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Love and Plenitude

« Love is not a word. It is an essence, a power, and a vibration. It is Life! Love is the supreme element and vibration in all existence, a dynamic and eternal living force. It is the golden chariot that transcends time and eliminates space. Love is the primordial substance of Light, from which all things are created. It is the unifying power that holds all things together. Love simply contains everything. With sufficient intensity, love can heal and transform anything. Just as there is no real dividing barrier between your human Self and your Great Cosmic Self, there is no real barrier between your human Love and your Christic Love. There is only a difference in intensity and vibration. It is human love incarnated and amplified millions of times. Some incarnated beings perceive love as a weakness. Love is certainly not a weakness, it is the greatest strength. Love is the most important attribute of God that you can cultivate and develop. Its power can bear all things, rejoice in all things, and glorify all things. Love is a constant force from which you can draw vital energies and harmony. Its healing tenderness penetrates all things and envelops all hearts. When one develops this great God-given faculty of Love, he/she will have the power to create and manifest everything that his/her spiritual and purified vision of love conceives. For those who have perfected the fire of love, fear no longer exists.

Your higher Self has the ability to instantly transform enormous amounts of human negativity into pure Love and Light. When the acquisition of the great gift of Love becomes the main goal and desire in your life, when it becomes a burning passion that can no longer be denied, then your desire will be fulfilled. Such a person becomes the receptacle for a Love so great that walls of glory are erected around him/her, and nothing less than pure Love can touch him/her again. For those who attain this divine gift of Love, the realms of Light open and powers are granted to them again. Beauty, youth and vitality in their divine perfection, power and abundance in infinite majesty, full knowledge of the Mind of God and the restored spiritual attributes in their plenitude are the gifts of perfected Love.

Pray to God and His Divine Presence with all the energy of your heart, to open yourself to this Christ-like divine love. Let this love chant a song of adoration and gratitude in your heart. Let your heart be continually lifted up by the songs of eternal joy and gratitude, and this great love will become yours. Wherever you are, the powers and treasures of the higher dimensions will be bestowed upon you in heaven and on earth for all eternity. » - Master Adama of Telos

Text extracted from the book "Telos 3 - Protocols of the Fifth Dimension" by Aurelia Louise Jones

In deep gratitude, Love and Light, I AM!




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