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How can I help in the Ascension process?

Many people may ask themselves « How can I help in the Ascension process? » and the first answer that comes is « Connect to your heart, disconnect from the energy of fear, from outer stimuli and go within. Feel yourself! ».

In order for us to understand how important our own existence is, and that we are literally connected to each other through a multidimensional quantum unified field, imagine a vast network of computers where each of us is a computer in that network. If each computer emits Love, that Force will spread to the entire network affecting it in a positive way. And that Love, you will not find outside, but inside. Did you know that your Higher Self is not outside, but inside you? That the dimensional infinity up to the Zero Point of Creation (Source) does not follow in an external direction, but an internal one? Yeah, many people have been looking outward in expectation of finding something greater, something to fill the emptiness in their lives, when that something, The Infinite Love of Source, The Eternal Zero Point of Creation, is within!!! And therein lies your Power, the ability to transform your thoughts, connecting to feeling, and create an ascension reality (Timeline of consciousness) for yourself. The Planetary Ascension train is in motion and the ticket to get on it is Unconditional Love, starting with yourself! ;)

Do you see someone or a situation that you consider negative, that revolts you? Turn inward and observe what is still negative in you! Transform yourself and you will transform the world around you. You can use the Violet Flame daily, first on yourself (ALWAYS!) and then you can send that Violet Flame to the person or situation you consider negative, but do so with humility, love, and gratitude for the experience and understanding brought to you by that person or situation. You can only give love to others when you give it to yourself. You can only give what you have. And I assure you that Love lives inside you. Sometimes, to find it, you just have to pierce through all the layers of traumas and fears you still have in between. And when you find it, you will see the magnificent Diamond that is inside of you. And so it is!

In deep gratitude, Love and Light, I AM!


PS: You can use the picture image in this article to help you open your heart chakra. Just look at it and breathe. You can also share it, I just ask that you keep the image credit. Gratitude! _/\_


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