CC]. This book is about conversations between the author and what he calls God/Energy/Friends [GEF], conversations with true pearls of wisdom. It was, and still is, one of the most remarkable books that I have ever read. Today I will share one of these pearls. Blessings, Anabela.

« Says the Wisdom of the World: "Happiness depends on what you decide for your life."

[CC] - Friends, is it only up to me to be happy?

[GEF] - Happiness is a state of consciousness in which you accept yourself just as you are, without any recrimination for the past or present. It's up to you to understand that happiness is not in the outside world, but within you.

[CC] - Why do we accuse others of making us unhappy?

[GEF] - To divert attention in another direction, and in the other direction you always find someone else to carry the blame for your unhappiness.

[CC] - So, nobody can make me happy if I don't want to?

[GEF] - Nobody forces anyone to do anything, much less to be happy. That decision depends only on you. No matter how hard you try to make the other Being happy, if he/she doesn't want to be happy, it's in vain to insist on something that that Being doesn't feel, doesn't accept. You can lie down on the floor so that he/she walks over you; give him/her all the gold in the world; say that you love him/her, but it's no use because he/she will continue to be unhappy. Whoever does not find happiness in oneself, will not find it anywhere else.

[CC] - Does man have moments of happiness in this temporary space?

[GEF] - As many as he can accept.

The Gardens of Wisdom reveal: "You can only seek happiness within yourself." »


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