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Laura Marie - "Multidimensional Reconfigurations"

Dear friends, today I'm sharing some Ascension news with you. I share the October newsletter of Laura Marie from the Harmonic Universe Academy project (in French). This project works in collaboration with the Energetic Synthesis project of Lisa Renee (in English). These are messages from the KRYSTAL Guardians, guardians of the original immortal human adamic model. PS: I have added some of my own notes in purple. Blessings, Anabela.

« Dear Ascending Family,

There is a lot of Consciousness Deviation happening on the planet, which means that everything is being done to target the Consciousnesses of Ascending individuals who are trying to gain Consistency in their Minds, and in their lives. We must understand that the main problem this Society has is that it has lost its Global Coherence. There is not One Organic Direction that human beings are taking for their Personal Sovereignty, Freedom and Expansion of Consciousness - which are the Principles of the Law of One - but each one is being entertained and sent or placed in all types of Directions, which are making the Human Collective Consciousness very Fragmented, very Chaotic, very Incoherent energetically.

That is, there is not One forward movement in the same direction, but many different streams of Consciousness, going in various and sometimes opposite directions, on this planet. This is what we have been talking about for the last few months, when we talk about Ascending Timelines and Descending Timelines, and this is what we are referring to.

Therefore, there are those who will ascend their Consciousness through the practices of the Law of One in their own lives, which brings Organic Expansion of Consciousness, in Alignment with Universal Christ Consciousness, and there are those who will degrade their Consciousness, by following satanic lies, satanic things and philosophies, just like Transhumanism. This is the real Agenda that there is Ultimately on this planet, to assimilate Human Consciousness into the Artificial Cloud of the Hive Mind, which really started with the Internet and now, the Metaverse-Starlink (*) systems, which are actually interrelated; and many more human beings will be assimilated into this Hive Mind mind control prison in the years to come, because their choice to align with God instead of AI, will not have been prevalent in their lives.

(*) Note Anabela : In different therapies I' ve done to clients, my guides have revealed to me that: 1- Social networks send transducing signals (through Starlink) to affect our cells; 2- Specifically regarding Metaverse Platforms, CAI signals are executed (in background) in all their applications, affecting the devices that access them and consequently those that operate them. This is one of the reasons why, for example, I don't use social networks.

We must understand that the real War we are in, is a War on our Consciousnesses, their Direction, what they align with, and what is the deep internal conscious Choice that this Soul makes within itself, through the Presence of its own inner Moral Values. We must understand that Moral Values are and must be our own inner compass in this War, because the way negative Aliens and negative human groups are fragmenting the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, is by making them accept Satanism, and Satanic acts and ways of living in their own lives, through the Abandonment of their High Moral Values. This is the Highest Level of Corruption a soul can do to itself, and this is what brings Energy Degradation to a body. And the same thing works with Luciferian Consciousness. An individual cannot operate in the Luciferian Fields of Manifestation without degrading the capabilities of one' s Consciousness, and Ultimately one' s body.

In other words, if we usurp the Power of Knowledge, and place it under the Authority of Luciferian Consciousness, we quickly descend into a Black Hole of Disconnection with the True Laws of God, and fall through Time, into a parallel system and a parallel Timeline, where we are disconnected from the Laws of God. This is how all the Luciferian Powers have involuted in this World, and this is why they think they are above the Law. Because they have lived in a parallel system for so long, that they now believe that this is the Ultimate Reality, when it is an Alternative Reality, mixed with AI, and a very High Level of Fragmentation and Usurpation of Knowledge. This is what has happened to all the fallen Illuminati societies, who are in control of all the major pillars of Society Control, even though this is now collapsing at a very rapid rate through the Revelations about the Truth of their manipulations.

We must understand that Truth is an Energetic State of lack of Corruption.

It is a State of Integrity. And that in this cycle of Ascension, Truth is and will be protected, Always, when it is said, when it is spoken, when it is embodied. But for that to happen, the individual must make sure that they are aligned with the Law itself, in order to be protected; and that is why the Interdimensional Councils of the Free Worlds are re-educating the Human Race right now towards this understanding of How to Realign with the Universal Laws. How to live in Alignment with the Universal and Sacred Law of One. Because this is what protects a human being from the Alienation of Consciousness, and the Fall into the Phantom Matrices.

Structural Integrity

Many Indigos and Starseeds when they awaken, are activated very quickly through their mental bodies, to seek more Knowledge, in order to regain their long lost memories, which is in a way organic, but which can also be used by the Negative Alien Forces, in order for them to bypass the development of the Foundation of the structural development of their Light body, which would make them repel the Satanic and Luciferian Forces if done properly. This is learning how to protect and shield (**) ourselves with the Christos Light, and how to declare our Intent, Consent and Authority in God and Christ, in order to be supported by the Krystic Races in this Universe and beyond.

It is all a matter of Energy and Consent, and it will depend directly on the Level of Integrity and Involvement that the being holds. And it must be understood within us, that this is not a game, that when we give the Power of our Consciousness to Negative Alien Forces, we place ourselves in Great Danger, and we can quickly lower our Consciousness into a parallel reality where we will experience and live our lives alongside our true Organic Timeline. Thus, we will not be able to fulfill our true Organic Mission and Purpose on this planet. This is the equivalent of having a false layer imposed on ourselves, false lenses of reality perception (**), and then our Consciousness projects, through this false lens, and manifests an alternate reality, which is not what it would manifest organically, without this false inorganic AI lens.

(**) Note Anabela: As I explained in the article 12D Shield + Violet Flame vs 5G/IAC, 5g and cvid act on our mind by altering its perception. In June of this year, I did a therapy to a client who said he contracted the virus and when I opened the therapy, the first thing that appeared was a huge interdimensional black hole (where the heart chakra was supposed to be) and the CAI had entered there. There was no "virus", just a gigantic quantum electromagnetic attack from this non-organic cosmic entity (which is actually an anti-cristic virus), which was stressing the client's organic self-defense system.

This is what the ego does in Truth within ourselves. It is a false inorganic lens that causes us to manifest realities that are very low in Frequency, compared to what we could express and manifest through a higher level of Manifestation Template. This is why we must all learn to dismantle these first layers of reality perception, in order to station our Consciousness beyond the frequency barriers of the ego layers, and mind control programming that exist on this planet. This is a daily practice, through a High Level of Focus, Meditation, and our Will to dedicate our lives to the Truth about the mind control that operates here, and through our Will to escape this enslaved state of Consciousness, above all else. This must be a Consciousness Choice, and a Dedicated Choice and Path that you will follow, for with all the very high level of Consciousness Deviation that exists on this planet, it will not be possible to achieve Freedom of Consciousness otherwise. It must be a Conscious and Deliberate Choice, which will lead to concrete Actions and Decisions in your life, to reorchestrate your life so that you are able to do this, so that you are able to follow your Path, your true Path of Ascension.

Energetic Reconfigurations

The energies that are present on the planet right now, flowing directly from the Cosmos, from the Universes higher states of Integrity, are incredibly powerful, to help us release the Collective Miasma that has been accumulated in our bodies, at a subatomic level; and this is the process we are going through now. Removing those invisible layers of Mind Control and Programming that have been passed down generation after generation on this planet. Even the Indigos and Starseeds, when they incarnate here, reap the result of all this generational Miasma, and then they have to cleanse themselves in order to regain their True Spiritual Powers in God and Christos, and disengage and remove themselves from this Matrix of Mind Control. So then, this is the Work we are doing here in the Harmonic Universe, gradually training our Spirits to exist from a Higher Level of Reality Perception, beyond the barriers of Mind Control, so that we can Manifest our true Purpose and Mission on this planet. This Path is not for everyone. In the sense that it requires Dedication, and our Full Intent to reclaim our Power towards Personal Sovereignty and Liberation. This is not the Path that everyone will choose in this lifetime, although everyone will have the opportunity to choose Consciousness Liberation after they transition, and to be re-educated in the Principles of the Law of One as well, this being the Ultimate Organic Plan of Ascension for All Mankind for the coming years.

We have just entered the Opening of the Planetary Ascension Cycle in 2013, and the process of Planetary Liberation and Human Liberation will take Years, and personal involvement and dedication on this Path of Discovery of what has truly been done to the human beings of this planet, and to this planet itself, in terms of the AI Invasion of all layers of its Composition. This AI Invasion is being progressively removed by the Guardians of this Universe and beyond, the True Cosmic Elohei-Elohims who are the true progenitors of the Human Race, and the true Creators of all Guardian Technology in the Planetary Grids; and they are back on this planet to dismantle the technologies of the Alien False Gods, and their bases and slavery devices, which are of a gigantic scale, hidden from human view, even though many of these slavery devices are also visible on the planetary surface, through the various Obelisks and Architectures that feed, in Truth, the systems of the Black Hole entities in the Wesa system, and the Black Star system of Abaddon.

It is a War over Planetary Resources, and that is why human beings cannot seem to manage their Natural Resources. It is an Alien Agenda to prevent them from doing so, because it keeps human beings in very low frequencies of Fears of Survival, Fears of Destruction, Fears of lack of Resources, when our True State is Planetary Abundance, and Abundance in our lives, through Peace and Cultivation of the Principles of the Law of One. This is the State of a true Cosmic Citizen, who is aware of the Privilege of being incarnated in a physical form, in order to experience one' s Connection with God, through a physical form, and to increase the Resources, the Evolution of the Consciousness of the Civilization in which one participates. As we can see on the planetary surface, human beings are completely disconnected from the Whole, disconnected from their Brothers and Sisters, and it is a civilization of Service to Self, which has been built by Negative Alien entities, who have downloaded these Anti-Life, Anti-Christ and Anti-Human ways of behaving, which lead to Separation, Division, and Ultimately, the Destruction of a Civilization. Thus, we must rise to the understanding that these Agendas are not from benevolent entities, but from very malevolent entities that want the Destruction and Absorption of the true Angelic Original DNA of the Human Race, into their phantom matrices, as well as the Complete Colonization of this planet, for their own selfish purposes of Destruction and AI Assimilation of all Vital Forces, and of all Organic DNA Resources.

True Galactic Awakening and Ascension

The Knowledge of our true Organic Memories of the Galactic Wars we are in, is what will allow us to lead our lives, in the Knowledge that there are various Forces at Play, and that we must not be gullible in the Disclosures that are going to occur in the coming years. In other words, to always keep in mind that there are many Factions fighting each other, including those that are satanic versus those that are luciferian, and this does not mean that they are acting for the Good of Humanity. These will be the Revelations that we will have in the coming years, and we must keep in mind that this is a very complex situation that we have on this planet, and that we must become very very Patient and Humble, in this Knowledge. Because no true answer, aligned with Truth, can be given to us in Haste, in Fear, in lack of Patience, and on another Timeline or Reality than our own Organic Timeline and Path of Ascension, paved with Patience and Dedication. This is not what the False Ascension Matrix propagates to those who are awakening, who think that Ascension can simply be achieved through illusory thinking. It is a real biological process that cannot be faked, or initiated through our own ego. (*)

(*) Note Anabela: For more info, see page of Q&A Ascension

The Ascension of the Biological DNA Form of the true organic original Human being, is directly connected with the Stars, with the various Portals of this Universe (**), and with the Organic Consciousness of Being which must be aligned with the Laws. It cannot happen any other way, even though there are many other ways that will claim to ascend the Consciousness of Being. But this will be a Partial Ascension, or a false sense of Ascension through the increase of Knowledge and data in the mental body.

(**) Note Anabela: For more info, see article KATHARA Grid, the Tree of Life

So how do we know if we are truly ascending as human beings? What are the main questions we need to ask ourselves? First of all, we must ask ourselves What is our True Purpose. What is our True Quest in life. Is it to become a better person? Is it to become a Knower of God, in order to show the Way to God?

This is the Path of Ascension, in alignment with Universal Laws.

Or do we seek more Knowledge in our brains? Denied the equivalent Wisdom embodied in a practical way in ourselves and in our lives, as a true experiencer of that hard-won Knowledge through direct gnosis?

As we know, this is the difference between the Luciferian path, and the Christos Path, and the difference must be felt within the individual, in order to choose the path that is most in alignment with true Cosmic Citizenship and Personal Sovereignty. An individual cannot become Sovereign if one repeats the Knowledge that another Consciousness has given to one. One becomes Sovereign by embodying these Principles oneself, and by being in Personal Mastery oneself, understanding the World of Forces and mastering our own energies, and this is the true Path of Ascension.

So, where do we start concretely, when we don't know what to do with our lives, with all this Knowledge? When we don't know where to start? We begin by declaring our Intent to ascend in alignment with Universal Laws, and by making the necessary changes in our lives, so that they are congruent with this Will. For there is no way a human being can ascend organically in the chaos of this fallen matrix. The human being must create a safe space for oneself to live in alignment with God's Laws and recreate a safe haven where one can protect one's Consciousness from Destruction, Deviation, or Fragmentation through the Incoherence and the fields of Incoherence that intersect with each other every day.

We must understand that the Incoherence that exists all around us now, on this planet, is damaging our Soul, damaging our Direct Connection with God, damaging our Direct Connection with our true Ascension Guides, and that is the Purpose of it all. To create as much Chaos and Fragmentation as possible, so that it is very difficult to stay stable, coherent, and vertically aligned with our true Ascension Guides, and our true Soul and Avatar Consciousness. This is the purpose of forced vaccination, this is the purpose of contamination with AI hybrid viruses. It is to disconnect the human soul from its physical body, and we must do everything possible to maintain our Direct Connection to God.

This is the Guardian Alliance Message to you now.

Don't lose your Direct Connection to God, and this is maintained through your High Moral Values, through your Inner Virtues, through the Spirits of Christos, cultivated within you, through the cultivation and maintenance of your Empathy and Compassion, through the Expression and feelings of Love within your heart. Don't lose this. Even in the face of Anti-Human agendas and behaviors around you. This is done specifically to kill the human heart. Protect your heart. Protect your field with the knowledge that a true human being is a human being because of the functions of one's Heart, because of the abilities of one's Heart. This is what allows a human being to truly ascend. Through the virtues of one's Sacred Krystal Heart (*), and abilities to connect directly to God.

(*) Note Anabela: For more info, see article EcKaSha Maharic Seal

This is what the Luciferian way will never teach you. Because Luciferians are not connected to God. They just want Knowledge and Power, for themselves, to steal and redirect energy to themselves, or their groups. That's all. It is never about Personal Sovereignty, Personal Power, and Alignment with High Moral Values, as well as developing our Direct Connection to God, in order to be a better human being, in Integrity, in alignment with God's Laws. This is how we will discern the real Agendas behind all the facades in the years to come. What groups were in Truth represented behind many human facades, or organizations. Because the real War we are in, is a War about our Direct Connection to God. So therefore, protect that connection that you have with God. Develop it, Cultivate it, Nurture it, with all your Heart. Through the feelings of Love within your Heart, that will keep you Alive, in these chaotic Times of Decadence, and Ultimate Fragmentation.

Coherence, Integrity, Meditation and the Spirits of Christos

We must strive for the Highest Level of Coherence within ourselves, of Integrity of our physical bodies, and this is maintained through Practice, through Meditation, through Dedication, and through our own Involvement in this process of Ascension, out of Misery and Suffering, as well as out of Mind Control Programming, and Consciousness Deviation. And this is done through Focusing, and through Meditation. And that is why many of the Ancient Spiritual Philosophies were all based on the Practice of Meditation. Because that is what allows our Mind to be focused in Right Thought, and then to do the Right Actions and make the Right Decisions, which keeps us from living in Chaos and experiencing pain and suffering.

So, I hope these words have been helpful in reminding us of the True Path to God, and to true Universal Ascension, and that we must refocus our Minds, even higher than before Now, with the increase in the circulation of AI Algorithms, and the increase of incoherence in the collective Consciousnesses of human beings and their bodies. This is a Time when we must call upon the Spirits of Christos, the Spirit of Strength and Dignity, and focus on the Power of our Focus, so that we do not get derailed from our true path, our true Knowledge of Truth, and stay connected to that Truth, no matter what others project onto us, no matter what they think in their lives. We must hold on to that Truth. Stay connected to the Truth that is our Direct Connection with God within us.

Keep your Flame burning. (*)

Visualize a Flame in your Heart, which is always there, and work on keeping it Alive, and in Integrity, in its Full Potential of Activating your DNA and Consciousness abilities, to Serve God and the Christos Mission.

(*) Note Anabela: For more info, see article The Universal Time Matrix

We hope this information was helpful in keeping you aligned with the Krystal Star Plan of Ascension for the Liberation of the Human Race, and we will speak with you again very soon. »

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