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The use of sacred rays and flames for Ascension

Hello, today I am sharing topics on the use of sacred rays for our Ascension, and some additional notes, taken from the book "Telos 3 - Protocols of the Fifth Dimension" by Aurelia Louise Jones. Blessings, Anabela.

  • Each emotion has a flame (e.g. joy, harmony, peace, etc).

  • All rays and sacred flames are infinite, have intelligence and divine consciousness; each of these represents aspects of divinity that we need to learn to master.

  • The human being must learn to understand and master the initiations of all rays, in perfect balance, in order to qualify for ascension.

  • There are 7 main rays and 5 secret rays, totaling 12 rays; each monad was projected by a specific ray; 12 are the angelic choirs and the Archangels are the governors of these choirs.

  • During an incarnation, a being usually works on, at least, 2 rays on which he/she wishes to gain more knowledge: 1 primary ray and 1 secondary ray; but in fact, he/she must integrate and balance all the rays.

  • The ray we are working on in this lifetime is not necessarily indicative of our original monadic ray. This last is the one that occurs most frequently in several of our lives.

  • When we ascend, after mastering and balancing all the rays, we usually return to the service of the original monadic ray.

Additional Notes:

  • The Elohim are the form builders. The Melchizedeks are our creators and come from the 1st Ray, Blue, of the Mother.

  • Each of our bodies has a purpose in incarnation:

    • Mental (to shape the perfection of consciousness);

    • Emotional (to fill the form with life);

    • Physical (to externalize the perfection of consciousness in the world of form).

  • It is important to live life in 3D, it is part of the process. And that is why many of us don't remember the magnificence of the places visited in dreams, otherwise we would lose the will to live life here.

  • He who aspires to Ascension is required to heal and transform his mistaken belief systems, and to welcome the Love and Truth of his Divinity.

  • Each being must evolve his/her consciousness and balance his/her karma before being invited to the Great Halls of Ascension.


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