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Laura Marie - "Alignment to the Laws of Nature"

Dear friends, today I'm bringing you news from Ascension, with the February newsletter from Laura Marie, of the project Harmonic Universe Academy. PS: I've added some notes of my own in violet. Blessings, Anabela.

« Alignment to the Laws of Nature consists of studying the Life Sciences, the Sciences of Nature, the Sciences of Consciousness Expansion, in accordance with these Laws of Nature. It is the practice of the Law of One in everyday life, and you cannot experience the Expansion of Consciousness without being aligned in your everyday life, with the Law of One, principles that represent the Foundations upon which the Krystal Consciousness rests in the Universe.

The Krystal Consciousness is a Technology that allows you to expand your own Consciousness in Alignment with the Universal Laws, and when we speak of Technology, we speak of manifested and incarnated multidimensional energetic Principles, which allows the activation of DNA, and in these human bodies, the dormant DNA chains that have been subjected to a sorcery of numbness, inactivity, by the negative Alien Races, and all their collaborative structures on Earth designed to disconnect the Human Being from its true Divinity and Spirituality. Expansion of Consciousness is only possible through realignment to the Laws of Nature, and this is what we will talk about in this Newsletter, Alignment to the Laws of Nature.

Thousands of years ago, over 2000 years before J.C., some Wise Men brought forth the Life Sciences, better known as Ayurveda. These ancient texts trace our place within the Great Whole, the connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm of these living biological organisms that are our physical bodies, as a reflection and mirror in many ways, of the Universe, or even the Consciousness of the Earth. These organisms are extremely sophisticated, and operate according to Laws that it is advisable to discover, understand, and integrate into our Ascension path, to better break out of the sorcery of mind control, the recovery of your personal Power, and your personal Sovereignty in your daily life, and in your Being.

The more the individual realigns with the Laws of Nature, the freer it becomes. The more the individual moves away from the Laws of Nature, the more enslaved it becomes. The more the individual moves away from the Laws of Nature, the more it loses its Autonomy, its lucidity, its clarity about its own path, and its true organic position in the cycle of Time, in Space, that is, the more it loses the sign, the feeling of its own Organic Evolutionary Timeline in the Cosmos. Also, to approach our own incarnation Timeline in relation to our Spiritual Purpose planned before incarnation, we must approach the Laws of Nature, we must know these Laws, and live according to these Laws in our daily life, in our life, so that we can experience co-creation with the Divine Laws, in our physical and material incarnation.

The first Law existing in all Organic Nature - for we must now well make the distinction with the Metaverse (1), the AI, and all that is inorganic and artificial, created by Man - the first Law of Organic Nature is the Law of Cause and Effect which states and indicates that every Cause has its Effect, that every Effect has its Cause. When we truly understand this, we stop being a victim of life, a victim of others, and a victim of external circumstances, and we take back our personal Power and put it back into the service of our highest Expression, Expansion and Potential in every moment. To ignore this Law is to remain a slave to wrong beliefs, to give our Power back to others, to accept the loss of our Power to co-create and influence the rest of the World, preferably in a positive way, and to live a phantom life, a phantom version of our highest potential, since the individual does not intentionally create its reality, but is subject to a hologram resulting from all projections, suggestions, beliefs and conditioning coming from outside or inside.

(1) Note Anabela: For more information, see article: Laura Marie - "Multidimensional Reconfigurations"

The first step on the path to Ascension (2) is to free yourself from all fixed beliefs, all ego projections, and all the conditioning of the Society in which we exist, since the Soul is not conditioned by dogmas, beliefs, superstitions, but is connected and linked to the true Divine and Universal Laws that govern this Organic Creation. Thus, as long as the Being manifested in the physical dimension is not in accordance with the Laws of Nature, it is in conflict between its Ego and its Soul, since the Soul can only Expand, Grow and Evolve if it exists within the true cycle of Life, which is Protected, Governed and Represented by the Universal Laws.

(2) Note Anabela: For more information, see the respective FAQ.

Cosmic Evolutionary Model of the Law of One

For example, take the Evolutionary Model of the Advanced Races in the Cosmos which is the Alignment to the Law of One - the model to which the Human Race is currently being re-educated by the Guardian Groups - the Law of One states that we should operate under Unity Consciousness, the first Law, ie, avoid division, unnecessary conflict, but aim for Cooperation between Species, between individuals, although this is not possible with extremely hostile Races in the Universe, who seek to kill other Races, and who are regarded as vandals, not wishing to rehabilitate themselves. We cannot cooperate with individuals who have hostile intentions towards us, or we put ourselves in peril of our lives. So the initial stages of awakening involve the individual understanding the difference between Unity Consciousness and endangering itself with Races, Species, or individuals who simply do not want the same thing as we do.

Love yourself and others, the Second Practice of the Law of One, Love the Earth and Nature, be of Service to Others, Expand Consciousness, and co-create responsibly. These 7 Principles are very simplified, but we can see the extent to which these 7 Principles are not applied by the majority of human civilization, which prevents their collective Expansion into the next station of identity and Developmental phase, which will come in the coming years, gradually, once the first phases of Total Cosmic Disclosure have passed. Alignment with the Law of One is the Future of the Human Race, will be a Return to the Fundamentals that Humanity lost, due to all the manipulated Wars that each time erased and rewrote History, with a version that camouflaged and hid the true Sciences of Life, of Human Beings, and the true reasons behind these Wars, to finally enslave and more deeply disconnect the Human Being from these Laws of Nature through trauma, and thus, from their Soul.

Alignment to the Laws of Nature corresponds to Alignment to the Universal Laws, since organic Nature is governed by the same Universal Laws that govern all Creation. It is simply that each organism, and microorganism, has its own energy system, which is interwoven into the macrocosm of the Universe in general, which in a global way is governed by these Laws, from the infinitely Great to the infinitely Small. This is what allows the Expansion of the Universes, and therefore at the microcosmic level, this is what allows the Expansion of an individualized Consciousness, physicalized or not.

To understand these Laws is to gradually return to the path of Spiritual Expansion as a Soul in the Cosmos, is to find the true organic path, the one decided before incarnation, and this is what the Guardian Groups are currently offering to the Human Race, and for all future years, a Help, a Guidance, on how to find this path for oneself by understanding the different Universal Laws, the World of Forces, and the different Consciences in the Universe, that do not lead to the same paths when our Consciousness takes such and such route, such and such time line, such and such path, through the different behaviors and beliefs that these paths make the individual adopt.

What we believe manifests a certain reality, and this is another principal law of the Laws of Nature, the influence of external reality by the one who projects through thought, for thought creates and manifests in every moment. Everything that exists is the result of one or more thoughts, thought by one or more individuals, and what we think every day determines and shapes our Destiny. Until we understand our creative power, we are victims of life, victims of others, victims of external circumstances. To correct our thinking is to become Free and Sovereign again to co-create our reality in Alignment with the Laws of Nature, which include the Law of Free Will. And to do this, the individual must free its Consciousness from interference, mind control and AI (Artificial Intelligence) on this planet. Since this directly influences its Power of Creation.

The negative Alien Forces that have enslaved the human race through the invasion of this Universal Time Matrix of multiple Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Architectures, know these Universal Laws and hide them from the human race so that Human Beings continue to manifest very poor and miserable realities, so that they do not understand the Power of their thoughts, their emotions, so that they continue to create a life of slavery for themselves, and even to promote it to others, through mind control. To ascend is to extract yourself from the 3D morphogenetic field to regain your Sovereignty, your individuality, in the Great Whole, that is, we are One, but in the Whole that is this planet and all its inhabitants. But we must remain individualized while expressing Unity Consciousness. This is the difference with the Hive Mind (3), which the negative Alien Forces promote through AI.

(3) Note Anabela: To better understand the difference between Hive-Mind and Collective Mind, I suggest reading the article: Artificial Intelligence versus Ascension

This is the Re-education Plan for the Human Race progressively over the next few years, and the Guardian Races are informing human civilization that Total Cosmic Disclosure will take place on Earth, regardless of what these Forces are doing on this Earth and in this Universe. Ascension is secured, and each human being will be re-educated, while alive, or after transition, to higher behaviors, more conducive to a being's spiritual evolution, and more divine, sovereign, and free.

Alignment to the Laws of Nature is what allows a Being to save itself from alienation from Consciousness, control of its Mind by AI and Metaverse, hijacking and deviation, and infiltration of its Organic Timeline, and its Original Plan of Incarnation, and to free it spiritually from all negative influences, entity interference, brain fog and fog in its life. All of this is the result of a lack of concrete alignment with these Spiritual Principles, a lack of Discipline in applying these Spiritual Principles, and a belief that it is enough to know these realities, without necessarily needing to apply them, and this is the Biggest Mistake of most awakened individuals, who confuse knowing something, with actually embodying it, or actually applying it in their life (4). These are two totally different things, which do not lead to the same results in life, and for the Expansion of Consciousness. You can know something, without incarnating it, without applying it in your own life. And that is why we have to move to the second stage, after Knowledge, which is the real and concrete application in our daily life, in our Being and in our life, as a true Model of Manifestation.

(4) Note Anabela: Remember that reading decrees, applying tools (whether they are KRYSTAL or not), doing therapies, courses, retreats, etc, and not integrating the knowledge in the heart, applying them in daily life, as well as not doing a deep work of recognition and cleansing of the ego, is of no use, because it remains only in the mental and healing does not occur! Ascension occurs for the Being that manages to radiate the Divine Essence through the heart chakra. I assure you that it is possible to feel love and the heart chakra be idle or negative, because it is a superficial love (more mental let's say). A compassionate Being, on the other hand, can radiate pink or green energy through the heart chakra. Unconditional Love is the Key, combined, of course, with good Mental Discernment. And so it is!

That is, the individual must clean its personal Hologram in order to be able to manifest the expression of its higher Consciousness, turned to the Service to Others, in this World, in the purest form, that is, not distorted by the filters of the ego personality. To do this, the individual must engage in personal Purification Work, sometimes felt as a purging of debilitating ego behaviors that are impoverished to the Spirit and lead to misery in their own life, such as the victim-victimizer program, parasitic emotional attachments, pettiness, jealousy, and all the poor and miserable behaviors of an individual who has not ascended its Consciousness far enough away from these spiritually abusive behaviors to its Soul.

To become Sovereign again is to recover the Power of co-creation with the Divine, in Alignment with one's Soul and the Divine Plan. But to do so, the individual must do some serious work in dismantling the structure of its personality, to understand and verify When it manifests from the lower ego desires, and When it seeks to manifest from the higher aspects of its Soul and Avatar Consciousness, its Kristic Self existing in the higher Fields and Realities. For we all have the possibility of accessing and achieving our own Personal Christ, the Avatar Consciousness that a Being can attain and develop with real involvement, and dedication to the Service of the higher desires of one's Soul, rather than the lower desires of the ego-personality.

Stages of Embodiment

As our personal Spiritual Ascension progresses, we change identity stations, allowing us to become more Free and Sovereign, at each stage of Activation, Ascension, Transformation, and so at each stage of embodiment achieved. These stages of embodiment vary according to the individual, its Mission, Origin, DNA, reason for incarnating here, but all Human Beings have the opportunity to evolve and Expand their Consciousness if they wish, it is their Birthright, it is their Power inscribed in their DNA, but it requires, in such a mind-controlled environment, immensely of Will and Discipline, to counteract those Fields and Inverse Currents, which constantly project and suggest different or inverse algorithms, to those of our Soul and the true Life Stream, the true Life and Nature Sciences. This is why we say that the Return of Alignment with the Sciences of Life and Nature, with the Laws of Nature, is what allows us to progressively free ourselves from mind control, in a serene, confident, pleasant way, since this progressive realignment with the Laws of Nature returns Health, Life and Happiness to those physical bodies, ultimately, that are made to live in Alignment with these Laws, and to feel good, when in Alignment with these Laws.

The ultimate reason behind all disease, and premature death on this planet, is the disconnection of individuals from their Soul and the Laws of Nature. This is the Ultimate Truth about the causes of all disease. It starts with a disconnection of the Being from the true reasons for coming here, from its own true Nature, and because the individual lives a life apart from its true Nature, its true needs, its true desires at a higher level, it gets sick or dies, prematurely. Because the messages from the Soul are not heard. The structure of the individual collapses, and breaks down, because the Life Force cannot be sustained, due to this lack of Alignment with the Laws of Nature. When we understand this, we do everything for ourselves to ensure that we live a Life in Alignment with our own Nature, as a bird is a bird in Nature, it does not seek to be anything else. If we are prevented from being able to be who we really are, to express our true Nature, or if we prevent ourselves from doing so, we suffer, and we will suffer, because we will be in Violation of the Laws of Nature, of our own Spiritual and Divine Nature.

This is especially important for all Indigos and Starseeds who are currently incarnated on Earth, and for those who are to come. If we do not do what we intended to do when incarnated on this Earth, we violate our own wishes, our own Incarnation Plan, and we suffer immensely, or even get sick or leave this planet prematurely, because our Mission will not have been fulfilled, because the individual will not have been able to express its true Nature on this Earth, because of interference, because of the projections of others, On the one hand, this is true for all of us, but on the other hand, the individual absolutely must develop the necessary Strength to do this, no matter what happens, in order to ensure that despite the difficulties, will realize its own Incarnation Plan, because there is no greater regret than to leave this planet without having fulfilled its Potential in this lifetime, and this can lead to extreme suffering during incarnation as well.

Clearing the Personal Hologram

Our Hologram represents the direct invisible reality that surrounds us all time, in a multidimensional way. In other words, some might call it our aura, or our etheric field, energy field; our hologram represents our Light Body and what it projects directly into our direct reality. To cleanse our Hologram is to cleanse our Tree of Life, to cleanse our Light Body, to cleanse our Aura, but also to cleanse our physical body, so that our Higher Consciousness, our Avatar Consciousness, can manifest its true flow of Life, its true Emanation, in a Pure Channel and in a Pure Hologram, in the purified sense, of all the distortions, conditionings, and energetic malformations that a wrong belief, for example, can cause in an individual's Hologram, which then causes it to manifest a reality different from that of its Highest Potential, since it will not be in accordance with Truth.

The Truth we are talking about is the Truth governed and represented by the Universal Laws, God being the Ultimate Source of Truth, since God is Truth. Thus, to approach God, we must approach Truth, we must seek Truth, in our lives, about ourselves; and to know God, we must know ourselves, by knowing the Laws of Nature to which these living biological organisms are connected, and organically linked, in order to expand and be protected by the Divine Laws, since the Divine Laws do not enslave us, unlike many Human Laws created by the tyrants who rule our current Societies. The Divine Laws protect the Species that live in Alignment with them, as the Expansion of Consciousness protects us from the Slavery of Consciousness, Servitude and Spiritual Slavery.

Furthermore, the Law of One is the ultimate gateway out of the slavery of Consciousness, is the golden ticket to the Ascension of a Being into the Universe, and marks the beginning of Cosmic Citizenship, for an individual who decides to leave the enslaved 3D Morphogenetic Field to reconnect to their Eternal Spiritual Essence in the Cosmos and Ascend with the Earth, since the Earth is currently ascending, and the degree of ease or difficulty we experience, in the sense of fluidity or resistance, will be directly related to our ability to make the necessary changes in our lives to keep up with Earth's Evolution and its Fundamental Frequency in this Ascension cycle. In other words, all species are currently in ascension, including the Human Race, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we believe it or not, and the more we prepare for these changes, the more we adapt to them, the more we anticipate the changes to come, the more serene we will be in our Ascension process. The more we resist change, the more we stagnate in old identity stations, or even cling to those identity stations, unwilling to let them go because they bring us a compensating benefit, while it harms us (e.g., continuing to be a victim of life, not becoming responsible, not beginning to really become co-creator of one's own life in Alignment with Divine Laws), all these things obstruct the true Spiritual Expansion of the Being and keep it in obsolete identity stations that will not allow its Expansion and therefore will not allow its happiness and sense of Realization.

Unfortunately, many Human Beings don't understand that their inner depression, or feeling of unhappiness, is simply because they are not fulfilling their Soul's desires, living a life outside of their true Potential, subject to others, subject to the Laws of Men, disconnected from their Soul, their true Potential, their Divinity, their Divine Creative Power. It is Ascension, we are moving towards the Age of Aquarius, where Human Beings can experience the co-creation of their reality with the Divine and Universal Laws. The reconstruction of their Civilization in Alignment with the Law of One, and the understanding of the cosmic battle in which this planet was, and is, located; a battle for their human, biological and energetic resources, from which Human Beings will gradually be able to free themselves.

This process will take years, and each person's role and purpose is to fulfill their own personal Mission, to allow the Divine Plan to be fulfilled, as God would have wanted it. In other words, each one comes with a Plan of Incarnation, a very particular Mission that should not compare with others, and the purpose of one's life is to find and fulfill that Mission. Even if it is simply to heal oneself, to heal one's trans-generational lineage, and to show others that it is possible. This is a Great Accomplishment itself, and should not be underestimated.

We hope these words have been helpful. This is probably just a glimpse of the immense complexity of the Laws that govern our Creation, but starting with a Path, we can reach Destiny, the global understanding of the Laws that govern us, by small steps, every day, in that direction. The 7 Principles of the Law of One show us this path, and then, it is up to each one to see, glimpse and feel, as well as measure the effects of these transformations of life in one's daily life, and the effects of the embodiment of these Principles, in one's own structure, and see how this really and concretely modifies and purifies one's hologram. Thus, it is all reality that is transformed as a consequence, according to the Law of Cause and Effect, of this new perception of reality, these new thoughts, this new vibration emitted to the outer World.

We wish you a good integration of this information, and I will get back to you very soon. Thank you. »

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