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Ashtar Sheran – “Who is? Mission and 5 criteria to be analyzed in messages”

Dear friends, today I am sharing an important message from Ashtar Sheran, channeled a few years ago by Rafael/Neva (aka Gabriel) from Sementes das Estrelas in Brazil. Love and light, Anabela Silva.

« Please dear ones, read in tune to the music below. I particularly recommend that you put the music on a pleasant volume and then read the message out loud. You may feel wonderful light vibrations in your bodies.

Vídeo - Ashtar Command Trail (July 2019)

Greetings Family,

My dear human beings, I come to you today to talk about our mission and purpose. Speak in a way that makes us even closer to each one of you from this beautiful planet. I want to talk about my spiritual nature, so I can be even more in your heart as a brother and companion.

I also would like to say, about why we do not intervene immediately in certain conflicts in the Mother Earth. There are many reasons that assure us that you will be able to start the movement of a true and lasting Peace. Furthermore, I will talk about the dissemination of our messages, and on the messages that do not have our energy signature and that can confuse you and let you discredited.

Long ago, when there was no humanoid beings on the face of your planet Earth yet, I already was and we were already together. There are to much information about me on the internet, positive and not so positive. The way they how they see me and accept me or not as your brother is entirely a matter of choice. I love you anyway, and nothing will change that.

I Am an angelic being of a peaceful and restorative nature. I have three energetic tones in my heart vibrating: Blue, White and Golden Yellow. I am one of Archangel Michael lifestream, as you know him, I can say that I am a Ray of his Consciousness, if like that it becomes clearer to you. Such as you are incarnated on the planet and are a Ray of Your Higher Self, I Am a Ray of Michael “incarnate” in this Galactic guise. I am an expression of his very essence in this quadrant. I have as a particular task of ensuring the passage of you to the higher dimensions, safely and peacefully. Ensure that your divine gifts are restored, according to your sacred DNA is reactivated. And Thanks to the Higher Power, we are being successful because you have chosen well, which leaves us happy.

As a brother who knows the human trajectory since its crawl, I assure you that you progressed in such a way that minimized, almost extinct, the possibility of a third cataclysm. For many who still vibrate at such a possibility, we ask: stop sustain this energy of war and chaos. In doing so, you will, of course, being taken to live in worlds where it still rules; anyway, we are also “driving us over there.”

Here, on this planet, in this timeline which I speak now, will no longer be allowed to use nuclear weapons, this has been said before, but came back to say; we will act firmly and lovingly, to prevent such a feat. Already alerted to your world leaders to deactivate your warheads, or ourselves will. We have the highest authorization for this. Much of what they are shown on your news is just “marketing ploy” of those who always want to keep you in fear. Many of said detonated nuclear weapons or missiles that your news shows are false and has no power. They do this to bring you to panic and when you condone so, give them power.

I, as closest to you, I can assure you that your world is well protected now by my fleet, which I was entrusted by the higher authorities responsible for this universal quadrant. As you know, a long time, we protect Mother Earth as a whole and we do it with love. This task is not only ours, as rangers of the universal order, but of all of you who are our allies on Earth. Assure you, again, that you are responsible for the events in your world, since, as emissaries from above, is tasked with maintaining Peace and Harmony through loving and compassionate attitudes. We are a team, we, from the Ashtar Command do not work alone here from above, you in land also are an extension of our command. Therefore, honor the position as missionaries of the higher light, my dear ones. Live the full love taught by Christ who acted in the heart of many other missionaries who came down to earth with the same task as you have now: to anchor light to dispel the darkness.

Many people compare me to a commander. Particularly, I would like to be called brother. The function entrusted to me is, in fact, of command, but the general command is of love in the hearts of all who work with me in the service of the Cosmos Supreme Love. So, anyone who supports love in the heart is a commander. Love is the command and the action in all. Many may not like these my words, since, in your beliefs, they judge themselves as less than certain beings who they consider superior. Between us this do not exist, my dear ones, we always see ourselves as a team and the leader is the love in the heart.

There is too much controversy about the reason for my stay here on your planet, let me try to explain, so that your three – dimensional minds can conceive:

1 – The position that I occupy of command give me authority to act in worlds where darkness are reigning. This action of mine and the teams who works with me can not, in no way exceed a certain range: the free will. We never contravened it, as we honor the choices of all beings. In this case, we take care so that your free will is not violated by entities wishing, for example, to experiment in your world, beyond what would be allowed by the authorization of manipulable through complacents vibrations with the ideas of such entities. There is always a line that determines how far they can act, and when this line is reached, we arrive. Some beings who work with darkness respect the free will, however, some do not respect. One of our tasks is to prevent the violation of your free will. Although, when you decide vibrationally by love, it is impossible to such violation, unless you leave gaps of insecurity and fear. In this case, means that the light of love is not fully anchored in your heart, which causes the so-called “ups and downs” that sometimes you experience.

2 – Your planet Shan (Earth) is in rising phase and polarity change. Mother Earth will move to higher dimensions, as is happening now, dragging all the kingdoms that live on it. These changes affect not only the planet of you, but the entire universe. In the physical part, there is always moves that can compromise the material integrity there manifested. One of our functions is to ensure that those living in the physical part will not be affected, those who, by free will, must not go through situations that did not choose. We use the “free will” here, because no creature of God goes through difficulty without itself has generated it directly or indirectly by use of your right of choice. These physical movements are made necessary since Shan adjusts to new energies and purge the old, such as the bodies of you humans from the surface and all other components of the Earth’s nature.

3 – We also have the responsibility to ensure that during this transition process is not allowed entries of external entities to your planet that would hinder the process. There are many beings from various quarters who want to disturb and are already waiting for an opportunity. Some of them want to interact directly with the process, which is granted only up to a certain point. As a group that helps worlds in evolving processes, we have our love and respect for all those who are going through the key moment of their evolution. We never intervene and not allow intervene when we have the following order: “The opposing entities must not pass the following line…”, which we execute to comply with higher propose. We always honor all beings and many that were “contrary” to the evolutionary processes, today joined us and work on behalf of all

We love all beings in the Universe and always feel happy when we have the opportunity to bring some of the Shan people aboard of one of our motherships. I, Ashtar, already made contact with several on your planet, I’ve been to as much as I could and was allowed me to get that more human contact. It’s always wonderful to be in the presence of brothers like you who believe in us and look at the sky waiting for our sign as proof that we are there watching over you. We want to be treated as brothers in equal, never as superior to you. The light of our heart is the same that you carry, there is no difference. Any information that claims to be from us that does not have this trace of information, we ask to reassess it carefully. Some people try to pass for us, on some occasions, and this is still allowed, so that you get more and more power of discernment. We’ve talked about this in my previous messages.

Beloved humans, as your family it could not be different, we love each one of you and wish, really can land and look in your eyes. We are not your saviors, but your brothers watching your progress for thousands of years and want to interact with you. Believe me, many times, we went down and walked among you so that you can not realize yet, we would like to take the veil and strengthen ties. (Smile)

There are many letters mine spreaded throughout your planet and those who claim to be mine, many who use my name and that there does not contain my words. The only way to know if it’s me who is talking is when they put the energy of their heart to read or hear those words. I leave 5 criteria to be analyzed in my messages:

1 – We beloved human beings, never offended or used words that denigrate the image of any other being or unbalance something. Our job is to unite. We are the Universal Order and we will always emphasize that.

2 – We honor all of your planet, even those who act in order to to try to harm you in your progress are loved by us. There is no difference. We honor and love everyone equally.

3 – Notice, in your hearts, the light we send, because it is always familiar to you. Our messages touch your hearts, because they sounds like a message from the Family. As, for example, when a relative is on the other side of the world, in another country and call you or send you an email. The heart is glad to receive. Realize if you feel that reading our messages.

4 – Our messages always bathe you with hope, light and love. Feel and watch the light codes that enter through your eyes and are distributed for your chakras. This energy is perceived in our messages. If you can not feel instantly breathe and surrender yourself of heart.

5 – Of no way, we will ask you to leave your free will. We will never incite violence or fear. We will not despise you and make you less worthy. You are Divine beings and will always be treated like that. Accepting or not the limiting beliefs of some, we honor them in love for their free will. Remember, fear is always the most powerful tool of the dark forces. Our message is not intended to incite hatred, revenge, destruction, demoralization, creating discord or any other feeling like that. We are a Group that works in the service of the Great Energy, this one that all of you make part of, the Supreme Energy which governs all things. Believe me, there is no other way to know the truth of a message, but for the discernment with the heart.

We wish to make a exhibition of our ships in a certain area of your world in greeting to the people of Shan. What we can say is that we intend to be during the day and on the water. There are no dates that we can give you, because it could generate some expectation and we only hope to have you vibrating in love for this to manifest for you. Our intention is to have more proximity with you, so that you can feel more and more familiar with us.

At this moment, there is too much excitement behind the scenes of your governments, as they are faced with a huge impasse in disclose or not our presence. Such disclosure is intended to prepare people for our mass appearance on the planet. We will not do it until we are sure that some situations were settled by our allies on Earth who work together to make this possible. We warned that all threats against you are under strong vigilance of our teams and we have constantly ensured that nuclear warheads are disabled. Our technology can neutralize the yours in a snap and could, at this moment, stop any more direct threat to your planet.

So, keep your hearts aligned with the Source, trying to do the best for the benefit of all, so that you can be bathed in light and to thus align yourselves with us, allowing us to reach your planet so that we do not cause splurge.

Threats against you can be tackled to some extent, in addition it is of your business keep the mind aligned with the heart in love and light. Again and again was told that your vibration is your sentence. We reinforce this phrase saying that each danger against your life and your planet is dismantled in each gesture of love practicing. Believe it. No one in your world acting in collusion with the negative outside forces have more power than you aligned with the strength of the heart. You, with love in the heart, only you have the strength that connects all things and is able to solve conflict situations, such as wars and threats of wars. These situations need to be exposed, need to come to the Light, but it is you who will decide whether to continue or to stop permanently. The dirt is being exposed and you are holding the broom and looking at it. What will you do?

The energies of light continue to enter in Shan and, as I mentioned in my previous message, you are going through a very special moment. And this moment will always require more Faith and determination. Is being given to you more power, through the reactivation of your DNA. We hope and trust that you will know what to do. We are with each one always in vibrant incentive. Call for us and we will be. Call us now and you´ll feel our presence. We are at your command, in love forever.

And so it is. Blessings,

Your brother,

Ashtar. »



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